Monday, 30 January 2012

GLOSSYBOX Discount Code

For those of you who fancy trying GLOSSYBOX for half price, please enter this code at the checkout: STYLISTDEC1411, it's a limited edition box for Valentines Day!


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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Teeth Whitening 2 Week Results

As you'll know from my previous post I was kindly sent a home teeth whitening kit by Smile 4 You, Dr George's Dental White. 

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and my results are amazing.....

I know a few of you have purchased the kits, please let me know how your teeth are looking!

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Laurens Way Lashes

It's safe to say that Lauren isn't just brilliant at self tan products, for a fancy dress party last night I wore Laurens Way Lashes.

You can buy these gorgeous lashes direct from the Laurens Way website: http://www.laurensway.com/ priced at just £5.95 per pair.They come in a hard plastic case, which is great for storing them in after use,

The lashes have been designed by Lauren, and they are amazing, really volumising without weighing your eyes down, the cut and style is fantastic, and they are so comfortable to wear. The only downside is that they dont come with glue, so I used Eyelure Lash Fix on mine and they stayed on all night.

Here they are on my eyes:

And excuse the wig...I went out as Princess Barbie!
The lashes look lovely on!

What do you think of Lauren's Way Lashes?

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Semi Permanent Make Up

A good friend has just been to have some Semi Permanent Make Up done, and as Semi Permanent cosmetics are becoming a very popular treatment I felt it would be very relevant to feature it on my blog. 

Imagine not having to spend time every morning applying your make up, smudge proof, and precise, you'll always look your best.

What is Semi Permanent Make Up?  
It is a type of cosmetic tattooing that uses pharmaceutical grade pigments applied to the skin.  The aim of the treatment is to give a permanent natural make up appearance that perfectly complements the skin tone using the right combination of pigments to enhance natural features.  

What are the benefits?
Semi permanent make up applied to the eyebrows can be used to frame the face and improve the shape and definition of the eyebrows. Three dimensional hair simulation techniques can give the appearance of hair growth for those with patchy hair growth.  Semi permanent makeup can be applied to the eyelids to enhance the natural eye line to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Semi permanent make up can also be used on the lip border as permanent lip liner to achieve fuller more defined lips.

How Long does it last?
You can expect results to last between 12-18 months, maybe even longer!

How much does it cost?
You should expect to pay anything from £260+ but prices vary depending on the individual & you'll be given a quote on consultation.

Personally I think the results are fab! 
So here is Jenna's review on her treatment.....

I have wanted my eyebrows to be better for as long as I can remember. This summer I changed to brunette from being blonde for most of my life and straight away felt my eyebrows didn’t look right because they were too light being a naturally mousey colour. I became obsessed with pencilling them in and quickly got hooked on eyebrow stencils to try and change the shape a little... this obsession continued even though I am now back to blonde and it was starting to get on my nerves drawing them in every day.
My work colleague had her brows done about 2 years ago and it was coming up to the time when she needed the touch up doing, so she kindly invited me along to watch and ask some questions. I attended The Hyde Park Clinic in Plymouth to see Julie Steadman who is the semi-permanent make up specialist. This was really useful as I got to see some photographs of the technicians work and also ask some questions. Julie also took the time at the end of completing my friend’s brows to draw some on for me to give me an idea of what could be achieved. During this process she took some natural photos from the side to show me what the world sees when they look at me and MY GOD I was horrified!!! 

Right Side Natural Brow
Left Side Natural Brow
I looked really tired and could see that my brows naturally sloped down; Julie told me that in terms of eyebrow rules, mine broke every single one and even the hair grew down!! I booked in there and then and was completely sold!

 I was sent away with a small pot of numbing cream as I was concerned about pain being the biggest wimp going, and also provided with a sanitising wipe and a little brush to apply the cream. I had to apply this at least half an hour before my appointment to let it get to work. Maximum results are about 45 minutes so any longer is pointless.
When I went for the appointment I was taken to the lovely calm and clean treatment room and Julie talked about all the various colours available and showed me the ink she intended to use by simply sweeping a bit in a rough eyebrow shape over my own brow. Julie explained that the inks are made with naturally occurring pigments unlike that of actual tattoo ink, making it easy to create a natural look. There are approximately 12/15 colours the inks come in and these can be mixed to create just about every natural occurring colour there is! I was shown the needle that was going to be used in its sterile sealed packaging and Julie even wore gloves and a face mask.
First of all I showed Julie some photographs I had found on the Internet of different celebrities and eyebrows I liked the look of. My idea of the shape I thought I liked had changed a little from my consultation and I was glad of the two week gap between seeing her again to do some research on what I really wanted. I then had the brow shape drawn on with a charcoal pencil, along with some technical measuring tools and a ruler to make sure they were even for my face. This is where we agreed on shape and I had some photos taken to show me what it looked like from all angles. In this time I also had some of my natural brow hair plucked away as it was completely out of place. Then for the fun bit....
Julie starts by using a few strokes with the needle to ‘break the skin’ this helps her to produce an outline before applying a further numbing treatment. This was the most painful part and I can only describe it as a scratching pain which is worse around the brow bone area. At this stage some ink had already begun to be applied – I had the colour chocolate treasure which I thought sounded delish! Julie applies an anaesthetic gel which is clever in that it stops any bleeding allowing her to be able to see exactly what she is doing.
When the procedure started again I could hardly feel anything and only the vibration of the needle and some pressure where it was being applied was all I could feel. I am the worst person with pain and everything hurts me, but I promise you this was absolutely fine and if I can take it anyone can! The colour of my brows was gradually built up going from one brow to the other the other and I was allowed to look periodically at the progress. All in all it took around 30/45 minutes to have the tattooing done. 
Julie takes some final photo graphs and even made my lay back down a couple of times just to perfect them even more.

And here they are straight after the treatment.....

Immediately after the area around my brow looked white, this was down to the numbing gel on the skin and slowly over a few hours the colour came back completely. They felt a little sore afterwards but nothing too bad. Julie told me to take a paracetamol or ibuprofen later if the pain got worse (4 hours later and I can’t feel anything so far)
I am absolutely thrilled with the results and they are not even finished yet. They are expected to now go quite dry whilst they heal and the scab will flake off revealing the result. Sometimes up to 70% of the colour can come away so Julie always makes sure she does the treatment in two sessions. I am expecting them to look quite a lot lighter in a week or so, but at least I will be in the position to add more and not stuck with dark eyebrows. Julie also intends to add another colour on my second session and maybe even a third, creating a really dynamic, natural looking colour.
Aftercare is simple: you leave the clinic with a thin coat of Vaseline to protect the newly broken skin... you are not allowed to put makeup on the area until the flaking/scab stage has passed. In terms of washing you can wash your hair normally and let the soap go over your face, just do not rub at them, same with actually washing your face, just avoid the eyebrow area.... I have already found that using a face cloth is the easiest way so you can watch exactly where you are cleaning your face without accidentally catching your brows.
After about 3 days I have been told to expect some itching whilst they heal... again no rubbing or picking as this can cause the pigment to come out!
After the touch up the brows are expected to last approx 18months before they will need touching in again, as with the name they are semi-permanent... this is 100% a better procedure than a normal tattoo because your eyebrows will need to change throughout the course of your life. Imagine being 70 with the eyebrows that looked hot on you at 20?!
My before pictures show exactly how poor my natural brow shape was, very random hair growth and a very flat shape... I would like to add I am missing hair in these pictures because on my consultation I got Julie to pluck it away so I could clearly see the shape she had drawn for me... my down turning brows were ruining the effect!

Here are my brows 2 days after my treatment....


2 Days After Treatment

2 Days After Treatment

Left Eye In Natural Light
Right Eye Natural Light

Right Eye In Shade
Left Eye In Shade
Julie has spent thousands and thousands of her own money training one to one with the fantastic Debra Robson-Lawrence and has the very best equipment. She even does her own eyebrows and eyeliner due to the fact there is no one else in the South West she would trust to do her own. It is frustrating that there are people with very little training ruining the reputation of fantastically skilled people like Julie, and you should remember that it is only the bad stories that get in the media... not the hundreds of people who have the procedures done successfully!
Please be sure to mention Jenna Hull if booking in with Julie and also this blog! 

Would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jenna, for her review, and pictures & for letting me post them for the world to see! 

And of course thank you to Julie Steadman & Hyde Park Clinic Plymouth, for the treatment!

If you'd like to learn more about the procedure please check out these links:
Julie Steadmans Webpage:

Hyde Park Clinic Plymouth: http://www.hydeparkclinic.co.uk/

What do you think of the effects of Jenna's semi permanent make up? Would love to hear your views.
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Soap & Glory A Great Kisser

Juicy Peach, Sweet Coconut & Chocolate Cherry

You need to get yourself into your local Boots store, as soon as possible!

The balms on the left and right (Juicy Peach & Chocolate Cherry) are actually tinted, leaving a hint of juicy colour on the lips, whilst the Sweet Coconut shade in the middle is clear with a splash of shimmer. Soap & Glory say:

"It’s not too waxy, not too slippery, not too greasy, not too sticky. In fact, it’s just right."

Just launched this week by the lovelies at Soap & Glory is a brand new product in their range of cosmetics...
A Great Kisser, available in three gorgeous flavours and priced at just £5 each.

This trio of beautiful balms claim to contain mango butter to moisturise, apricot butter for weather protection, lingonberry oil to boost barrier repair (and prevent water loss) and pomegranate extract to renew your ‘dewy’.
It all sounds very appealing and to top it off, they come in three different flavours:
Juicy Peach, a gorgeous coral
Sweet Coconut, clear with a hint of shimmer
Chocolate Cherry, sheer with a hint of popping pink
Which one will you be buying?
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Beth Ditto MAC!

As a fun, bold, and very confident women I know some of you will be super excited to hear that Beth Ditto is the latest celeb to join in a MAC collaboration, all I know is that her collection is due to hit MAC counters this June..and I have managed to get my hands on the very first campaign shot!

And judging by this, its going to be VERY cool.....

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NTA Dresses!

Always look forward to these award shows, because I love to see all the celebs in their dresses and glammed up.

Tulisa's Outfit?! Not keen at all, what did you think?

TOWIE girls looking gorgeous as always, particularly loved Jess's dress and Heidi Range seems to have wasted away, she's tiny!

Hope you like the pictures....

CF xx

TOWIE is back!

I'm a huge fan of The Only Way Is Essex, and I'm super excited that the 4th series is about to hit our screens thanks to ITV2 this Sunday!

Personally I love the glitz and glam of the girls in TOWIE, they always look so immaculate and their clothes are stunning!

I will admit having my hair extensions in and wearing fake tan, has been encouraged even more by TOWIE as I think we'd all like to look more glamorous.

Lucy, Billie, Lauren, Lydia, Jess & Sam

My 'Style' Favourite on the show is the gorgeous Lucy Mecklenburgh, her clothes are amazing & she wears things to suit her shape.

She even has her own boutique 'Love Lucy' in Brentwood.

Check out her website here:

I really like Lucy's style as her clothing is always girle, and fun, yet she still always manages to look sophisticated and glamorous!

 Sam & Billie Faiers, owners of the famous Minnies Boutique as featured on the show are also such gorgeous girls! Again always looking glam on the show, the sisters certainly know how to dress!

My fave guy on TOWIE has to be Arg without a doubt, he;s just the sweetest!

Needless to say I've also series linked this one, i cannot wait!

CF xxx

DIY Nail Foils!

If like me you must always have your toes looking lovely then you should definitely give nail foils a try.

A good friend kindly lent me her feet for the purposes of this blog post but i do mine regularly and it is so simple! You can pick up nail foils for £5-£7 on eBay and other websites. I'll add some links at the end of this post. 

Right you will need to start with a clean foot & ensure your nails are free from oil and any traces of nail varnish..

Then you'll need to select the correct size for each toe nail from the sheet....

Then stick the foil to one half of your nail like this...

Then using your hairdryer, on the hottest setting blast the foil until it gets hot, takes around 10 seconds.

Then smooth the foil across the nail.

Repeat the process, and use your hairdryer to heat the foils whilst they're on your nails to smooth out any creases or bumps.

You'll end up with beautiful looking tootsies....

 And both feet complete....

My fave place to get these wraps is: http://www.trendynailwraps.com/section.php/2/1/nail-wraps
they also sell pre cut tip size wraps for use on fingers if you don't want a full cover on your nail, they are £5 and you'll easily get 2 sets from each pack.

The brand used in this post are by Chix Nails priced at £4.95 per pack and again you'll get more than one set from a single pack, great value for money!

Foils last weeks on your toes, and take no more than 30 mins to apply, why pay salon prices when you can do them your self at home using scissors and a hairdryer!

Happy Foiling Beauties :)

CF xxx

Coming Up.....

Coming up on my blog over the next 2 weeks....

  • Semi Permanent Make Up
  • Teeth Whitening Results
  • Minx Toes
  • My Make Up Bag Essentials Week 3
  • Lauren's Way Lashes
  • Rockstar Nails
  • Threading
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Magnetic Nail Varnish

The latest beauty trend for nails...Magnetic nail varnish!

Its so cool & creates such striking effects, I've compared 2 brands for you, a cheaper version & a more expensive version.

Boots No7 magnetic effect nail varnish is priced at just £5.99 and is available in 4 colours, it's received a lot of good reviews and has been heavily featured in the press.

Nails Inc magnetic polish is available in 3 colours and is priced at £13.00 per bottle.

These little bottles of magic work in such a clever way, you simply apply the polish as you normally would, 2 coats, then simply hold the magnet lid over, but not touching the nail. Hold for about 20-30 seconds and take the magnet away, you'll be amazed at the effects it creates!

Don't forget to seal with a top coat, just to make your design last longer.

Love these varnishes, and I expect thee will be lots more companies joining in on the craze very soon!


CF xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

Lynx for women....

As a company who have always heavily advertised using women, deodorant giant Lynx are today launching 'Attract' for women!

They are exclusively selling 100 cans via their Facebook page at 4pm today, so have a look if you fancy trying it!

Lynx for women!

Let me know if you manage to get your hands on a can, I'd love to know what it smells like.

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Get them while you can....

In follow up to my post earlier this month, Nicki Minaj OPI polishes are now available to buy!

Head over to the lovelies at Look Fantastic to get yours now, the mini pack for under £13 is amazing value for money too!

Everything you need to be one of Nicki's Barbz.


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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Katy Perry Lashes...New Pictures!

I seriously cannot contain my excitement about these lashes.. Here's a few new pictures for you....

I am seriously in love with the 'Oh My' set, they look super thick and gorgeous!

Sweetie Pie
Oh Honey!
Oh My!
Cool Kitty
CF xxx

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