Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Jewel Shack/Neck Candy

I recently featured a gorgeous statement necklace from The Jewel Shack, if you missed it shame on you, but you can catch up by clicking right here

Well I've been sent a couple of other beautiful pieces of neck candy to review, and I have to say they are equally as gorgeous as my first one. 

Say hello to 'The Peach Bellini' & 'Spearmint Fresh'

The Peach Bellini can be yours for just £10 and the Spearmint Fresh just £12, there's even a ring to match the Peach Bellini Necklace. 

I't'd be so hard for me to choose which one I like most as both are so versatile with so much and so many different colours, for me though the Peach Bellini just hots the spot, I'm not overly keen on the gold chain on the Spearmint Fresh but that's all I don't like about it!

Which is your fave?

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Latest Hair Fad/Reverse Washing

Ever feel that conditioner weighs your hair down? 
The latest hair trend may be one for you, reverse washing is said to give you the effect of a salon blow dry, adding lots volume and no weighty residue. 

I put this fad to the test and I have to say it didn't work for me, my hair is naturally frizzy and full of thickness and volume, so I don't need any help in that department really, and I rely on conditioner to add a little weight to my locks to keep them in check!

For purposes of the experiment I used Aussie Mega Shine Shampoo & Conditioner, applying the conditioner to dry hair just felt wrong, and I left it on for a full 5 minutes before rinsing it out, it felt like satin after this step, the shampoo lathered up really well after being conditioned as most of the dirt and residue had been washed away by the conditioner. I always do two washes with shampoo.

It combed through fine after rinsing and it wasn't until blow drying that the volume became apparent, it just made locks looks really poofy and not nice, and It left the ends feeling like straw.

For thinner haired girls that are in desperate need of a volume boost then give this a go, it should work wonders for you.
Apply conditioner to ends of dry hair leave on for 5 minutes, then wash with shampoo, preferably twice, let me know if this works for you, I'd be interested to hear your results.

Clarins/Colours Of Brazil Summer Collection 2014

The clocks have changed and we have even seen a hint of the sun lately, summer is on it's way.
As soon as I saw this collection it immediately put me in the mindset of sandy beaches, pina colada's and poolside glam, and I cannot wait to use these products on my holidays this year!

This collection is awash with bronzes, azures, golden tones, shimmers and textures, the palette's have some fantastic detailing on them to giving them a real tropical feel. They ooze luxury and sunny days.
Clarins have very cleverly brought Brazil to their newest collection, Brazil will be in the spotlight a lot this year and I have no doubt this collection will be a sell out too! 

The highlight of this collection is definitely the 'Colours Of Brazil' Quartet and Eye Liner Palette (£39) it's limited edition, this one has 4 matte and satin shadows and an intense royal blue eye liner, along with the precision application brushes.

Don't let the blue liner put you off, it may scream 90's at you in the pan but it really is gorgeous when on the eyes, brightens and compliments a tan, this is such a versatile colour and can be used dry for a subtle effect, or wet for evening glamour without the heaviness of a black liner. 

The Summer Bronzing Palette Compact (£30) a sumptuous pan of terracotta and brown hues all encased in an aztec South American style compact, complete with mirror, sweep this across your cheeks down the bridge of your nose and across your d├ęcolletage for instant radiance and a sun kissed glow.

I really do love the fact this palette is a matte finish with no shimmer particles so you wont be left looking like a glowing beacon when the temperature heats up.

Lip crayons are so convenient and putting the summer lip colours in this collection in this formula are on the go friendly. This collection boasts 6 shades, from a light baby pink to a bronze toned coffee shade, I have to say the coffee isn't for me at all, I much prefer my brights when on holiday, the My Pink shade is one that reacts to the PH in your lips to create a unique personal shade.

These retail at £18 each and they are packed full of shea butter for moisturising softness and a pop of colour.
The wear time on these is a good couple of hours, although if your in and out the pool then you may need to reapply more often.

I've been reviewing three of the lip crayons this week, they smell divine, sweet scented and they glide on the lips beautifully....

From the top shade 01, 03 and 05 at the bottom.

Finally the 'Truly Waterproof' Mascara (£21) is a perfect addition to your summer make up bag, available in black and a gorgeous striking blue shade

It's continuous 12 hour formula protects lashes from the harsh effects of chlorine, salt and UV rays.

This beautiful Brazillian inspired collection hits Clarins counters on the 29th of April, get there quick to treat yourself to the essential in summer make up that'll take you from day to night with a few staple pieces in your make up bag.

Be sure to check it out online at the Clarins Website


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Estee Lauder/Double Wear Glow All Day BB

When Estee Lauder launched their newest addition to the Double Wear I had high hopes, but I have to be honest, It just didn't live up to the hype for me. 

Loved the look of it on my colour match in store, looks great spread on the back of your hand, the crushed pearls give a beautiful and very radiant glow, and as it has the DW foundation in it it provides great medium coverage, the real test was in the week that followed I put this to the test during a typical working week and I am gutted it just didn't suit me. 

The formula is a thick creamy consistency, it's a lot thicker than your standard DW liquid foundation, and the  Intensity 2.0 colour matched my skin tone perfectly (I wear Fresco in the Double Wear) 
Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Moisture Make Up
left product dispensed and right product blended in
I primed as usual before applying the all day glow, and it does go on really well with your normal foundation brush, the effect is very brightening and looks flawless on application, I always set my base with my trusty Ben Nye Banana Powder. The real test for me is during the day my not to oily/combination skin just doesn't need all the moisture this stuff provides and unfortunately by midday I was looking a little on the shiny side. In the days that followed came the dreaded break outs. 

This stuff will cover slight dark circles, and hide blemishes just like your DW foundation and give you a gorgeous glow, perfect for the upcoming summer months, I'm just really sorry to say for my fellow oily gals out there this one just isn't for us, sad I know, the Vitamin E, C & SPF 30 makes it so appealing as a lighter summer alternative I'm gutted I wont be wearing it this year. 

If your a dry skinned babe or even if you have dry/combination skin definitely pop in and grab a sample at your local counter try it out for yourself, it gives great coverage and makes you look so healthy and radiant. 

Priced at £29 for 30ml it's pretty pricey but the consistency means it'll go a long way, shop online at the Estee Lauder Website

I have got my eye on the Double Wear Brush On Glow for my under eyes so I'll be posting my thoughts on that soon, if I buy it that is....

Have you tried the All Day Glow? I'd love to hear your thoughts.....

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Orange Lips/Summer Trend 2014

It's graced the catwalks of spring 2014 and with red carpet babes sporting the tangerine lip trend at some pretty big events I thought it only right I put together this feature.

When you think of spring/summer make up trends you always go down the pretty pastel and shimmer route, but not this year. 

Is it really possible to make this fashion show trend wearable on the high street? I would say YES, orange is so similar to it's sister shade of red meaning universally it's a shade that suits everyone, and that's the only thing that holds people back from taking the plunge and braving these vibrant hues. 

I've scoured the beauty counters and been doing my research to bring you my orange fave's and for those of you who really aren't brave enough to take the plunge into the deepest brightest shades I've added a lighter alternative.

Bourjois Rouge Edition in shade 19 'Corail En Vogue' £7.99 
This is for those of you who want to sport the orange lip trend but just aren't brave enough to go bold, this is a beautiful creamy coral lipstick, I don't find the wear time to be very long but it's really good value for money.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Sheer Rush Lipshine 'Poppy Shock'  £19.50
This is a beautiful lipstick, it has tiny particles of shimmer throughout, so again it's not a bold colour yet still allows you to wear an orange lip whilst providing a little toning down.
For the price I dont think the wear time is very long at an hour max, but if you like a bit of sparkle in your lippie then this one's for you.

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick 'Juicy Clementine' £19.50
This is my personal pick of the lipsticks the colour is so bold, it applies evenly and helps to combat any dry patches on the lips thanks to it's super clever formula, it's packed with vitamin E so this would be great on holiday. With a wear time of a good few hours and the gorgeous packaging I really am sold on this one.

MAC Lady At Play Mineralize Lipstick £20 & Revlon Colourburst 'Unapologetic' £7.99
I've chosen to include both of these shades as they border like more on the pinky oranges, but I know some of you may feel braver sporting a pink than a bright orange, MAC Lady At Play is a beautiful neon orange with a hint of fuchsia pink in it, I love the formula of the mineralize lippies and it's a firm fave in my make up collection.
Revlon Colourburst Lip Balm is another great option if you want a more pinky orange, this one I do like if I feel in the mood for sporting a matte lip effect this is my go to product, this almost stains the lips so it has a great wear time to.

The main advice I can give you if you are rocking the tangerine dream is to keep the rest of your face neutral, a nice dewy (but not shimmery) complexion with a slick of mascara and eye liner can add all the definition you need to your eyes and your bright orange lips will set the look of nicely, the statement here is the lips, so let them do all the work. Personally I cant wait to wear this trend on holiday this year, a sun kissed canvas to apply it on will only make the colour 'pop' even more.

If you want more here are a couple of my other 'tangerine dreams'

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick 'Riviera' £24 
Liquid to matte finish lipstick that glides on, stays put for hours.

 Lime Crime Lipstick 'My Beautiful Rocket' £11.00
Bright, Bold, Statement lips, cruelty free and has unicorn packaging!

Are you embracing the tangerine trend this year?
Let me know what your must have orange hue is, be brave, this trend really will suit you all, I'm happy to help suggest a match for you as always feel free to get in touch if you need my advice.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

YSL/Baby Doll Mascara

Ysl's Baby Doll Mascara, or Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll as it's known in the MUA world has been gracing the shelves for almost 12 months now and I've been a bit late in trying this one. 
Having used all my other mascara's up and ditching the lash extensions I decided to treat myself to this, at £24.50 it is pricey for a mascara but YSL is a higher end beauty brand and you pay for what you get, having never tested it before I guess it could have been a costly experiment, although I'm pleased to report this was not a waste of money. 

Although it doesn't really add a huge deal of thickness to the lashes it is lengthening and not clumpy, you'll see below my bare lashes in the top shot and my lashes with one coat of Baby Doll applied on the bottom picture. 
I love the packaging it is the classic gold casing, you'll recognise this from other cult YSL products such as Touche Eclat, and it has Baby Doll written across the tube in a bright pink style lettering, it's really eye catching and looks great on any girls dresser. 

I've taken some side on shots of my lashes so you can see the effect of the mascara, on these following pictures I've used 2 coats of Baby Doll. 
Overall I'm really impressed with this mascara and as always its really important not to pump the air into the tube when using it as I don't think this will take long to dry out so be as careful as you can when using it. I would definitely repurchase this so I'll be hunting it down at duty free when i go on holiday later this year. 

I purchased shade 01 which is  Black, although it also comes in Brown, Blue and Purple, 
You'll find it at YSL counters nationwide. 

Are you a Baby Doll lover? 

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