Friday, 12 June 2015

Bondi Sands/Dark Tanning Mousse

Bondi Sands is everywhere at the moment, and with good reason! 

Say hello to Australia’s favourite tanning brand. I’ve always been loyal to my Laurens Way tan but it’s safe to say I’m converted. This is truly the best tan I’ve ever used. 

The easy to apply mousse formula melts into skin; it’s easy to blend in using a tanning mitt & smells of coconut, even whilst it’s developing. This is the first tan I’ve ever used that I don’t emit that horrible tell-tale faux tan smell. Once you’ve applied the guide colour you leave to develop, it states on the bottle that you can rinse off after just one hour, however I slept in mine overnight and washed off the next morning. It also advises the best time to apply the second coat is 30 minutes after the initial application for the deepest result. 
Upon washing it off you don’t lose much colour at all, I don’t know about you but I always find this such a disappointing part of a tan when your guide colour looks fab and then it all goes down the plughole, not with this. I hardly lost any colour and I LOVE the results. I’ve had so many people comment on my colour today. 

I’m yet to see how it fades off, but I have good feelings and high hopes for this as the application and results are so good. I’ll be sure to update you in the next week. 

This is currently on offer at just £9.95 a bottle and that’s amazing value for money in comparison to some other brands, it’s exclusive to Superdrug here in the UK so grab it while you can. Check out the whole range over at the Superdrug Website 

I honestly can't rate this highly enough. 

Friday, 5 June 2015

Ojon/Restorative Hair Trio

Ojon haircare has been something I've been curious to try for a while. 

Ojon is a natural product that's said to be over 500 years old, no matter what the damage or concern to you hair Ojon has something to fix it. It promises to breathe, radiance, suppleness, body and bounce back into your locks, no matter how damaged or dull they may be. 

I've been putting three of Ojon's best sellers to the test lately to see if they worked any wonders on my hair, having extensions means I need to get moisture into my hair, a good serum is a must, and keeping the ends in nice condition stops the tell tale signs of extensions from appearing. 

I picked up this little set from the Cosmetics Company on a recent shopping trip, at just £20 for all three this really is a huge saving on the RRP of £39. 
Lets take a look at whats in the box....
Restorative Hair Treatment Plus

This is a lighter scented version of the original and promises to restore life and reverse damage to lack lustre hair, leaving it soft silky and manageable.

This is a treatment that's like nothing I've ever used before, you'll see its a solid formula in the tub, they recommend a teaspoon of product for the treatment, applied to dry hair before washing. For a more intense treatment you can even sleep with it in your hair, although I'd recommend wearing a shower cap to prevent it going all over your pillows and face.
Once you scrape the product out of the pot it warms in the palms and turns to an oil like texture which you then smooth through the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

I can only describe the smell as woody, and a little citrus like, It's not a smell I love but for the sake of lovely hair it's gotta be worth it right?! I left my treatment on for 30 minutes. I washed my hair with shampoo twice to ensure all the product was removed, I was really excited to dry my hair and see what the results were like.

I'm not sure if I used a little too much or if it's just the way the treatment feels but I felt my hair was a little heavy and weighed down, it felt nice just full of product so next time I'll use a little less and stick only to the ends where I'm prone to breakage. This stuff has a great reputation so don't let my views put you off, if you suffer from damage and want better hair I know so many people do love it and swear by it.

All the oils in the Ojon range are beautiful as they are layered, again you shake to activate and mix the different layers.This one is the Rare blend which is best suited to thicker hair with dry ends or frizz, so it's packing moisture back into your hair. They also do a version for fine hair and normal hair too, so again something for all hair types. Personally I apply one drop after drying to smooth my own hair into my extensions, I have to admit since I've been using it the shine has been incredible and loads of people have commented on my hair.

This smells delicious, a fruity,tropical mix. A two phase treatment in one bottle that you mix before use simply by shaking  it up, it's a lightweight mist that just breathes life and moisture into your hair, I've used this both following the treatment and on its own after shampooing and it felt incredibly light on it's own, leaving my hair beautifully soft and silky. 
Great to spritz in wet hair as a detangler, it tames fly aways and leaves hair looking healthy. 

Overall I'm really impressed with this range, fantastic price to give things a go to, I'd repurchase the Rare Oil & the Revitalising Mist, but I'm a little on the fence with the treatment. I'll stick with it though as Ojon promise hair breakage gets less, strength improves and hair looks healthier with continued use. 

St Tropez/Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion

I’ve been putting St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion*to the test this last couple of weeks, it’s a world first in the world of tanning and is the only tanning product ever to actually incorporate water into the faux glow process. 

This stuff is pretty reasonably priced at just £14.50 a tube and you don’t need much for a full body application. 

St Tropez claim to end the biscuit smell, stained sheets, having to wait to get dressed and the dreaded tanner’s palms in one easy step, just 3 minutes in the shower is all it takes. I have to say the results vary depending on the users skin, I’ve used this 4 times on myself and I’m just now starting to get a healthy glow, yet my other half saw results after one, although he is very fair skinned. 

So how does it work?
Well quite simply you just have a shower and wash your body as normal, using your  regular shower gel, shut your shower off and apply the In Shower Tan in circular motions, to wet skin.

Lather it on like a moisturiser. I always rub mine over the back of my hands and have a baby wipe or a sponge to hand to wipe across my palms once I’ve finished. Then you have to wait for 3 minutes, I find this can be quite hard to guess so keep the time to hand somewhere if you can as results may vary if you don’t leave it on for long enough. 

I do find a very distinctive tanning smell is present whilst you’re waiting but it’s a light almost citrus smell, you’ll be familiar with it of you use St Tropez, it’s the same smell.  Once the three minutes are up your good to wash off, just hose yourself down with the shower and ensure you wash all the lotion off your skin, I know some people have reported streaks if they haven’t washed it off properly.

Pat yourself dry once you’ve finished in the shower and then over the next few hours the tan gets to work, don’t worry if you don’t see any change after the first use, this stuff is very gradual and like me it may take a few applications to get your results. I love the fact that you get no streaks, no smell and its very natural, much more realistic results. 
I think this stuff is great for those of you who long for a year round healthy glow, but for the hard core tanners out there it may not be a big enough contrast between your usual skin tone and the look you like to achieve with your regular self-tanner. 

This is perfect for people with busy lifestyles, new mums, those of you who may be new to tanning or those who are fed up with all the fuss associated with regular self tanning. 
I hope St Tropez develop a medium/dark version of this, I think that would be a huge hit.  
It's out of stock currently on the St Tropez Wesbite so if you see it in Boots stores where it's exclusively sold then grab it while you can! 

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