Monday, 28 May 2012

Revlon Lip Butter

Revlon Lip Butters are already proving to be a big hit in stores, and after the disappointment at the Popsticks from Maybelline these were a pleasure to review.

"94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated, hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156% "
Available in a huge selection of 20 shades, there will be something for everyone....

Tutti Frutti – A beautiful coral shade that’s perfect for spring.
Cupcake – A light pink with a blue-base.
Cotton Candy – A very pale pink with a hint of gold.
Gumdrop – A lilac shade with a slight shimmer.
Berry Smoothie – A medium pink with hints of purple – very wearable.
Cherry Tart – A sheer red, perfect for those days you want to be a little daring.
Lollipop – A bold fuchsia shade
Strawberry Shortcake – A medium-toned pink – very wearable.
Creme Brulee – A light tan shade.
Peach Parfait – A peach shade with a little hint of gold.
Pink Truffle – A browned rose shade.
Red Velvet – A smooth brick red.
Sugar Plum – Similar to Berry Smoothie, but more of a plum shade.
Creamsicle – A very pale, creamy tan shade.
Brown Sugar – A soft pinkish brown.
Fig Jam – A rich dark brown.
Sugar Frosting – Pale, beige-y pink with shimmer.
Candy Apple – A bright red with hints of orange.
Raspberry Pie – An opaque magenta colour.

The packaging is really girlie, and I love a nicely packaged product!

Of the shades I have 2 faves, Sugar Frosting...

Sugar Frosting is a beautiful nude shade with a hint of pink shimmer through it, perfect for day to day wear.

And Lollipop...

A true Barbie-esque bold pink!
I love this shade, more for nights out, but I will definitely be wearing this with a tan :)

The Lip Butters combine the moisturising properties of a lip balm, yet provide colour like a lipstick, so these are perfect fpr girls who like a bit of both, in one easy stick.
The packaging is amazing and they feel really luxurious, well worth the money.

Currently on special offer in Boots at £5.99 instead of £7.99.

Have you treated yourself to a Lip Butter yet?

Let me know what you think :)

CF xxx

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks

Brand new from Maybelline are these Popsticks.....

"Transclucent Popstick Tint From Our High-Clarity, Liquid Pigments.

Slicker Shine From Our Crystal Clear Stick.

In 5 Mouthwatering Shades"

I wanted to post about them for you as I always seem to have good things to say about things I review, for me these are a total waste of money!

Despite the heavily pigmented sticks each shade is nothing but a nice smelling lip gloss, and they all come out clear on the lips! 

Despite Maybelline hyping them up I am sorry to say that these are very disappointing, they smell good, look good and come beautifully packaged but they just don't do the job, and priced at a whopping £7+ each, for a glorified lip gloss basically,  its just a waste of your pennies.

Let me know if you have tried any of the Popsticks, I would love to know what you think!

CF xxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Trashy Doll

Trashy Doll...
An amazing company based on a love of  Vintage, Retro & anything a little bit Quirky

I was so pleased to receive these little goody bags that Trashy Doll kindly sent to me...

 Beautifully packaged in the super cute little snow leopard print bags, and they have the Trashy Doll label on each one, the packaging makes receiving your order even more exciting. 

The bags would make the items perfect to give away as gifts, and everything is individually wrapped. Ideal for your girl friends, even family, the main issue you'll have is trying to part with it, I want to buy everything on their website!

Items are split into categories, making it so easy to find what you like!
If you love Kitsch Jewellery then you need to see these wonderful pieces in the Kitsch Jewellery Section, or if you love a bit a bit of Vintage then check out the goodies in the Vintage Inspired Jewellery Section you will find something you love, or like me you may just love the whole site!

I am in LOVE with the items I received, they are so me...

Each piece is handcrafted to the highest quality, and it is really nice to have quirky, vintage one off items that you won't see everyone wearing. 

And although Trashy Doll don't charge loads for their items they certainly don't skimp on the quality. 

This super cute, girly Barbie necklace is priced at just £5.50, you can order it on a gold or silver chain. 

And take a look at these rings!...

How cutsie are these?! 

I received the Kawaii Deer Ring priced at just £4.50 & the Kawaii Panda Ring also priced £4.50, both so simple yet hey really make a statement & they are so girly!

I wanted to show you them on too so you can see how they stand out...

Here are all my pieces together...

What really makes Trashy Doll different from other companies is the fact that they offer pieces that you wont find anywhere on the high street, and every time you wear them people will be asking you...
"where did you get that?"

Everything on the website is under £15 and delivery on all orders is FREE!

Follow Trashy Doll on Twitter @Trashy_Doll
Join them on Facebook
Check out the Website Here

Do you own anything Trashy Doll?

Let me know what you think, always love hearing your views.

CF xxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sweet Lily Sparkles Calorie Free Treats!


A few months ago I received some amazing sweet themed goodies from my gorgeous friend Kayleigh, owner of Sweet Lily Sparkles

 If you missed my previous reviews fear not you can read them both HereHere

I wanted to share with you my most recent goodies, as Kayleigh is always expanding her product range and I wanted to share with you all some of her hottest items right now.

This super cute Macaroon Bracelet was only launched a few weeks ago & It's sold out numerous times!
I think you can see why....


Gorgeous bright pastel colours make it THE perfect accessory for spring/summer, and I have had so many compliments when wearing it, as I do with all my Sweet Lily Sparkles Jewellery.

Priced at just £8.00 its a bargain!

As you will know from my previous posts on Sweet Lily Sparkles I am in love with the Lovehearts Range, and I was so happy to find some of the newest additions to this collection in my little package of pink sweetie goodness from Kayleigh.

I got this amazing Loveheart Necklace & Keyring...

These cute goodies look so real I want to eat them!
So simple yet so effective, I love it!

Necklace is £6.00 & Keyring is £4.00

You can grab your very own sweetie fix now & take advantage of a 20% discount by entering the code: Cosmetic at the checkout, but be quick this discount code is only valid until Friday the 25th of May!

Check out the Sweet Lily Sparkles Website
Tweet @sweetlilysparkl
Join the Facebook Page: SweetLilySparkles

CF xxx

**Huge thank you to Kayleigh for my goodies**

Skin Doctors™

I was very kindly sent a couple of products to try out as a lot of you have been getting in contact regarding hair removal and skin care with summer fast approaching!

For those of you who haven't heard of Skin Doctors before they are a high quality company who bridge the gap between cosmetic procedures and surgical cosmetic procedures, at an affordable price.

The first product I reviewed was the Ingrow Go

I have a wax done every month regular as clockwork, and especially at this time of year I suffer with red bumps on the skin and ingrowing hairs.

I have been trialling this over the last few weeks and applying it several days before my wax, to ensure any little hairs under the skins surface are lifted and removed when my wax is done.

Ive been applying it to my bikini area simply by popping a small amount onto a cotton pad and wiping over the skin for the last few weeks & it has made such a difference to my skin, having a huge reduction on the amount of ingrowing hairs & also keeping the area looking smooth and clear.

The Ingrow Stop can be used on underarms, legs, bikini area, anywhere you remove hair from, to prevent ingrowing hairs, which we all know are unsightly especially at this time of year when we are bearing more and more skin.

The Ingrow Stop solution is priced at just £12.20 for a 120ml bottle, and for the amount you use each time it will last you for months and months!

The second product I reviewed was the Hair No More

The Hair No More System is an amazing 2 step hair removal system, which is a pain free hair removal system that simply melts away unwanted body hair in just minutes, and really moisturises the skin in the process.

The kit consists of 2 tubes of hair removal cream, an inhibitor spray which prevents hair growth & a blade less razor for easy pain free removal.
I took pictures at the different stages of application to show you how easy it is to use...

So I simply used the curved edge of the blade less razor to apply an even, thick, layer of cream covering all the hair that needed to be removed...

After leaving the cream on for 4 minutes I used the blade less razor to remove the cream using gentle upward strokes...

After I removed all the cream I was left with baby smooth legs, which 2 weeks on and combined with use of the Inhibitor spray the hairs are growing back so much softer & sparser than before.

I have used hair removal creams in the past and there is no getting away from the usual smell, however the Skin Doctors cream has a very clean and fresh smell to it which made it a real pleasure to use.

The amazing Hair No More System is available for just £17.30 & is superb value for money as you will get so many uses from it.

Overall I am so impressed with the quality and value for money that the Skin Doctors products offer in comparison to those available on the high street, and the fact that they offer a higher strength products at an affordable price really sets them apart from other brands.

Check out the Skin Doctors Website
or Tweet them: @SkinDoctorsUK

Have you ever used Skin Doctors products before? If so let me know what your views.

Happy hair removing!

CF xxx

***Huge thank you to Kat for my samples***

LAQA & CO Lip Pencil

LAQA & CO are a US brand of cosmetics, new to the UK and you can now get your hands on them via Cocktail Cosmetics

The creators at LAQA & CO support young artists by commissioning new original artwork for the packaging, and I love a nicely packaged product!

The packaging for the Lip Pencil I reviewed was designed by Hazell Nichols, and I love the caption on the box..

"She Who Cares Wins"

I was very kindly sent one of the gorgeous Lip Pencils to review.

Lip Pencils are a combination of lip balm/gloss & lipstickck , giving you a lovely glossy colour without feeling to heavy on the lips.

The colour I received to review was Fairyblood, and its a gorgeous peachy colour with a gentle hint of shimmer running through it, perfect with a tan and for the (hopefully) upcoming summer months. It gives a lovely shimmer and hint of colour whilst still looking quite natural.

What I really love about this Lip Pencil is the buttery texture, that simply glides onto your lips, without leaving them sticky or greasy.

The design of the Lip Pencil is fantastic, it feels really chunky & nice to hold and use, and the best thing is it never needs sharpening as you simply twist the base when you need more.

I am wearing my LAQA & CO Lip Pencil today....What do you think?

These pictures show the colour in the shade...

And these pictures are showing you the colour in natural light...

You can get your hands on the entire LAQA & CO range on line from Cocktail Cosmetics

You can also follow LAQA & CO on Facebook
Tweet them: @LAQAandCO
And read their Blog Here

CF xxx

**Huge thank you to the gorgeous Lucy for my sample**

Monday, 21 May 2012

Make Believe Self Tan

You'll have no doubt seen Make Believe Tan on the shelves, but maybe you've never taken the plunge and tried it, Well I have been very kindly sent a couple of products from Make Believe to put to the test...and I was not disappointed!

What really sets Make Believe apart from all the other tanning brands is the fact that they make things easy and I really love the simplicity of the self tanning products.

They have made choosing the perfect colour simple for even beginners.

They have split the colour levels of each tan down into a simple and easy to understand Zone system, ranging from 1-5 which best describes the end results:

     ZONE 1 - A day in the sun              
ZONE 2 - A weekend away        
        ZONE 3 - 2 week summer holiday     
        ZONE 4 - Summer in Europe            
     ZONE 5 - Apply 2 layers of Zone 4

I love the simplicity of the Zone's they have used to grade the colour of their tan, and it takes all the guess work out of choosing a tan, meaning no more wasting our money on self tans that simply don't suit our skin tone, or simply don't give enough colour.

With Make Believe you simply decide on your end result, so for example if you wanted to look like you had been away for 2 weeks then a Zone 3 product is the right one for you.

Make Believe have launched a stunning new packaging design this year too, although still ensuring their products are very feminine notice the little butterflies and swirls around the logo, super cute!

The first product I tested is the...

Make Believe Self Tan Lotion With Bronzer £24.50 for 200ml

This is a Zone 4 (Summer In Europe Colour) and the box comes complete with all you'll need to transform yourself from pale & pasty to bronzed and beautiful in around 15-20 mins for a full body application, using just one coat.

The bottle is a huge 200ml.
And as the end colour results are based on just one coat I would say you would get at least 8-10 full body applications from just one tube, it's amazing value for money.

Prior to tanning I did my usual prep, for those of you who are new to tanning prep is vital to ensure a long lasting, even tan, you simply need to exfoliate the night before tanning, paying particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees, feet & hands, then moisturise all over again paying particular attention to the dry areas as your tan can cling to them and be a real giveaway that your tan is not natural.

Make Believe do their own exfoliating scrub, check it out Here

To get started simply pop on the gloves that come in the box and squeeze out a palm sized amount, this was enough to cover a whole leg in one go, so I squeezed out slightly less for tanning my arms & tummy.

Don't be alarmed by the colour of the lotion....

I usually go for mist or mousse formulation tanning products as I have always found that lotions streak, however that was not the case with this Make Believe Lotion, it melted into my skin beautifully, not a streak in sight. It felt so moisturising on my skin too leaving me feeling super soft and not at all tacky. I was able to apply the lotion wait a few minutes and get dressed.

The smell is gorgeous, like a fresh and fruity tropical cocktail, it was delicious.

Usually tans can have a very biscuit type smell when they are developing, but literally this stuff had no tell tale sign of the fake tan smell until just before I showered it off, and that was a good 8 hours after application, making this stuff perfect to apply on a work morning and wear all day, especially if you have a spur of the moment night out later that evening.
This tan also contains Lipo-Care Complex, which is designed to help keep cellulite at bay by reducing it's appearance, keeping you looking toned and tanned.

It's also packed with anti oxidants and fruit acids to help fight the signs of ageing, so not only does this make you look great but it targets problem areas too.

Here is my tan line immediately post application, the lotion has a guide colour in it so you can see exactly where you have applied it, making this stuff fool proof.
Tan Line immediately after application (one coat)

Tan Line after 2 hours

Tan Line after 4 hours, just before I washed it off.
I am sure you'll agree the colour is stunning!

Very natural, it has a slight peachy undertone to it, which prevents it making you look orange, which again is just another reason to love Make Believe Self Tan.

The second product I reviewed is the Make Believe Facial Self Tan With Bronzer

So many of you ask about facial tanning, and I have finally found the perfect solution for you.

Just like the other products in the Make Believe range this facial tanning lotion contains Lipo- Care Complex to keep the delicate skin toned, and CoQ10 complex which helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

This product has been specifically designed for the delicate facial area, and will not clog your pores which I know is the major concern for so many of you who, want to tan your face when tanning the rest of your body without having the worry of a breakout from using products that are too harsh on your face.

Included in the box is a pair of gloves, which is all you need to get bronzed!

The bottle contains 75ml of the lotion and I used just one pump and that was plenty to cover my face & blend down onto my neck line, to give a more natural finish.

The lotion does look quite dark but honestly once its rubbed in it's such a natural and gorgeous colour, and just like the body lotion it smells divine.

Thanks to the added bronzer in this lotion you get an instant glow, whilst the colour develops and you can wash it off after just 4 hours, again I applied the facial tanner in the morning and left it on all day, it covers a multitude of flaws too meaning you can get away with the bare minimum when it comes to make up.

Priced at just £25.00 this will last you for ages!

Here I am post application, I hope you agree that I look naturally tanned.....

Check out the full range of Make Believe on their website Here
Join them on Facebook Makebelieve-Beauty
Tweet them: @makebelieve_tan

What do you think of Make Believe Tan? Will you be trying it?

CF xxx

**HUGE thank you to the lovely Alison for my samples**

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara

Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara

"I love my instant false lashes in a bottle - it's your secret weapon for a flirty flutter!" 
-Dannii Minogue

So may of you have been asking me to review this mascara, it has been available for a while now, but I know so many of you were curious as to weather its worth the money as it is quite pricey. 

Well wonder no more, I have tried and tested the Model Co Mascara and I can confirm I am converted after just one use, I am sure you'll agree once you see the pictures too! 

Its a 2 step mascara, but takes minutes to apply, and I got my amazing results without the use of my heated lash curler.

 The quality of the set is amazing, really expensive feel to it, and the mirror tubes are so pretty, you wont want to keep them hidden away in your make up bag! 

Endorsed by Danni Minogue, I guess we all want peepers as striking as hers, and the box features a cute little quote from her on the box...

 So how does it work...?

It's  just 3 easy steps, its so simple! 

The set consists of 2 products a tube of Lash Fibres, I have tried to capture them as best as I can on my camera here for you..

 You simply apply one coat of the Extension Mascara (the bigger tube) onto your own lashes ensuring that they are all coated well. 

Then apply a coat of the Lash Fibre's (smaller tube) the mascara you applied previously helps them adhere to your lashes, they will then look something like this...

Then to finish coat all the fibres on your lashes with the Extension Mascara, and enjoy your long, luscious lashes...

What I love about this stuff is the fact that it looks so natural, it really is like lash extensions in a bottle! 

I am sure you'll agree these lashes have some serious flutter...

So as the saying goes you pay for what you get, and I just know you will love this mascara as much as I did if you are looking for a lengthening, thickening mascara. 

This is only one coat of the fibres, it states on the box that you can layer up for an even more dramatic effect, so you really can choose how thick and long you want to go! 

You can buy your very own Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara from Boots, priced at £35 (but worth every penny) 

Check out the Model Co Website Here
Tweet them @ModelCo
Join them on Facebook

What are you waiting for? Its like a set of strip lashes in a bottle!

CF xxx

**Huge thank you to the gorgeous Olivia for my sample**

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