Sunday, 24 August 2014

Clarins/True Radiance Foundation

I've always been true to my foundation, I've used Estee Lauder Double Wear for years, never found anything that comes close to it. 

I've been reviewing the True Radiance Foundation* lately and I think it's perfect for this time of year. I may be wrong but I'm sure this is a re release of the 2009 version, which at the time was limited edition. The formula is creamy and light making application really easy, it gives a flawless finish using a foundation brush.

I would say this is light-medium coverage, one layer is fine for day to day wear and 2 layers would be perfect for a night out. As the name suggests this gives you 'True Radiance' thanks to Clarins 'Radiance Booster Complex' it boosts skins natural luminosity using specially shaped pigments in the formula which optimise the light and gives a real healthy, dewy glow.

This foundation is perfect for drier skins as it's packed with hydrating ingredients like Moringa Seed, Tara Gum, and SPF 15 for daily protection.

It's designed to give you a natural looking complexion without feeling heavy or cakey on the skin, I personally cant wear this every day, after wearing it for a week straight it broke me out so bad which is a real shame, I will be taking it on holiday though as my holiday always clears up with a bit of sun and salt water so I feel for evening wear with a sweep of bronzer it'll look great.

The colour range isn't huge on this and if your really pale skinned you might find it hard to get a match, pop into your local Clarins counter to be colour matched and to try it out.

True Radiance hits counters nationwide in September and will retail at £27 for 30ml, you can buy it on line at Clarins.com now if you cant wait!
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Make Up Revolution/Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer

Make Up Revolution have over 300 products in the range, you'll have seen the brow kit I reviewed the other day, and the next product I've been putting through its paces is the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer* in the shade 'Keep Crying For You' which is a beautiful bold and bright fuchsia shade, and it doesn't budge.

I reviewed a very similar product for a higher end beauty brand a few months ago and this is a perfect dupe. 

The wand makes application easy, especially as this colour is so bright you'd notice any mistakes so take your time as once it's dry it has some serious staying power. It applies as a liquid and dries to a matte finish, you could top with gloss for a glossy finish but I think that defeats the whole point of a matte product.

You can drink, eat, kiss, in fact you can do pretty much anything with this lip lacquer on, it doesn't leave lips too dry after removal either which I quite often find is the problem with these matte long lasting products.

These retail at just £3 each! Total bargain and for once it means that you can have all the colours rather than just picking one, thank you Make Up Revolution!My only niggle would be that I'm not overly keen on the packaging design, but who cares in this case the lip colours are gorgeous, and at under £5 it's so affordable.

Shop all 7 shades right here and check out the rest of the range while your at it!
I'll be featuring a couple more products so keep an eye out for more exciting goodies.

Love & Lipstick Kisses
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Monday, 11 August 2014

Marc Jacobs/Fantasy Sunglasses

I've never actually owned a real pair of designer sunnies, and I've needed a new pair for ages. With my summer holiday imminent what better excuse time to treat my face to some lovely sun protectors. 

Say hello to Mr Jacobs, Marc to be precise, these are the 'Fantasy' sunglasses and are new for Summer 2014, you can shop then online right here I paid £120 for mine but there are loads of sales around, these have now gone down to under £100 so treat yourself while you can. You should always expect to pay £100+ for a designer pair of sunnies and they are so pretty I just couldn't resist, I treated the Mr to a new pair while I was at it just so he wasn't left out. 

Make Up Revolution/Focus & Fix Eyebrow Kit

They've taken the beauty world by storm, and if you haven't heard the brand where have you been hiding?! 
Make Up Revolution is a British based make up brand that launched into the beauty world in March 2014, a huge range of 300 products (so far) starting at just £1, I am all for paying high end prices, but why spend all that cash when you can get good quality products at high street prices. 

I've been reviewing a few of MUR's products lately, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed, this Focus & Fix Eyebrow Palette retails at just £2.50 and actually rivals my HD Brow Palette that's over £20 to buy
Packaging is always something I'd be drawn to, this palette is sleek and compact and contains literally all you need for perfect brows.

This is the medium-dark palette and has various shades of brown which can be mixed together with ease, what sets this palette apart from my more expensive one is the fact that it even has wax to set your brows once you've defined them, hence the name 'Focus & Fix' I love the look it creates nice and natural for daytime or you can go darker for a more sultry, glam effect. 
Cruelty free products, could this really be a revolution for the high street beauty industry?
Join the revolution now!
Tweet @makeup_rev join the Facebook Page here and follow them on Instagram for all the up to date make up looks & new releases.
Shop the entire collection on the Make Up Revolution Website right now.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Maybelline/Baby Lips Electro Collection

They're back!
They swept the beauty world by storm last year, the cutesey packaging and the bright colours certainly induce the inner magpie in me, you cant help but be drawn to them.

Meet the Baby Lips Electro Collection *unlike the previous range this one consists of just 4 balms, they promise to keep your lips moisturized for 8 hours whilst adding a neon kick of colour.

They smell absolutely delicious, just like their names in fact so it'll make it easy for you if you don't like a certain smell, personally I'm glad I had the chance to review all 4 because I am terrible when it comes to stuff like this, I just have to have them all.
The formula is creamy and gel like, they glide on like butter, some other bloggers have quoted them as being slimy on the lips but they suit me ok as I don't have very dry skin.
I would say that people with a lighter skin tone and really light lips will get the best results from these but as the colours are so highly pigmented you'll all get a pop of colour from them. 
So the colour pay off on these little babies is actually really impressive, the only thing I can see that's really missing is the fact that unlike the previous edition none of them offer any SPF so this wont be one for your beach bag, unless your using it in the evening of course. And as before these do not stay put for 8 hours, I'd say you'd need to reapply regularly and they don't hold up through eating and drinking, but to be fair I cant think of any other lip balm that can, these are perfect for your handbag, your car and your gym bag for on the go pop of coulour and a day to day balm. 

The colours swatched on my arm here are, in order from top to bottom: 
Strike A Rose, Pink Shock, Oh Orange, and Berry Bomb, I have swatched these all on my lips further on in this post. 

Oh Orange is a lovely pastel coral shade on the lips, it looks quite scary in the tube, really bright orange in colour, but as you can see it adds a gentle hue of coral goodness to the lips, there is no shimmer in this and I have only gone over my lips twice with the balm to achieve this colour depth so you could go over a few more times if you wanted them brighter. This one smells of orange funnily enough it's yummy. 
Strike A Rose is a baby pink shade, I think this one is really natural and will be best suited to those of you who prefer the more natural look, again this is swatched over twice and you could add more layers for an even stronger colour. Full of the scent of roses this is the ultimate in girliness. 
Pink Shock really gives a pop of pink to the lips, I love this one it smells like sweets, this one seems to be really highly pigmented and again after only going over my lips twice I think you could add a few more layers and wear this for a night out instead of a lippie. 
Berry Bomb looks really scary in the tube, the dark purple certainly isn't a shade I would run out and buy for fear of looking goth while wearing it, I couldn't have been more wrong, smells like a grape & berry explosion it adds a nice purple hue to the lips, it actually creates a really nice effect. 
As always here in the UK we only have 4 of the 6 shades available in this collection, there is no mention of the other 2 being released here yet but I'll keep you updated as soon as I hear otherwise. 

If you missed my post featuring the Baby Lips Original review then catch up now. 
If you cant wait to get your hand on these then you can shop them online at Boots.com right now, they're on offer for 3 for 2 so you'll be able to grab all 4 for under £10, bargain! 

Are you going to treat yourself to these? 
Let me know your thoughts on the new arrivals....
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