Thursday, 15 January 2015

Claireabella/Medium Jute Bag

I finally got my hands on my very own Claireabella Bag! 

Claireabella became a hit overnight after being papped on a celeb, and the craze started. These bags have become highly sought after and I've certainly been after one for quite sometime.

The lady behind the brand the gorgeous Claire Barrett started her business back in 2010 as a way of earning some extra cash for her family, shes become a high end brand and branched out into other areas with her cute girly designs, including suitcases and make up bags!

So what exactly is Claireabella?

Claireabella offer a range of products that can be customised with a beautifully hand designed and drawn picture of you! In addition to bearing your name your item will have luscious long lashes and the most perfect hair, you can also customise the clothes you'd like to wear, skin tone, hair, make up, eye colour. The bags are also finalised with a sprinkling of glitter and the addition of a couple of swarovski stones to add ultimate girliness to the jute bags.The bows and the little heart charm that says 'Handmade with love' are the most adorable finishing touches to a very impressive product.


The bags come in different sizes, mine is the medium jute bag, its a really good size, It fits my iPad mini and a few other essentials in quite comfortably. The handles are all soft and wouldnt hurt to carry if you had something heavier in there. The bags are made from jute material which is long lasting and pretty tough stuff. I wouldnt want to put my beautiful bag through too much though, it's way to pretty for that!

 I was torn between having the glam version or a gym version, I went for glam. The attention to detail is amazing and the quality is so impressive, I'm blown away by how nice these are in real life.
The bags are all printed on the back with the slogan 'Yes It's a Claireabella' I love this touch as it answers anyone who may be having a nosey at your bags question without even having to ask you, genius. 

You'll see on the base of my bag there's a small fabric label attached that says 'Claireabella Classics' which means it was painted in house by one of the Claireabella artists, Claire had to employ more hands to help when her business took off as she could only paint so many in one go herself. The bags hand painted by Lady Claireabella herself will be marked as a 'Claireabella Original' she only releases these every so often and she will run competitions to win an original. Of course the originals have added extras to them and they are that little bit more personalised to you.

Here are some celebs rocking their Claireabella Bags... 
I'm quite set in my ways when it comes to brands, I like original brands and I don't like imitations of the real deal, so if you are going to buy a character jute bag make sure you buy an original and best, from Claireabella. 

Shop the entire range and find out all you need to know about Claireabella by visiting the online shop, you should also follow the Facebook page and the Twitter page @claireabellaltd

I am so in love with my new bag, I cant wait to show it off.

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