Friday, 1 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit/Metal Matte 'Heir'

I was super excited to bag one of Kylie's Metal Matte Lipkits on the first release, shes really smashing the beauty world at the minute, and the hype for her coveted lip kits doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. 

The new Metals collection consists of three shades: 
King, Reign & Heir, all very regal in the naming, so how do they compare to the original matte releases?
They are just as pigmented, and they still dry matte, they bring a hint of shimmer to the lips though, I have been layering my Heir over Koko K and people always ask what I'm wearing on my lips.

Heir is a beautiful rose gold hue with gold shimmer running through it. 
This image shows Heir in sunlight on the left and in sunlight in the right. 

They have the same sweet vanilla cake smell and the packaging matches all the other mattes. I may say the staying power isn't quite as long as the solid mattes but it's still worth the money. 

In addition to her glosses, mattes and metals Kylie promises us she will keep the beauty range coming, I'm super excited for what shes going to do next.

Check out the release video for her glosses, I'm hooked on the tune & her crochet outfit, she's a total babe. 

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