Thursday, 29 January 2015

Clarins/Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector* is another cult product from the lovely Clarins, I have always been a huge fan of Clarins but this is a product that for me will always be a staple. 

The lip perfector is perfect for everyday wear and the shade on offer mean you can have a hint of colour and they also layer fantastically on your favourite lip colour. The lip perfectors are not at all sticky and the sweet scent is absolutely beautiful, like candyfloss. 
So what makes this different to a normal lipgloss?

Well for me the non sticky element is lovely, its very frustrating when your hair sticks to your gloss! They are also packed with pout perfecting goodness, wild mango and shea butter mean mega moisture and the vitamin a & e content keeps your delicate lip area protected from the harsh environment so these are just as good in a cold winter as they are in the summer. 
The sponge angled tip makes application so simple too, these would be great for applying on the go, or for someone just branching out into hints of colour on the lips. 
The formula adds a natural plumpness to the lip area thanks to the 3d pigments in it that work really cleverly to reflect the light.
These award wining perfectors have sold 3 million since their launch back in 2007 and users report that they are 90.8% more comfortable than lipstick knd  83.1% of users said that they are way more moisturising! I wear my lip perfector everyday, and have one in my gym back too. 
I reviewed the balm version of these as they have launched as part of the spring make up collection, if you prefer a balm then they may be more you, have a look at my review on them by clicking here

Shop the range of Lip Perfectors over at Clarins Website and at Clarins Counters nationwide, they retail at £18 each.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lush/Will You Be My Valentine?

Lush never fail to disappoint with their selections of seasonal goodies, this time around it's Valentines.
The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar being top of my list, along with the Prince Charming shower gel, but there are some beautiful things on offer. If your stuck on how to spoil your Valentine or you just want to spoil yourself these always make perfect gifts. 

 I have reviewed the 'In Your Dreams' gift set as it was the only way of getting my hands on the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, the box also included the 'Granny Takes A Dip' bath bomb which my other half kindly sampled.

 I love anything unicorn related, so I was super excited to try this out, the masses of thick creamy bubbles were amazing to soak in.The Unicorn Bubble Bar is a gorgeous mix of neroli and lavender with the cutest little stars all pressed into it and a dusting of pearly sparkle, unicorn style!

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb is a gorgeous blend of ginger, pepper and lemon, it's a real refreshing fizz and it turns truly psychedelic in the water....
The Prince Charming Shower Gel is a sweet mix of pink goodness, marshmallow, vanilla and pomegranate to be exact, and it's my new fave, second to my beloved Snow Fairy of course. I adore this shower gel and as you'd expect it lathers up beautifully.

There are loads of lovely things on offer including Love Locket which once cracked open has a smaller heart inside which leaves hearts in your bath water! The Kiss lip scrib and lip balm will ensure you have the perfect pout this Valentines Day. 

What have you got your heart set on? 
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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Kiss Look So Natural Lashes/Vamp & Sultry

I reviewed the Pretty version of these lashes back in July last year, if you missed it catch up by clicking here, these Featherlight Lashes by Kiss are a really nice idea, and look much more natural than conventional lashes that are blunt cut at the tips.
I've been sent* the Vamp and Sultry styles to review this time around, and with Valentines Day/Night just around the corner I'm thinking either would be great to give you smouldering eyes!
Lets start with the Sultry lashes, these are a great introduction to the world of falsies, and they are enough to add just a little bit glam to your eyes, perfect for a day to night look. I've popped them on with just a smidge of black shadow along my lash line as I like you guys to see the full effect and not take away from the lashes I'm reviewing when they are on.

They add a real girlie flirty length to the eye and aren't too heavy, I love the long to short effect which allows them to blend in with your own lashes seamlessly.

Lets move on to my personal fave's, the Vamp pair, now for me these are my kind of style. not to brush like and heavy looking yet they add volume and thickness while still keeping the look soft and natural, genius. You could definitely get away with these during the day time and they are just so comfortable to wear.

What I find really sets these lashes apart from your usual high street drugstore ones is the fact that they are so soft and flexible, the clear bands make them unnoticeable and the glue is absolutely brilliant.

There are 6 different styles of the Kiss Featherlight collection here in the UK, give them a go next time your on the hunt for some new lash candy.

Check out the range exclusively at Boots.com where they are currently on offer for buy one get one half price, and at just £4.49 each that's a really good deal!
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Remi Cachet/Mini Lock Extensions

I've got long locks again!

I've had so many emails and questions coming through about this damage free method of extensions I thought I'd blog them to give you all the details.

Remi Cachet is a luxury extension brand that bring many types of application to the hair extension market, if you're after tape in hair, bonds or the revolutionary Mini Locks that I have then I can assure you that this is an unbeatable quality of hair.

I've had extensions in the past, poor quality hair meant  I always lost loads and that it was a battle to style it, even washing and drying it was a nightmare!

I can honestly say this brand of hair is the best I've ever tried and I wouldn't even think of using another brand now. I have the Mini Locks in my hair, 150 of them to be precise. I cant feel that they are in my hair and they are so comfortable. So what exactly are the Mini Locks? Well they are small tubes that are applied to the hair, the mini tipped extension then gets placed underneath and the tube is clamped shut leaving it totally flat to the hair.

Gone are the days of big glue bonds causing bumps on your head, even sleeping with these in is easy, check out how small they are......

My hair is the 16" length, I always used to go for the 20" but it's safe to say I've grown out of that now, 16 is plenty of length and I'm hopeful that without the use of glue to apply them and how easy they are to look after my own hair will actually grow with these in place.
The reviews speak for themselves, and having washed and dried them for the first time today I am over the moon with this hair. 

Find your nearest Remi Cachet Specialist by visiting the Remi Cachet website you can also shop the full range of aftercare products and hair at their sister website Additional Lengths 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Helen at Abucus Hair for my new locks, I love them!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Negative Space Nails/By Kelly Shenton

These have had lots of likes and comments on Insta, I'm glad your all enjoying them as much as I am, I have been aware of the talented Kelly Shenton for a while now, you'll know her from her extensive image gallery on Instagram and also most recently for doing Danielle Lloyd's nails at ITV studio's. 

There are no limits to Kelly's talents when it comes to nail art and design, her true passion to be totally out there and like no other nail tech is what really sets her in her own league. She gets to know her clients and designs custom styles for them , she never recreates the same nail design twice so you wont ever have nails like anyone else.

If you can dream it Kelly will bring it to life, such a driven woman who's talents really know no end!

Kelly is a Plymouth based nail tech with over 20 years experience, but often travels to London and other area's to support big events, photoshoots and events such as London Fashion Week! 

If you havent already checked out her Instagram page head over and give her a follow now: kelly_shenton_nails her work really does speak for itself and this is a name you'll wanna remember.

Huge thank you to Kelly for my Negative Space Nails, I adore them! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Clarins/Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Primers are so important, I have sworn by Benefit Porefessional for years but I've grown to loathe the texture of it this past 18 months, I'm going to be trialling lots of different primers this year, starting with this one, and I have to say after a week of use and not a single breakout I am impressed!

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch* has become a real cult product from Clarins and bloggers and beauty editors rave about it, I can certainly see why.  The formula is a lovely light whipped texture and it makes your skin feel like velvet, without making your skin feel cakey. It's oil free and the pastel pink shade evens out the dullest of complexions, without any added shimmer, great for oily skinned beauties.

The little pot will certainly last you a long time as a little really does go a long way,in fact a pea sized amount is enough to cover your entire face. As with all the Clarins products the packaging screams luxury and I really do like the little spatula for scooping out the product meaning no bacteria from your fingers will get into it, what a fantastic idea.
My skin is oily and I have large pores, this seems to have helped improve my skin condition and as I mentioned no breakouts is such a big deal to me because so many products make my skin flare up within a matter of days. 

It gives a real airbrushed effect, blurring out imperfections and blemishes. It plumps the skin and fills fine lines, not to mention it sits really well around the eyes without creasing. Thanks to the Acacia Micro Pearls that absorb moisture, and the Vitamin E that protects the skin this one will be hard to beat on skin like mine as it combats all my concerns in one go. It smooths over any dry areas meaning you wont have to worry about make up 'clinging' and looking flaky. It also stops foundation slide and this stuff locks mine in place from 6am-7pm easily. Even through a hot and sweaty gym workout.

I've taken a few shots to show you how it looks applied on the skin, the left hand side shows my bare skin,  I apologise I know it's awful! The middle shot shows my skin with the Smooth Perfecting Touch applied on it's own, straight to the skin, and the right hand shot shows the Smooth Perfecting Touch applied after being mixed into my foundation and then applied with a stippling brush. 
I'm very impressed, this one will be hard to beat and If you haven't tried it yet give it a go!

This retails at £26 for 15ml but it will last ages, head over to the Clarins Website to order yours now.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Claireabella/Medium Jute Bag

I finally got my hands on my very own Claireabella Bag! 

Claireabella became a hit overnight after being papped on a celeb, and the craze started. These bags have become highly sought after and I've certainly been after one for quite sometime.

The lady behind the brand the gorgeous Claire Barrett started her business back in 2010 as a way of earning some extra cash for her family, shes become a high end brand and branched out into other areas with her cute girly designs, including suitcases and make up bags!

So what exactly is Claireabella?

Claireabella offer a range of products that can be customised with a beautifully hand designed and drawn picture of you! In addition to bearing your name your item will have luscious long lashes and the most perfect hair, you can also customise the clothes you'd like to wear, skin tone, hair, make up, eye colour. The bags are also finalised with a sprinkling of glitter and the addition of a couple of swarovski stones to add ultimate girliness to the jute bags.The bows and the little heart charm that says 'Handmade with love' are the most adorable finishing touches to a very impressive product.


The bags come in different sizes, mine is the medium jute bag, its a really good size, It fits my iPad mini and a few other essentials in quite comfortably. The handles are all soft and wouldnt hurt to carry if you had something heavier in there. The bags are made from jute material which is long lasting and pretty tough stuff. I wouldnt want to put my beautiful bag through too much though, it's way to pretty for that!

 I was torn between having the glam version or a gym version, I went for glam. The attention to detail is amazing and the quality is so impressive, I'm blown away by how nice these are in real life.
The bags are all printed on the back with the slogan 'Yes It's a Claireabella' I love this touch as it answers anyone who may be having a nosey at your bags question without even having to ask you, genius. 

You'll see on the base of my bag there's a small fabric label attached that says 'Claireabella Classics' which means it was painted in house by one of the Claireabella artists, Claire had to employ more hands to help when her business took off as she could only paint so many in one go herself. The bags hand painted by Lady Claireabella herself will be marked as a 'Claireabella Original' she only releases these every so often and she will run competitions to win an original. Of course the originals have added extras to them and they are that little bit more personalised to you.

Here are some celebs rocking their Claireabella Bags... 
I'm quite set in my ways when it comes to brands, I like original brands and I don't like imitations of the real deal, so if you are going to buy a character jute bag make sure you buy an original and best, from Claireabella. 

Shop the entire range and find out all you need to know about Claireabella by visiting the online shop, you should also follow the Facebook page and the Twitter page @claireabellaltd

I am so in love with my new bag, I cant wait to show it off.

Monday, 12 January 2015

My Beauty Wishlist/2015

I think we are all guilty of having a beauty wish list, I'm hoping it's not just me! 

I have my eye on a few products that I often hear rave reviews about, luckily for me, and much to my boyfriends happiness I don't live anywhere near a Space NK, which is where I'll be picking up my first 2 items....

Kevin Aucoin's Skin Enhancer is said to be amazing, and although it comes in at around £40 for a tiny 18g of product a little is said to go a very long way. This is meant to be a real multitasking product and I must get my hands on this soon. The colour spectrum is quite broad so I wouldn't risk buying on line. 


Nars Blush 'Deep Throat' Is my lust have shade for the summer, I adore my Orgasm one and I use it everyday! These retail at £22 and they last ages I've had mine a good 7 months and I'm only just hitting the pan.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is very luxury, with a £52 price tag it makes me wince a little and I know I'd be really annoyed if it was rubbish! Hourglass products always tend to live up to the expectation but this has been on my list for a little while now. 

Urban Decay's Naked Pallette is almost a cult product these days, there has been three released in total but I personally think I would like the original one. This was on my Christmas list and its now on my beauty wish list. I think £37 is quite pricey for the palette but it's a staple that would last you forever.

 Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade
It's taken Instagram by storm this past couple of months and at £15 I was actually quite surprised by the small price tag for what seems to be such a popular product. I do like to darken my brows for a night out so I would like to add this to my collection.
DipBrow Pomade
Too Faced Sweetheart Blush is almost too pretty to use, at £24 this is really good value for money as it'll last forever. I adore the combo of the blush highlight and contour in one palette if you use individually or swirl them all together the colours are so complimentary to each other.

I'm going to feature these wish lists more often on the blog this year, maybe as I tick items off the list I'll do an updated version.

Have you tried any of these products? 

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