Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume

You either love her or hate her, but there's no avoiding her....

Miss Minaj's first fragrance launches here in the UK this Friday! 

This is a sweet, floral scent, and will look great on your dresser, she really has poured her personailty into the bottle design and all the ad's for this perfume. 

Nicki Minaj poses during an event to celebrate the launch of her new perfume at Myer Sydney City on November 29, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. 
Nicki Minaj poses during an event to celebrate the launch of her new perfume at Myer Sydney City on November 29, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
 Pink Friday Nicki Minaj za ┼żene
It's very her, bold, vibrant, bright & fun, yet girly. 

You can currently pre-order from The Perfume Shop
and the fragrance will retail at £23.50 for 50ml, £28.50 for 50ml & £38.50 for 100ml, there will also be a body lotion & hair mist to accompany the fragrance, and layering is key so be sure to invest.

So excited for you all to smell this! 

Are you a Nicki fan?

Here's to Pink Friday! 


Monday, 25 March 2013

The Holiday Edit #1

Since the mention of a sun holiday my mind has been working overtime planning outfits & products I will take with me. Evening, outfits, shoes, essential products, going over my luggage allowance....

I have picked up a few bits already and wanted to share these with you, thought it would be better to do smaller posts as I go, just to be sure I don't miss anything out.

So here is what I have so far....

1. Beach Cover Up Dress £22 River Island Such a flattering design, and made of swimsuit material, this cover up will be perfect to pop on over your costume or bikini whilst wondering around on holiday, I am going to team this with wedges for a glam poolside look.

2. Khaki Crystal Bikini River Island £30 Having bigger boobs I find bikini shopping, a nightmare! River island bikinis are sold as separates, which means even us odd shaped ladies can find a bikini to suit our shape. The top was £17 & the bottoms were £13 and for the quality you cant really complain. I love the khaki colour and against a tan it'll look really nice.

3. Strappy Wedges £17.99 Deichmann Shoes I am pretty sure you'll agree, these wedges are lush! They are so comfy, and the nude colour means they will go with everything. They do a black and gold pair too in the same style which I will be buying this week (much to my mans horror, but he doesnt get that us women can never have too many pairs of shoes) I plan on taking these with me and wearing them in the evening. Wedges are a great way of getting height without the hassle of walking in stilletoes when your on holiday.

4. Floral Dress £10 Primark I was instantly drawn to this dress in Primark, its bright and girly floral design is perfect for holiday, its a really light sheer material and has an elasticated band around the waist, which makes it really flattering, team with wedges and a large bag and a straw hat this is ultimate holiday glam!

5. Flip Flops £4 each Matalan These sweet jelly flip flops feature a girly bow, and will be perfect for day time wear. I had to buy them in 3 colours of course...well you can never have too many shoes right?!

What do you think of my holiday purchases so far?
I will update you again really soon, and the make up and body product update will be coming soon!

Are you going anywhere nice on holiday this year?


Gucci Guilty Black

I love perfume, anyone who knows me knows that & I love to smell nice. I go through fragrance at a pretty impressive rate and although I have one or two scents I will always stay loyal too I love trying out new fragrances.

Gucci Guilty* is the newest smell to join my collection. I loved the first Guilty fragrance and this is no different. I would say this is more of an evening fragrance, yet it's full of fruity goodness, with top notes of pink pepper & red fruits, it gives this fragrance a kind of oriental feel to me. Its light yet long lasting and the packaging is super cute. 

The box it's self I have to say makes the perfume look quite cheap, but don't let this put you off.

Retailing at around £40 for 30ml it is quite pricey, but it does have staying power so to me that makes it a good buy. 

Have you smelt Gucci Guilty Black yet? Or do you wear it? 

Let me know what you think :) 


Magnetic Lash Mascara & *Giveaway*


 Magnetic Lash is a newly launched 1-2-1 Lash Extension System by London based company Santhilea, this is what they have to say in their own words on this fab mascara.....

"We commit to using honest marketing because we understand that modern women are ready for a change and don't need any more clutter in their makeup kits. Our photography does not use false lash enhancement or digital alteration. Our fabulous products do what they say on the lovely tin"

Us women are always on the hunt for that perfect mascara that actually delivers results, this stuff has been heavily featured in the press & by celebs so it is always exciting to be offered the chance to review an exciting product, especially if it works. 

I would not like to spend the £24.99 RRP on this stuff if it didn't actually work, so here are my thoughts....

One big selling point for me is the fact that the lashes in the advert for Magnetic Lash are not enhanced, as you have probably noticed in every mascara advert there will somewhere be a statement in tiny print saying that the lashes are enhanced or shot with lash inserts for an even lash line.

Here is Magnetic Lash Mascara's Advert...

Magnetic lash - extension mascara

This instantly excited me & I couldn't wait to test the product.
 I am a die hard fan of falsies and wear them on every night out, without fail. I would love to fond a mascara that deliveries similar results but on my own natural lashes. 

I have reviewed several of these extension system mascaras before, but there is one difference with this one, the fibres in the extension tube... they are made of velvet fibres, so they are super soft and they are BLACK! No more trying to hide those pesky white fibres under your mascara.
Magnetic Lash also contains 'blue and violet pigment to give your lashes a gorgeous 'Black Velvet' sheen.

Magnetic Lash contains lash growth goodness Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to nourish and condition. Magnetic Lash is not oil based, so doesn’t come off on oily skin. This means it lasts longer and is suitable for even the most active women. It doesn’t stain glasses or skin, until you are ready to remove it at the end of the day.
I have so many compliments when wearing this mascara, even my other half's mum
(who is the glammest over 60 year old I have ever known by the way) said.....
'Oh Emma what have you put on your eyelashes to get them so long and thick'

This really does give a false lash look and not a falsie in sight when wearing it!

I have now ditched the false lashes for good, although I wouldn't use my Magnetic Lash day to day, as it's far to glam for work, it's perfect for special occasions and nights out.

It has been heavily featured in the glossies & is loved by celebs already, this mascara really does do it for me!

Have you tried Magnetic Lash Mascara? If so what do you think?
Buy your own Magnetic Lash Mascara right here or check it out on the Boots Website

If you would like to win your very own Magnetic Lash Mascara, leave a comment below and let me know why you would like to win this gorgeous mascara, as well as following me on Twitter & the lovely San who owns Santhilea London who makes this fab mascara.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Here's to long lashes dolls!


Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Products

Palmer's is a brand that has been around for many years, I always remember my Mum & Nan swearing by the stuff during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, it was a brand I saw a lot growing up and never gave it much thought....

Palmer's have a solution for every body hang up you may have, from gradual tan to lip balm, they have it.

I was delighted to receive some Palmers goodies to review and at this time of year when we are all a little dried out and dull from the freezing winter months, I think we should all be treatiing our bodies to a good pamper session.

I have been reviewing....
Palmers Body Scrub, Cocoa Butter, Intensive Hand Cream & Lip Balm.
The first thing I must comment on with these products, is the smell, so sweet, yet not sickly and literally good enough to eat, the hand cream is fragrance free.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub £4.99

The unique combination of pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural exfoliating ingredients that refine and polish to reveal brighter and smoother looking skin.

The ultra rich and creamy texture provided by pure cocoa and shea butters melt upon application, whilst the natural crushed cocoa beans gently slough off dry skin cells and polish your skin for a softer feel.

I am a fake tan addict and I really love using this pre tan for the ultimate smooth skin to apply your faux glow on to.

For me this is up there on my must have product list & one I will always buy.

Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter £3.77
Luxurious yet affordable, this iconic beauty classic has been a cult favourite world-wide for generations.
An everyday essential, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion bathes the skin in moisture.

I find this butter absorbs into the skin effortlessly and doesnt leave you greasy or sticky, and the smell reminds me of white chocolate, yum! A little goes a long way, and this stuff tones and evens skin tone so is a great all rounder for all skin types.

Palmers Intensive Hand Cream £2.25
Perfect for really dry, chapped hands, especially at this time of year.
My other half has really dry hands so he has been trialing this little gem for me and what a difference, he has gone from brillio pad to fab in just a couple of weeks, a huge improvement.

This hand cream is fragrance free which is a shame as I love the cocoa butter smell, but it gets the job done, this would be a real treat for working hands and i think a layer on the hands with cotton gloves overnight would leave your hands feeling like satin by the morning!

Plamers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Dark Chocolate & Peppermint £1.99
Packed full of vitamin E goodness, this stuff leaves even the dryest of lips, super smooth!
All you need to treat cracked, chapped lips, and all with the added bonus of a gorgeous dark chocolate & mint scent, which gives you a lovely minty breath.

Having previously overlooked Palmers, I am definitley glad to have had the chance to see what they have to offer, and some of these products will remain on my beauty buy list for the foreseeable future.

Are there any Palmers products you simply cant live without?

Check out the Palmers Website and see their full range of products, also add them on the


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Face B4.. Could this be a revolution for blemish prone skin?

I have always been loyal to Proactiv, and a year down the line since the day I started using it I just don't feel it's working for me anymore. I have been looking to switch up my skincare routine for some time now, so I was really pleased to be sent these products for review.

Having just launched here in the UK yesterday, exclusive to Boots for now, Face B4 promises to bring a revolution to blemish fighting skincare.

The face wash contains the highest percentage of antibacterial fighting ingredients, more than any other face wash brand currently sold here in the UK.

Face B4 is a 2 step system, and the products retail at £14.95 each, so not too pricey, especially if they work.
The face wash is a wash and toner in one, combining the first 2 essential steps to any skincare routine. To me not using a toner after cleansing does feel weird, but hey I will give it a go and let you know what happens. You pump the double nozzle on the face wash to dispense equal amounts of both products, and it forms a lovely foam, you wash your face, leave on the skin for 1 minute & rinse, it does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean without any tightness, or dryness, and it's fragrance free.

My skin has never been sensitive so I cant say how this would react on someone who is sensitive, but due to there being no scent and its antibacterial properties I cant see it being a problem.

Left tube is the face wash & the right is the toner, push the pump to dispense equal amounts of the product to forma gorgeous rich foam.

The 2nd stage of the skincare is the after cleansing serum, a light easily absorbed, fragrance free moisturiser. It leaves your skin feeling soft and is a great primer so is fine to wear under make up. What I really like about this moisturiser is the fact that it has vitamin content, A, B, B5 & E are all present you never get that in a blemish fighting moisturiser, so for me this is a big plus!

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 2011 and fortunately I haven't been plagued with most of the horrible side effects, but blemishes is one I do suffer with and it does get me down, so I am hopeful that this stuff clears my skin.

After studying the ingredients salicylic acid is the magic ingredient I think, but I will be writing a follow up post to this in 4 weeks time to let you know how it has improved or irritated my skin.

I never like to experiment with stuff on my face because the area is always visible so I am hoping that I don't break out badly in the next few days... 

If you are keen to check out the Face B4 products then head to Boots.com's Latest Finds Page
and follow them on Facebook

Here's to fresh dewy looking skin for spring (hopefully) 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MAC Archies Girls Collection

MAC's latest collection features comic book rivals Betty and Veronica. Expect girlie pink hues in girl next door Betty’s collection and deeper darker colours from raven haired Veronica. the MAC team have cleverly Incorporated the looks of both girls into each selection of cosmetics.

MAC have also released this video, sadly it doesn’t feature models wearing the make up , but it’s fun to gain some insight into the rivalry between Betty and Veronica.

If like me you are clueless to who Veronica & Betty are, here is a little background on the characters featured in this range...

Archie Comics are a large company who have been running for a long time, longer than any other company in the comic industry. The mastermind behind Sabrina The Teenage Witch & other popular characters, the latest to become global is Betty & Veronica.

Betty Items & Swatches...

Eyeshadow Quad
'Caramel Sundae' £38.50

Pigments 'Lucky In Love & Cheers My Dear'  £18 each & Eyeliner 'Lord It Up & Black Swan' £15.50 each

 Flawless Face Powder 'Flatter Me' £21.50 & Betty Blush 'Cream Soda' £19.00

Lipglass 'Stay Sweet' & 'Kiss And Don't Tell' £15.00 each

Nail Lacquer Pep Pep Pep & Comic Cute Nail Polish £11.00

I love the Betty collection, so girly and barbie-esque, and personally I like the less heavy make up tones the Betty collection has to offer. 

So onto the Veronica Items & Swatches...

Eyeshadow Quad  'Spoiled Rich' £38.50

Eyeliners & Mascara

Flawless Face Powder £21.50 & Veronica Blush £19

Lipstick 'Ronnie Red' £15.50 & Lipglass 'Strawberry Madness' Mail Malt' £15 each

Pigment 'Black Poodle' £18.00

Nail Lacquer 'Past Curfew' 'Double Trouble' £11.00 Each

Which items from the collection do you have your eye on?
Be quick these cute goodies wont be around for long.

Check out the range on the MAC website or pop into your local MAC counter to see what they have left.

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?


*Please note these product images are not everything in the collection, there are online exclusives which I have not featured & also some cosmetics that I wasnt sent to review missing*

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