Saturday, 7 January 2012

Your boobs new best friend....

Nip + Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment

This cream is AMAZING!

This cream is for you if: your a mum & want to replace lost volume in your boobs, or if you have a smaller bust and want to increase it, if you want to improve skin texture and appearance on the bust area, or if like me you have bigger boobs and are just being greedy and want them bigger, then this is a must buy!

I've been using the Nip+Fab Bust Treatment for 2 months now and I can honestly say...it works! It's been heavily featured in the media and sold out really fast at Boots 1,000 tubes per minute in fact, when it was launched!

It goes into the skin really well & has a citrus scent to it, very fresh smelling. You don't get any kind of tingling sensations so it's not uncomfortable in any way.

It's manufacturers promise its the alternative to breast surgery & promises to lift and plump your boobs.

Check out this article....http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2058603/Nip--Fabs-Bust-Fix-New-miracle-serum-alternative-breast-surgery.html

At £16.29, it's a must try if your after a boost!

CF xxxx

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