Friday, 12 April 2013

The Holiday Edit #2

It's just 2 weeks until my holiday now, and I have done some more shopping.

Primark has some key summer pieces in at the moment and I couldn't believe what I managed to find.

I have not spent much on my holiday shopping at all, and I have a fab selection of stuff to wear now, I just cant wait to get over there.

So here are my latest purchases, and if you missed my holiday edit #1 catch up here.

1. Yellow Shift Dress £13 Primark Such a flattering design, and made of really soft material, this cute dress will be perfect for evening wear, I am going to team this one with brown wedges to compliment the belt, and it looks fab with a blazer or cardi.

2. Sheer White Jumper Primark I saw this and thought it would be perfect, in case of any evening breezes on holiday, or to wear on the plane journey home. Made of super soft material and being white it will only emphasise a tan ;) I am going to team it up with one of the brightly coloured vest tops I have purchased as it will go really well together. 

3. Neon/Pastel Vests £2.50 each Primark I love Primark vests, so basic yet essential for layering and they go under anything! I have a tendancy to only ever buy these in black or white so it was nice to pick some up in other colours, perfect teamed with little shorts during the day, these are literally essential for holiday, so stock up if your going away.

4. Bright Ruffle Vest £3 Primark This is really cute and girly, and again perfect for day time wear, I am so in love with the coral shade lately, it's stunning and will go perfectly with tanned skin. Supersoft cotton feel, so it'll be nice and light for day time wear.

5. Multi Way Bikini Top £8 each Peacocks. Such a flattering design, and the thick straps make it really great for those with a bigger bust! I had to have this is a few different colours, well can never have too many can you?! The matching bottoms are just £5 each. To be fair I was surprised to find such a vast selection in Peacocks but they pulled it outta the bag with these bikinis.

6. Nude Sparkle Design Flip Flops £5 Primark These nude flip flops will go with anything you take on holiday, so weather your teaming them up with an evening or a daytime outfit they will look fab.
A real steal at just £5, and as part of the Primark 'Sole Desire' range they have a cushioned sole and heel, so you can get hours of wear out of them and be in comfort.  

7. Shorts £5 each Primark Couldn't believe these were only £5 per pair. I have never been a big fan of shorts but these are so comfy! These will come in handy for wondering around the zoo while I am away, and for just popping over my swim wear if I am off to the beach for the day.

I am currently gathering all my hair and body products so as soon as I have them sorted I will do a 3rd & final post before I go.

What are you packing in your suitcases this year?


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Body Confidence...or lack of it

I have been sitting on the fence with regards to writing this post for a while now, but as this issue troubles me & I am sure many of you on a daily basis I felt it would be appropriate to post it.

Body confidence, is it something you ooze or something that you have never had, or maybe you've just forgotten what it feels like.

In a society where there is so much pressure in the world to look a certain way and to be a certain size, I feel really sorry for the younger generations of today, because there is so much pressure on them to look good.

I remember when I was little and the things I had to worry about were what I was going to spend my pocket money on, or playing out in the garden. Today there is no escaping the pressures and constant need and demand for stereotyping both young boys and girls to look a certain way as they mature.

You may remember a post I wrote in support of National Eating Disorder Week, If you missed it catch up by clicking HERE as part of this post I told you all about my own battles with weight and body dismorphya disorder.

Lately with my holiday coming up, and my other half having the body of a model as the gym is his second home the pressure has been really getting to me and to be honest I am dreading going on holiday and parading around in my bikini in front of him.

I want him to be proud of me not embarrassed, I know after speaking to a lot of my girlie friends that they too feel the same way, and some of them have bodies of supermodels, so I know I am not alone in this.

With summer just around the corner I really wanted to get your feedback, I would love to know if you love the thought of summer, but does the thought of revealing clothes fill you with dread?
Does your partner make you feel confident to bear your skin or do you feel really overconfident and want to hide it away? Maybe you have had a baby and no longer feel confident, either way let me know your views.

I will be reviewing my summer must have products to help you feel as good as you can if or when the sun ever shows it's face!

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this.


Saturday, 6 April 2013

MUA Undress Your Skin

MUA Makeup Academy allow us all to indulge in guilt free cosmetics, by keeping the prices low. Looking beautiful on a budget is possible and the items MUA have to offer still feel luxurious, as well as saving us pennies.

Just launched is the 'Undress Your Skin Range' perfect for showcasing a dewy spring complexion and these products are fab for highlighting whats naturally there. The range consists of eyeshadow palettes, Illuminating Foundations, Concealer, Primer & Highlighting Powder.

Be a little braver this year, ditch the full coverage foundation and heavy make up, it's all about less is more, and with these lush highlighting shimmery shades there's really no need to be scared.

I have been reviewing the Highlighting Shimmer Powder, Flawless Skin Primer, Illuminating Concealer & Undress Me Too Palette.

The Highlighting Shimmering Powder is currently on offer at just £2, will usually be £3 so grab it while you can.
This is a baked shimmering powder, and I use it in the corners of my eyes, and on my brow bone to highlight and lift, its also fab as a contouring powder, used on the cheekbones and on the cupids bow. This is a great all rounder and is such a barg, grab it now ladies, you need this is your make up bag!

The Undress Me Too Palette is just £3 at the moment, and it embraces this season’s fresh-faced look and urges you to strip back and go nude!

This fab palette is made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion. I love these shades and they will be the staple eye product in my upcoming holiday make up bag.

There are pearlescent shades, shimmers, matte and more, these are really suitable for everyone. Create a bang on trend look and update the traditional smokey eye to one of peachy, champagney goodness.

The Flawless Skin Primer is on offer for £3.

And in comparison to some higher end primers this stuff holds up really well.
Gives you a velvety complexion and grips your make up in place all day, it certainly holds up for a day in the office, I am yet to test it in the gym.

The Illuminating Concealer is a brush on creamy concealer. For those of you who suffer with dark circles may not know that your best chance of concealing them is in fact to use a light reflecting product. The way this product works is to add light to the dark areas to allow light to bounce off them and therefore creating the illusion of a lighter complexion.

This swatch shows the un blended product on the left & the blended on the right.
The concealer is just £2, and is a must have for SS13.

What I really love about MUA is the fact that you can fill up your make up bag with the latest in cosmetic trends and it wont cost the earth.

Shop the 50% sale to help celebrate the MUA 3rd Birthday right now at the MUA Online Store
or pop into Superdrug, the only place to buy MUA.

Here is to dewy skin days!


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