Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MAC Archies Girls Collection

MAC's latest collection features comic book rivals Betty and Veronica. Expect girlie pink hues in girl next door Betty’s collection and deeper darker colours from raven haired Veronica. the MAC team have cleverly Incorporated the looks of both girls into each selection of cosmetics.

MAC have also released this video, sadly it doesn’t feature models wearing the make up , but it’s fun to gain some insight into the rivalry between Betty and Veronica.

If like me you are clueless to who Veronica & Betty are, here is a little background on the characters featured in this range...

Archie Comics are a large company who have been running for a long time, longer than any other company in the comic industry. The mastermind behind Sabrina The Teenage Witch & other popular characters, the latest to become global is Betty & Veronica.

Betty Items & Swatches...

Eyeshadow Quad
'Caramel Sundae' £38.50

Pigments 'Lucky In Love & Cheers My Dear'  £18 each & Eyeliner 'Lord It Up & Black Swan' £15.50 each

 Flawless Face Powder 'Flatter Me' £21.50 & Betty Blush 'Cream Soda' £19.00

Lipglass 'Stay Sweet' & 'Kiss And Don't Tell' £15.00 each

Nail Lacquer Pep Pep Pep & Comic Cute Nail Polish £11.00

I love the Betty collection, so girly and barbie-esque, and personally I like the less heavy make up tones the Betty collection has to offer. 

So onto the Veronica Items & Swatches...

Eyeshadow Quad  'Spoiled Rich' £38.50

Eyeliners & Mascara

Flawless Face Powder £21.50 & Veronica Blush £19

Lipstick 'Ronnie Red' £15.50 & Lipglass 'Strawberry Madness' Mail Malt' £15 each

Pigment 'Black Poodle' £18.00

Nail Lacquer 'Past Curfew' 'Double Trouble' £11.00 Each

Which items from the collection do you have your eye on?
Be quick these cute goodies wont be around for long.

Check out the range on the MAC website or pop into your local MAC counter to see what they have left.

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?


*Please note these product images are not everything in the collection, there are online exclusives which I have not featured & also some cosmetics that I wasnt sent to review missing*

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