Saturday, 21 January 2012

Soap & Glory Skincare

For those of you who don't know I am a HUGE fan of all things Soap & Glory, and their skincare is fantastic. I have tried most products in the range but wanted to share some new ones I've picked up recently....All the products are on 3 for 2 in Boots at the mo, so pop in and grab some as the offer is only on until the 24th of Jan.

Here are the products I've reviewed for you all.

The Fab Pore, Peaches & Clean, and Clear Here

Fab Pore, is a deep cleansing pore blasting face mask, do not be mislead by the box as it says 'peel' its not a peel, its a luxurious, thick and creamy face mask.

The Fab Pore Mask, can you see the little blue beads?!
I cannot quite believe that i am about to reveal my naked face...but it is for the purpose of my blog, so here goes lol...

Yuk?! Naked face :(
As always the packaging is fab, and has all the S&G wit and charm on the box. It states you should apply a grape sized dollop to your face, rubbing in the little blue beads....and if (like me) you have t zone oil or pores that need extra attention then pay special attention to these areas.

The Fab Pore doesn't rub in it so just apply a generous layer all over your face, until you look something like this....
Lol, oooh sexy! 

It states on the box to leave on for 5 mins for a refresh of the skin, or leave for 15 mins for a deep clean, so I went with the 15 min option and after rinsing my face looked like this...

Definite Improvement! After Fab Pore
Personally I can see an improvement, and that's after just one 15 min treatment, so I'll def continue to use it and over time the active pore shrinking ingredients should get to work on my pesky pores. My skin was left feeling squeaky clean, but not tight. Hurrah for the Fab Pore, another wonder product from S&G, Priced at £8, go and buy it!

Peaches & Cream 4 in 1 Face Cleanser, literally melts make up away, and in a pump top bottle its the perfect shower companion as you don't have to fiddle with a lid!

Peaches & Cream £7.00
The cleanser is a lovely creamy consistency, and smells like yummy peaches. Again i found this left my skin super soft, and not tight like some other face washes. It lathers up really well too and i think it would last a good 2 months with everyday use. The perfect follow up to your Fab Pore treatment! Priced at just £7.00 it's well worth the pennies.

Clear Here £9.00

Clear Here is a little tube of mattifying genius, I love this moisturiser so much, as it is lots of products in one, it makes for a really good primer, gives you baby smooth skin, a lovely matt finish, prevents spots, and stops oil all day, especially on your t zone.

Simply apply it before make up, leave to dry for 5 mins and it will cling on to your make up all day long!

And of course don't forget to apply it at bedtime too!
It even keeps oil at bay while you sleep. It has a really fresh and clean scent, and a little goes a long way, so again real great value for money.

Have you tried any of the S&G Skincare Range? If so what do you think?

CF xxxx

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