Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lush/Will You Be My Valentine?

Lush never fail to disappoint with their selections of seasonal goodies, this time around it's Valentines.
The Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar being top of my list, along with the Prince Charming shower gel, but there are some beautiful things on offer. If your stuck on how to spoil your Valentine or you just want to spoil yourself these always make perfect gifts. 

 I have reviewed the 'In Your Dreams' gift set as it was the only way of getting my hands on the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, the box also included the 'Granny Takes A Dip' bath bomb which my other half kindly sampled.

 I love anything unicorn related, so I was super excited to try this out, the masses of thick creamy bubbles were amazing to soak in.The Unicorn Bubble Bar is a gorgeous mix of neroli and lavender with the cutest little stars all pressed into it and a dusting of pearly sparkle, unicorn style!

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb is a gorgeous blend of ginger, pepper and lemon, it's a real refreshing fizz and it turns truly psychedelic in the water....
The Prince Charming Shower Gel is a sweet mix of pink goodness, marshmallow, vanilla and pomegranate to be exact, and it's my new fave, second to my beloved Snow Fairy of course. I adore this shower gel and as you'd expect it lathers up beautifully.

There are loads of lovely things on offer including Love Locket which once cracked open has a smaller heart inside which leaves hearts in your bath water! The Kiss lip scrib and lip balm will ensure you have the perfect pout this Valentines Day. 

What have you got your heart set on? 
*PR Sample

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