Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scratch Dollface Nails

I don’t bite I SCRATCH…Scratch Dollface, is a freelance mobile nail artist specializing in one of a kind bespoke nails. 
Her Fashion background is reflected in her work is highly influenced by current catwalk trends and popular culture.
She offers a wide range of nail services from a simple manicure & nail enhancements, to more intricate work such as hand painted designs, kawaii style nails, 3D, crystals and wraps, she also creates temporary ‘nail tattoos’ whereby absolutely any image, photo, or text can be applied to the nail surface. 
Scratch Dollface also paints onto other surfaces including faces, bodies, shoes and clothing.

Here is what she had to say about her amazing skills...

When did you start doing nail art?
I’ve always done nail art for my friends. As a teenager I think I had the whole Spectacular nail polish range from Tammy Girl – they were such great colours. 
It was always a hobby of mine because I’ve always been into art – I think its something I have a natural flair for.

How did the Scratch Dollface brand come about and what made you want it as a career choice? 
I started Scratch Dollface about 18 months ago after numerous requests for nail art and face painting from friends and colleagues. 
Word spread fast and people were recommending me to their friends, so I thought it would be a great to turn my hobby into a career. 
I’m a dedicated tweeter, so I’ve gained lots of followers there. I’ve also built up a good client base in Liverpool since discovering Peaches & Cream
How does your day job as a teacher fit in with your Scratch Dollface work?
I love teaching. My students are very complimentary about my nails and they help me to keep my ear to the street. 
Because my school is a specialist arts college we are always putting on big performances, for which I design and make costumes and do the hair and stage makeup.
Nail art has become especially popular since celebrities such as Katy Perry and Jessie J have been known to sport elaborate manicures. 

How do you keep your ideas fresh and ensure that you’re one step ahead of the crowd? 
In order to keep my ideas fresh, I am constantly watching the catwalk to spot emerging trends and investing in new nail products in order to experiment. 
For me, it’s more than just applying a product and offering good customer care; I am trying to create something different for each and every customer, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration from all around me. 
I am an avid reader and collector of ‘Scratch’ magazine (which is not associated with my name). It is like a bible for the nail world.

And I'm not even going to consider apologising for the amount of pictures I have included in this blog post, trust me when i say it was hard to whittle them down to so few amongst the vast colourful selection of amazing work she has produced!

What do you think of Scratch Dollface Nails? 

I would love to know which design is your fave! 

If you need more of a fix you can check out more of her work...

Email: Scratchdollface@yahoo.co.uk

Keep up to date with her work on: http://twitpic.com/photos/ScratchDollface 

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