Monday, 30 April 2012

Fish For Girls Hair Products

Fish For Girls, is a UK based brand specialising in hair care for both men and women, with a product range from £2.99-£4.99 you really can acheive salon results with a high street price tag.

I was kindly sent these products to test and I am in love! 

Fish For Girls Hair Products, are wrapped in the most attractively coloured bottles and cans, you'll definitely want to display these on your dressing table. A real mix of salon chic & designer cool.

As you'll know I recently had my extensions put in and serum to keep the ends in tip top condition is a must, so I was excited to test this...

SleekFish High Gloss Serum £4.99

If you’re prone to dry, damaged hair or split ends, don’t despair – become a shining example to others with SleekFish High Gloss Serum. It nourishes dry hair to give you gorgeously smooth, glossy locks.



Normally serum can leave hair looking lank & greasy but this stuff melts into the hair with ease and smells like a tropical cocktail, its delicious!

It really sealed moisture into my hair and left it looking really glossy and healthy, the bottle will last you ages too as a little goes a long way. What an amazing product!

The other product I received was the

FreshFish Revitalising Dry Shampoo £3.49

Should have washed your hair but short on time? Don’t worry, no-one’s perfect, but your hair can be. FreshFish Dry Shampoo quickly adds bounce, shine and life to hair that was previously a bit of a damp squid.


The thing I love most about this dry shampoo is the smell, I have used most of the other dry shampoos on the market and none of them leave your hair smelling as fresh as this one does for so long, I love it. Again has a really tropical scent, and as a huge fan of coconut it's perfect for me :)

Check Fish out on Facebook
You can shop online: HERE
Or pop into your local Boots.

Huge thank you to Olivia for my products xx

Have you ever used Fish Hair Products?

CF xxx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lauren's Way Tan "Darker Than Dark"

As a loyal fan of Lauren's Way Tan I couldn't wait to get my hands on the brand new shade...Darker Thank Dark, promising to deliver the usual desired results in just ONE coat.  I normally use the Glam Tan which is said to be the darkest tan in her range, so I was really keen to try this out.

So here's my review... 

The new shade is only available in the mousse and lotion formula's, so I went for the mousse as I love how easily it melts into skin. 

I applied before bed and woke up looking like I'd been on a two week holiday, love the new shade and I'll definitely be repurchasing this one in the future. I would definitley say of the mousse, lotion, and glam tan this is thedarkest of them all.

Grab your very own 'Darker Than Dark' from: Lauren's Way Online Shop from £17.95.

Happy Tanning! 

CF xxx

Scratch Dollface Nails

I don’t bite I SCRATCH…Scratch Dollface, is a freelance mobile nail artist specializing in one of a kind bespoke nails. 
Her Fashion background is reflected in her work is highly influenced by current catwalk trends and popular culture.
She offers a wide range of nail services from a simple manicure & nail enhancements, to more intricate work such as hand painted designs, kawaii style nails, 3D, crystals and wraps, she also creates temporary ‘nail tattoos’ whereby absolutely any image, photo, or text can be applied to the nail surface. 
Scratch Dollface also paints onto other surfaces including faces, bodies, shoes and clothing.

Here is what she had to say about her amazing skills...

When did you start doing nail art?
I’ve always done nail art for my friends. As a teenager I think I had the whole Spectacular nail polish range from Tammy Girl – they were such great colours. 
It was always a hobby of mine because I’ve always been into art – I think its something I have a natural flair for.

How did the Scratch Dollface brand come about and what made you want it as a career choice? 
I started Scratch Dollface about 18 months ago after numerous requests for nail art and face painting from friends and colleagues. 
Word spread fast and people were recommending me to their friends, so I thought it would be a great to turn my hobby into a career. 
I’m a dedicated tweeter, so I’ve gained lots of followers there. I’ve also built up a good client base in Liverpool since discovering Peaches & Cream
How does your day job as a teacher fit in with your Scratch Dollface work?
I love teaching. My students are very complimentary about my nails and they help me to keep my ear to the street. 
Because my school is a specialist arts college we are always putting on big performances, for which I design and make costumes and do the hair and stage makeup.
Nail art has become especially popular since celebrities such as Katy Perry and Jessie J have been known to sport elaborate manicures. 

How do you keep your ideas fresh and ensure that you’re one step ahead of the crowd? 
In order to keep my ideas fresh, I am constantly watching the catwalk to spot emerging trends and investing in new nail products in order to experiment. 
For me, it’s more than just applying a product and offering good customer care; I am trying to create something different for each and every customer, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration from all around me. 
I am an avid reader and collector of ‘Scratch’ magazine (which is not associated with my name). It is like a bible for the nail world.

And I'm not even going to consider apologising for the amount of pictures I have included in this blog post, trust me when i say it was hard to whittle them down to so few amongst the vast colourful selection of amazing work she has produced!

What do you think of Scratch Dollface Nails? 

I would love to know which design is your fave! 

If you need more of a fix you can check out more of her work...

Email: Scratchdollface@yahoo.co.uk

Keep up to date with her work on: http://twitpic.com/photos/ScratchDollface 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

*GIVEAWAY* Win RapidLash & RapidBrow

'RapidResults' Competition

There is no doubt you will have seen RapidLash & RapidBrow on the high street, and here is your chance to win BOTH products, a prize worth over £75!

I have achieved amazing results with these products and I would say they are a must have for any one wanting to achieve longer lashes or thicker fuller brows the natural way!

Check out my Rapid Results...

If you would like to win your very own RapidLash & RapidBrow all you have to do is submit a picture of your results using either RapidLash or RapidBrow to the RapidLash Facebook Page no later than
Thursday the 3rd of May, the winner will be chosen by RapidLash and announced on Friday the 4th of May.

Full details can be found HERE

Can you beat Marilyn's flutter and groom?!
Time to show off your perfectly groomed peepers!

Good Luck!

CF xxx

RapidLash Lash Serum

RapidLash was the 1st lash growth serum to hit the UK market, and at the time of launch the waiting list went into the thousands for this little tube of lash growing goodness.

Multi award winning & featured heavily in the media, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about....

RapidLash were kind enough to send me some of the miracle serum, and as I am constantly on the quest for long lashes I couldn't wait to get going!

This is what RapidLash UK have to say about their serum...

"This incredible formula is designed to enhance the appearance of lashes and brows. Rapid Lash uses polypeptides to improve the length, thickness and volume of the hair while protecting against breakage. 
Moisturizing agents enhance shine and suppleness by locking in hydration, leaving lashes and brows elastic and durable. 
Proteins and vitamins fortify the hair to encourage the appearance of growth while adding strength and shine. 
Rapid Lash is free of prostaglandins and parabens, and is suitable for contact lens wearers" 

The serum is packaged really nicely and would fit perfectly in your make up bag, attached to the screw top is a thin brush with a precision tip brush, super soft and really gets the product exactly where it needs to go. 

So that you can see my results here are my natural lashes before using the serum, both with and without mascara on....

This is so easy to use, minimal effort really it takes like 10 seconds every evening simply pop it along your lash line, where you'd apply a liquid liner. 

My lashes after 4 weeks of use....

My lashes after 8 weeks use, this is the recommended time by RapidLash, and i think you'll agree they are so much thicker and darker, and really long! I have had a lot of compliments asking if I have lash extensions.

This picture shows my lashes before using RapidLash on the top left hand picture, then top right picture is after just 4 weeks use, and the bottom pictures show my new longer lashes, which are huge and I love them!

I love this stuff, and I wont ever be without it! 

Here are some more shots of my new lashes: 

I would personally like to say a huge thank you to RapidLash, not only for my serum, but also for my new lashes! 

You can purchase RapidLash from the official website: http://www.rapidlash.co.uk/index.php
or from a local Boots store or via Boots.com HERE, for just £41.00.

Don't forget to add them on Facebook: RapidLash UK
Tweet them: @RapidLashUK

Have you had good results using RapidLash? What do you think of my new improved lashes? 

CF xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rimmel SunShimmer Water Resistant

I have been using SunShimmer from Rimmel for the last few years. however thanks to its wash off formula it meant that it wasn't an option if you were going to get caught out in the rain or have a drink spilt down yourself by a fellow drunken clubber.

Introducing.... SunShimmer Water Resistant Formula!

If you need a tan in a hurry or you want to enhance an existing tan then this is the answer to your prayers!

SunShimmer gives you an instant sun-kissed look, and it's suitable for use on both the face and body. And thanks to its new water resistant formulation you can even pop it on if the weather isn't looking good.

The formula is a lovely lightweight gel, that rubs into your skin really easily, it has a light perfumed fragrance, and does not smell of fake tan in the slightest which is one of the reasons I love this stuff so much.

I use the Medium Matte as I like a dark and non shimmering effect, but there are different shades: Fair, Light & Medium, and 2 finishes: Matte & Shimmer to choose from.

The gel looks scary when you squeeze it out the tube, but honestly the effect is lovely, a natural golden glow, in minutes.

Your skin feels silky smooth after application & the formula is transfer resistant so you don't have to worry about it coming off on your clothes.

It's currently on offer in Boots for just £3.99 saving £3.00 off the RRP so pop in and grab yours today!

Do you use SunShimmer?

CF xxx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Tangle Teezer

A Tangle Teezer hair brush will break the cycle of broken hair and give tangled hair the brush off. A revolution in detangling hair, it has the ability to flex and not pull upon contact with tangles, gently and effortlessly delivering smooth and shiny hair in an instant. The result?
Hair perfection.

I wanted to share this amazing Tangle Teezer Brush with you.

As you know I recently had my hair extensions put in (20 inches long) and the thought of having to comb through it with risk of damaging my new locks really bothered me. 

You may remember seeing this clever little invention on Dragons Den, unfortunately they didn't buy into the idea, however I bet they are sorry now, as Tangle Teezer is being used everywhere in salons worldwide! 

The Tangle Teezer makes brushing through hair, wet or dry a breeze, it's clever design and mixture of small and large bristles help tame your tresses with minimal effort!

It leaves your hair silky, soft, shiny and really manageable, and you wont need to apply so much conditioner to your hair, if you blow dry using your Tangle Teezer you'll see a huge difference. 

Available in many designs and colours I'm sure you'll find one that you love....
See the range in Boots, Check out the website: HERE, Add them on Facebook: HERE 
Or Tweet: @tangleteezer

My Pink Tangle Teezer has an RRP of £10.99

Have you tried a Tangle Teezer? 

CF xxx

EcoTools Make Up Brushes


I wouldn't dream of applying my make up without the right tools, and decent brushes are a must have for a flawless finish.

I have seen EcoTool brushes in Boots before and after having the pleasure of trying one out I cant believe I've been missing out on these amazing brushes!

Firstly the packaging has a really earthy feel to it, this brand is all about being eco friendly and being conscious of packaging and cruelty to animals.

In their own words...

"EcoTools® cosmetic brushes are what started it all!
The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminium and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools.
Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminium ferrules"

I was kindly sent the Bronzer Brush from the EcoTools range to try, which I have heard is a beauty editor fave here is my review...

The packaging makes the brush feel so luxurious, and it acts as a resealable storage pouch for the brush when your not using it.

The handle is made from bamboo & gives such a lovely effect and finish, as well as providing a sturdy base so that you can stand your brush up and display it if you want to.

The bristles are a lovely 2 tone effect, and they are so soft, for me this is what really makes a good brush, and I love the finish and effect you get from a good quality brush.

Although this is a bronzer brush I have been applying my blusher with it, it gives the perfect coverage and I really look forward to using it as its such a lovely product. I have also used it on my body to apply bronzing powder, and it gives good coverage on larger areas of the body, so is an all rounder when it comes to being a bronzed/blushing babe, it glides along the skin beautifully.

A good make up brush is designed to last, and this brush will withstand being washed and re used time and time again, I would recommend washing your brushes in something mild, so your face wash would be a great product as you know it wont make you prone to a breakout if you use a product that your face is familiar with.

The blusher brush retails at £9.99

There is a huge collection of brushes, make up bags & body products available from EcoTools, I will definitley be purchasing the rest of the range to replace my exsisting brushes as this has impressed me so much.

You can check out the products in your nearest Boots store or via Boots.com or online at the EcoTools Website.

Don't forget to add them on Twitter @ecotools
and check out their Facebook page HERE

Have you tried EcoTools products? If so I would love to hear your views.

CF xxx

*PR Sample, Huge thank you to Olivia :) x

Naked 97% Natural Products

I love products that are good for me & the environment, and knowing that what your using on your body is safe makes a good beauty product.

I have kindly been sent these products by Naked, and wow, what a treat!

You may have seen Naked products before, but maybe not knowing much about the brand has put you off buying them.

In their own words this really sums up what the Naked company are all about...

The the natural active extracts we add in are widely recognised as being the best at what they do eg. Cocoa Butter for moisturizing, Sunflower for sun damage protection, purest Rose oil for anti ageing.

But you may be asking why we don’t use parabens, SLS and  petrochemicals in our Naked products. After all they are in the vast majority of toiletries on most bathroom shelves, so can they really be that bad? For us, it’s all about choice - about preferring to reduce our toxic load and use as many friendly ingredients  as possible. 

Well, the remaining 3% is made up of things like the preservative system (stops the product going bad after opening ) plus things like emulsifying agents which are necessary to stop ingredients from separating ( we don’t like divorce ). However some of our products are actually 99.5% natural as they didn’t need as much help to behave.

The first product I tested was this Take Care Naked Body Wash - Orange Blossom RRP £3.99

This body wash is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, packed with neroli oils its calming and soothing and would be perfect for anyone who suffers with dry or sensitive skin.
I applied mine using a shower puff and my goodness what a lovely bubbly lather it creates.

Its so refreshing it really woke me up this morning, and the added bonus of its parfum free formula just makes me love it even more!

The second product I tried out was this Spoil Me Naked Coco De Mer Bath Foam RRP £3.99

I am in love with this stuff, smells like a coconutty yummy creamy mountain of bubbles, and made me not want to get out of my bath! Featuring Naked's signature Coco de Mer fragrance its so girly and perfect for a pamper session, teamed up with your fave glass of wine.

It left my skin silky smooth, and the fragrance lingered on my skin which I really love.
Full of natural and skin kind ingredients, whats not to love!
You can find Naked products in Boots, or check out their website HERE
Tweet: @nakedbodycare
Facebook: HERE

Have you tried any Naked products?
CF xxx
*Huge thank you to Olivia for my products*

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