Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bye Bye Dermaroller....Hello Mycrolator!

You'll have no doubt heard about derma rolling, and most of you will associate it with celebrities thus meaning its expensive.

Well with this fab little kit from Black Et Blanc* you can now bring the derma roller into the comfort of your own home, for under £100!

The packaging is classy and simple, I really like it when products keep the packaging subtle, almost letting the product speak for itself.

The MYCROLATOR® Skin Prep method uses a small device, containing 16 tiny 0.2mm medical grade stainless steel microneedles. It comes packed in a sterile wrapper. 

When this is gently applied to the face it causes mild disruption of the dead cells on the skin leading to the creation of 'micro-pockets' or 'micro-reservoirs' of oil after the oil is applied to the skin.
This leads to significantly increased absorption of the oil serums into the skin, thus enhancing the natural beneficial effects of the oil serums.

The MYCROLATOR® Skin Prep contains certified Class 1 Medical Device medical grade stainless steel micro-projection strips. The first of its kind, it is made in the UK specifically for facial use by both men and women, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, small scarring and blemishes.

You can see from these pictures that the super fine needles pressed into the plastic handle are so easy and comfortable to use, I hate needles and was worried this treatment may feel uncomfortable or hurt, but it tingles, in a good way!

The system offers 5 different types of refined facial oil, depending on what your skin concern is, you can choose from the following oils, which are all in 3ml doses to ensure the best level of treatment and results for your skin....

Oil 1 - Mature Skin: To enhance, glow and hydrate.
Oil 2 - Dry Skin: To maintain high moisture levels.
Oil 3 - Blemished Skin: Reduces small scars and acne marks.
Oil 4 - Sensitive Skin: Soothes easily irritated skin.
Oil 5 - Antioxidant Care: General use to keep skin healthy.

I have been using the blemished skin oil, as pores, oil and the occasional spot are the things that trouble me the most.

I have been trialing this nifty bit of kit for a good month now and the results I have experienced so far I have to say I am really impressed with. I was so concerned that the refined oils included in the kit were going to clog my pores and make me feel over oily, in fact I couldn't be more wrong. The kit comes with a really clear and simple booklet on how to use your system and I can honestly it's foolproof!

They absorb beautifully into the skin, and my face feels a lot smoother and tighter, and my pores have definitely started to shrink.

You can browse the online store and purchase your very own kit by clicking right here
For all the science behind the Mycrolator then have a browse through the Mycrolator Brochure

Will you be treating your skin to this luxury skincare treat?


*this kit is £39 direct from the Black Et Blanc Website PR Sample. 

Friday, 19 July 2013


I've had my hair chemically straightened for years and always stuck to the same 'safe' style, having my hair in a side parting.

Ive only ever branched out and had a small side fringe nothing this drastic....after a horrible fringe trauma at the age of 7 I decided to take the plunge and be brave.

It's safe to say I'm a new woman this year and I'm changing everything, including my hair. 

Say hello to my new do....

I love my new hair and I have had so many nice compliments on it!

What do you think?


MAC Tropical Taboo Collection & Swatches

I used to be a total slave to MAC but in recent times day to day I don't use all their products any more.

I do like a good collection though, always promising some best sellers and usually quite quirky and one off items, and although I don't find all of this collection appealing I am very happy to share my personal loves. 

I picked up three items from the new Tropical Taboo Collection

Mineralize Blush 'Simmer' £20
This pearl effect finish blends a deep rose into a beautiful nude shimmer, and it's so buildable, loving this for my day time blush at the moment and this look was created with just one sweep of my blush brush.

Mineralize Rich Lipstick 'Lady At Play' £20
 This high intensity and mineral packed stick of goodness really is my new fave lippy, it screams summer. This is another instant tooth whitener, so your pearly whites will look fab next to this gorgeous coral hue.

Mineralize Skinfinish 'Adored' £22
A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish.
This shade is a gorgeous peachy/coral shade blended into a muted nude.
Perfectly blendable ad makes adding highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body a piece of cake!

Have you added any of the new MAC collection to your make up bag?


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Little Mistress OOTN

I went out a few weeks ago to a lovely meal the the Gary Rhodes Dome Restaurant in Plymouth. 

I think I drove my other half crazy trying to find this dress, but I am glad I tried so many on, because as soon as I saw this one I just knew I had to have it. 

I already own one dress from the Little Mistress range, but this one is stunning. 

For some reason I am drawn to dresses that cover up my boobs these days, and I am more about getting my legs out. This dress oozes elegance, and girliness yet its so smart and sophisticated it's perfect for formal wear. I plan on wearing it to a wedding reception next month. 

Dress- Little Mistress
Shoes- Schuh
Clutch Bag- Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins
Watch- D&G 
Ring- Swarovski

And the shoes.... 

These sparkly beauties were a steal in the sale, and they are styled around those worn on Strictly Come Dancing, I love the ballroom-esque feel of them, and the glitter is so subtle it really keeps them looking sophisticated and classy. 

What do you think of my dress? 


Flowers By The Sea OOTD

I travelled up to Bognor Regis at the weekend and as so many of you have been contacting me asking me about my outfit I thought I would put an OOTD post for you. 

Here is what I wore to Goodwood Festival Of Speed on Saturday, thank goodness I glammed it up for the day, as the likes of Mr Button & Mr Hamilton were around.

Frill Bust Floral Playsuit- Lipsy 
Brown Gladiator Wedges- River Island
Large Trema Ring- Swarovski
Heart Bracelet- Tiffany & Co

We popped down to Brighton on the Sunday, I have never been there before, and what a fab selection of shops there was to explore, one off boutiques that I had never heard of. 

I picked up this gorgeous dress in a little boutique in Brighton's Lanes, it's so bright and colourful and has a contrasting back panel in black which really gives you a sculpted silhouette. I love these symmetrical print dresses they really create a fantastic illusion, you all need one in your wardrobe. 

Symmetry Floral Print Dress- Bexy Lady
Brown Gladiator Wedges- River Island
Large Trema Ring- Swarovski
Heart Bracelet- Tiffany & Co
Gold Glitter Cluth-Kardashian Kollection at Dorothy Perkins

 Again I teamed it with my faithful gladiator wedges as they gave it a little more of a dressed down look as we started our night out at the hotel, but I cannot wait to glam this one up for a proper night out. 

I also got my hands on the most gorgeous French Connection dress & some of the brand new MAC Tropical Collection, stay tuned as I will be featuring these in the next few days. 

Are you all enjoying this beautiful weather? 


Monday, 8 July 2013

My Make Up Storage

   If any of you 'Keep Up' the Kardash's you'll have no doubt seen their make up storage, and like me been incredibly jealous.

I mean A Lister or not, which girly girl wouldn't like a clear, clean and tidy storage solution to keep their face in?! I am Miss OCD and have been on the hunt for a storage solution for sometime now.

My poor boyfriend has had to listen to my longing for this stuff for quite sometime now, and there was me thinking it fell on deaf ears, well I couldn't have been more wrong.

Following a recent trip to London he went off to do some shopping of his own, and came back with a rather large carrier bag from Muji, (If you haven't ever ventured into this place and you LOVE being Little Miss Neat then you need to go there, you'll be in your element) anyway back to the bag.... I couldn't believe it when I opened it up to find exactly what I had been looking for...acrylic make up storage, the boy did so good he even got me a variety of sizes, and a couple of clear pots for my brushes.

These pictures were taken on the day I got home and popped some of my make up in so you can get an idea of the size of the drawers, I love them so much it's such a good way of storing make up and they look amazing on a dressing table.
(I have since filled it and already need more)

How do you store your make up?

I would love to see some of your storage solutions, email, tweet or pop them on my facebook page, links are all to the left hand side of this post.


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