Thursday, 21 March 2013

Face B4.. Could this be a revolution for blemish prone skin?

I have always been loyal to Proactiv, and a year down the line since the day I started using it I just don't feel it's working for me anymore. I have been looking to switch up my skincare routine for some time now, so I was really pleased to be sent these products for review.

Having just launched here in the UK yesterday, exclusive to Boots for now, Face B4 promises to bring a revolution to blemish fighting skincare.

The face wash contains the highest percentage of antibacterial fighting ingredients, more than any other face wash brand currently sold here in the UK.

Face B4 is a 2 step system, and the products retail at £14.95 each, so not too pricey, especially if they work.
The face wash is a wash and toner in one, combining the first 2 essential steps to any skincare routine. To me not using a toner after cleansing does feel weird, but hey I will give it a go and let you know what happens. You pump the double nozzle on the face wash to dispense equal amounts of both products, and it forms a lovely foam, you wash your face, leave on the skin for 1 minute & rinse, it does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean without any tightness, or dryness, and it's fragrance free.

My skin has never been sensitive so I cant say how this would react on someone who is sensitive, but due to there being no scent and its antibacterial properties I cant see it being a problem.

Left tube is the face wash & the right is the toner, push the pump to dispense equal amounts of the product to forma gorgeous rich foam.

The 2nd stage of the skincare is the after cleansing serum, a light easily absorbed, fragrance free moisturiser. It leaves your skin feeling soft and is a great primer so is fine to wear under make up. What I really like about this moisturiser is the fact that it has vitamin content, A, B, B5 & E are all present you never get that in a blemish fighting moisturiser, so for me this is a big plus!

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in 2011 and fortunately I haven't been plagued with most of the horrible side effects, but blemishes is one I do suffer with and it does get me down, so I am hopeful that this stuff clears my skin.

After studying the ingredients salicylic acid is the magic ingredient I think, but I will be writing a follow up post to this in 4 weeks time to let you know how it has improved or irritated my skin.

I never like to experiment with stuff on my face because the area is always visible so I am hoping that I don't break out badly in the next few days... 

If you are keen to check out the Face B4 products then head to Boots.com's Latest Finds Page
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Here's to fresh dewy looking skin for spring (hopefully) 


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  1. How did it go? Thinking of buying some myself!

    1. Hey Hunni it's going we'll so far, I will be doing an update really soon, picture wise so you can see the difference. I'd highly recommend it though, especially if you have blemish prone skin xx

    2. Hi there, when will the follow up review be posted? Would love to see before and after pics. Thank you

    3. Hey Hunni,

      review has just been posted. Enter my giveaway when it starts on Monday to be in with a chance of winning if you like the results I have had.

      Thanks :) x