Sunday, 25 January 2015

Remi Cachet/Mini Lock Extensions

I've got long locks again!

I've had so many emails and questions coming through about this damage free method of extensions I thought I'd blog them to give you all the details.

Remi Cachet is a luxury extension brand that bring many types of application to the hair extension market, if you're after tape in hair, bonds or the revolutionary Mini Locks that I have then I can assure you that this is an unbeatable quality of hair.

I've had extensions in the past, poor quality hair meant  I always lost loads and that it was a battle to style it, even washing and drying it was a nightmare!

I can honestly say this brand of hair is the best I've ever tried and I wouldn't even think of using another brand now. I have the Mini Locks in my hair, 150 of them to be precise. I cant feel that they are in my hair and they are so comfortable. So what exactly are the Mini Locks? Well they are small tubes that are applied to the hair, the mini tipped extension then gets placed underneath and the tube is clamped shut leaving it totally flat to the hair.

Gone are the days of big glue bonds causing bumps on your head, even sleeping with these in is easy, check out how small they are......

My hair is the 16" length, I always used to go for the 20" but it's safe to say I've grown out of that now, 16 is plenty of length and I'm hopeful that without the use of glue to apply them and how easy they are to look after my own hair will actually grow with these in place.
The reviews speak for themselves, and having washed and dried them for the first time today I am over the moon with this hair. 

Find your nearest Remi Cachet Specialist by visiting the Remi Cachet website you can also shop the full range of aftercare products and hair at their sister website Additional Lengths 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Helen at Abucus Hair for my new locks, I love them!

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  1. Ingenious! Your hair looks great!

    1. Ah thank you lovely, I am really pleased with it! Will head over and follow your blog now, thanks for stopping by xxx