Sunday, 15 April 2012

Proactiv Skincare

America's No 1 Selling Skincare Brand, is finally available in the UK!

You may have started seeing this advertised on the TV recently, endorsed by many celebrities, including Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry & Justin Beiber as the skin care of choice I thought I should give it a go.

I suffer from occasional blackheads & breakouts, my biggest problem however is oil, I couldn't make it to lunch time before I found this stuff without getting a shiny T Zone. The active ingredient in these bottles of magic is salycic acid, and my god its great!!

So the kit I received from Proactiv UK is the Oil Control System, and it consists of the following products: 

Cleanser, an exfoliating facial wash, which smells lovely and clean, and leaves your skin baby smooth. 

Toner, which really helps to close your pores after cleansing & preps your skin for the last step.

Repair Lotion, Day & Night versions, which contain tea tree, and the night cream even contains retinol so will help keep your skin nice and firm.

Also included in this kit is the refining mask, which for some reason leaves a really funny smell on your skin even after you've washed it off, but my goodness it works wonders on pores. You can also use this mask as an overnight spot treatment to banish any blemishes whilst you sleep.

I have been using my Proactiv since the 14th of March, so that's just over a month and I am so impressed I'm gutted we couldn't get easy access to this brand years ago!

Its unblocked blackheads I feel have been there forever, and my skin looks so clear and healthy I am literally shocked at how good its worked on me.

 The products are great and they clear up any current blemishes and prevent new break outs forming, it gets to work so quickly.

If you suffer from oil, occasional breakouts, moderate to severe acne, large pores or just about any imperfections with your skin, then this stuff is a must!

They even offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you use all the products and feel its made no difference you can return the bottles and get a refund, how good is that.

They have a website: http://www.proactiv.co.uk/ and they even offer payment plans where you can spread the cost over 2 months.

Personally the kits from Proactiv direct are far better value for money, with the guarantee and payment plans, but if you prefer you can pick up a 3 step kit from Boots for £39...Boots Proactive Kit

Horrified as I am to share this picture with you here is my awful skin just over a month ago...

So fast forward just 1 month and here is my skin now...

Proactiv state that skin improves in weeks, which it certainly has so I cant wait to see my results in the long run, but one thing is for sure this stuff will never leave my bathroom shelf now. I don't suffer with sensitive skin, if you do and you use these products you may experience drying, if so just use less product and you will be fine. I cant rate this stuff highly enough, honestly it's amazing! 

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Have you tried Proactiv? If not will you be buying any after seeing my results? 

CF xxx

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