Friday, 1 July 2016

Kylie Lip Kit/Metal Matte 'Heir'

I was super excited to bag one of Kylie's Metal Matte Lipkits on the first release, shes really smashing the beauty world at the minute, and the hype for her coveted lip kits doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. 

The new Metals collection consists of three shades: 
King, Reign & Heir, all very regal in the naming, so how do they compare to the original matte releases?
They are just as pigmented, and they still dry matte, they bring a hint of shimmer to the lips though, I have been layering my Heir over Koko K and people always ask what I'm wearing on my lips.

Heir is a beautiful rose gold hue with gold shimmer running through it. 
This image shows Heir in sunlight on the left and in sunlight in the right. 

They have the same sweet vanilla cake smell and the packaging matches all the other mattes. I may say the staying power isn't quite as long as the solid mattes but it's still worth the money. 

In addition to her glosses, mattes and metals Kylie promises us she will keep the beauty range coming, I'm super excited for what shes going to do next.

Check out the release video for her glosses, I'm hooked on the tune & her crochet outfit, she's a total babe. 

Friday, 24 June 2016

Estee Lauder/Double Wear Powder Compact

I've been a loyal DW wearer for as long as I can remember, no other foundation even comes close to it, recently having switched my skincare regime up a little bit I've been feeling a little braver when it comes to bearing my skin. 

I recently invested in the Estee Lauder Double Wear compact powder to match my foundation shade of Desert Beige, I think its great they do powders to match the foundation perfectly as not all companies offer this and it means there's no danger of altering the shade on your face. 

You can use this with the little sponge enclosed in the compact to obtain a higher level of coverage, or just sweep on in circular motions using a big soft face brush, this is also great for setting your foundation once you've applied it.

It doesn't budge all day & feels really comfortable and non drying on the skin. The compact is perfect for your hand bags and those evening touch up's. The mirrored compact is so handy too.

 Shop the range of shades by clicking this link the compact retails at £33 and willl last you for months. If you are a Double Wear liquid fan simply pick the same shade.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Avon/Perfectly Matte Lipstick

I always love finding a budget alternative to my higher end brands, sometimes in life you just cant justify spending lots of cash on a beauty product, but then you also cant live without it. 

Let me introduce you to Avon's Perfectly Matte Lipstick*, claims to be more matte than MAC and at a third of the price this is news to my ears! 

This is a new launch by Avon and I've been lucky enough to road test one of the shades and I have to say I'm actually impressed. The case is lovely and soft and has a little clear window in the top of the lid, it looks like a luxury lippie and has the Avon branding round the base.

I went for the shade Posie Pink, a natural baby pink tone which would suit pretty much every skin tone. The first thing I noticed when I applied is how soft and buttery it was, it doesn't drag on the lips like my beloved Ruby Woo and although this particular shade doesn't stain the lips like my MAC ones do I have to say I actually think for a budget version it's really quite good.
I cant say how well the staying power of the bolder shades hold up but this light one lasts probably an hour on the lips, with no feathering or bleeding.

Smells sweet, almost vanilla-ish and is really comfortable to wear. 

Comes in 15 shades from neutral to bold head over to the Avon Website to shop them at an introductory price of just £5.
*PR Sample

Friday, 10 June 2016

Glitter Lips/The 'Ultimate' Lip Kits

I first saw Glitter Lips at the Clothes Show a couple of years ago, from the moment I set eyes on the little pots of glittery goodness I have been hooked ever since. 

This really is the ULTIMATE lip kit, giving an effect you could never get from a gloss or lipstick, the best part? They stay put for up to 8 hours! 

Not just for special occasion, but holidays, Christmas, parties and night out Glitter Lips will make sure you stand out from the crowd. EVERYONE will be asking what your wearing. 

The gorgeous Danielle from Glitter Lips kindly sent across some beautiful colours for me to try*, and I cant stop wearing them. 

My new go to summer shades, Hula Tallulah & Coral Reef.
Coral Reef is a softer shade which you could wear during the day time, despite its softer tones you'll still create a maximum impact. 
Hula Tallulah is a stunning vibrant pink & coral shade, is absolutely stunning and perfect for summer parties, and those glam girly holidays. This is my go to evening shade. 

Each kit is priced at £12.50, and contains everything you need to create amazing lips like you've never experienced before. 

The attention to detail and the pacakging is fantastic (you all know I adore cute packaging) even the glitter glue tube has been adorned 'I'm All Yours' adorable! 
The result you get from the lip kits really does give the impression it takes effort and a lot of time to acheive, but honestly they are fool proof and can be applied in minutes. 

I do one lip at a time, apply the glue neatly and following my lip line, (Make sure you dont touch your other lip at this stage) allow it go clear and then taking the little sponge end of the brush i pop a couple of drops of water on which allows for maximum glitter pick up for application. Simply pat the glitter onto your lip until its totally covered. Repeat for the other lip and prepare to be amazed! 
I use the soft little brush to tidy up any loose glitter, and thats it, it really is that simple.

The glitter doesn't feel bitty, it doesn't flake off, it's kiss proof, smudge proof, and as long as your not eating anything too oily it'll even hold on while you eat and drink, I can guarantee you'll never have experienced a lip product like it.  

Removal is really easy too, simply pop some oil based make up remover on a cotton pad and swipe, voila! 

We've been blessed with a good few days of sunshine recently, you may think these look great in natural light, but they literally come to life in the sunshine, you need to try this for yourself! 

Glitter Lips have truly revolutionised any other product you may have worn before. 
You need to head over to the Glitter Lips website by clicking this Link with 17 shades to choose from you'll be sure to fall in love with something, I've noticed the newest arrivals Glitter Eyes, now that I have to try! 

Head over to my Instagram this weekend for an application tutorial and to see these glitters in action. 

Which shades do you have your eye on girls? 

*Huge thank you to Danielle @ Glitter Lips for the samples.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Kylie Lip Kit/Koko K & 22

Since booking our vacay to NYC later this year I have been taking a huge interest in all things American.

You cant help but notice them, and I've joined the Jenner/Kardashian fan club, the hype for Kylie's Lipkits is literally sweeping the beauty world by storm. 

Getting hold of these kits is difficult, but not impossible, unless you pay a monthly subscription to the Kylie app then you'll have to rely on other sources for your release time and date information, for me I hunted down a lipkit update account on Instagram and made sure my post notifications were switched on.

This release was the one that struck gold for me took place on Monday the 7th of March was scheduled at 12 noon PST, or to us here in the UK 8pm, so I was poised and ready to jump onto her online store and place my order.

These things sell like hotcakes and sold out in just 12 minutes on the latest release. There are a few things you can do to ensure you get to checkout as fast as possible, auto fill, ensure your billing and shopping address match are valuable time savers! I will also be posting on my Instagram news on any future releases so you can have the chance to own one of these coveted kits.

I had my eye on the brand new shade '22' and the best seller and one of the original shades 'Koko K'
22 is a vibrant, burnt orange colour, if you like tangerine, coral shades then you'll love this one, I had my eye on this for my new found love of the shade khaki, what a combo for summer ;)

Koko K is a pale pinky nude, although I'd say on me it's almost a mauve-nude shade, I love it though, and it's nice enough to get away with everyday.

The colours and swatches you'll find online at the Kylie Cosmetics site are quite deceiving and I'd say they all look a little brighter online than they actually are, so something to bear in mind if you are buying them. I've taken pictures in natural daylight and with a flash so you can see the difference.
If you've ever ordered from the US you'll know the wait is agonising, especially when your waiting on the hottest lip product to arrive, it felt like a year, and then they arrived....
The detail that's gone into the packaging and the little note you get in the box is just gorgeous, Kylie has put a lot into designing her coveted and debut product, and people are going crazy for the lip kits. 

The smell of the lipkits, delicious!
 I love sweet smells, and these are total vanilla cupcake mix, yummy. You'll smell it a little when you apply it, and it does linger a little, but it soon dries and goes away.

The lip liners are super smooth, and so pigmented, I'd say the colour pay off is even better than a higher end brand, the pencils look like they twist up, but they are regular pencils that can be sharpened with your make up sharpener.
I apply my liner first, then my liquid lipstick, personally I've found any more than one layer and you'll get flaking and rub off, one coat is all you need to achieve perfect Kylie-esque lips.

The liquid lipstick means application is foolproof, and this stuff doesn't budge, it seems to just melt off the lips, without drying of leaving flakes it bits behind on your mouth, something I've definitely experienced with some other brands of matte lipstick. 

She's got this formula so right! 

The swatches on my hand in the pictures below are taken in natural daylight on the top image and the bottom image have been taken with a flash.

Koko K


Each kit retails at $29 which equates to around £19, for a lip liner and a liquid lipstick that's amazing value for money, shipping works out to around £10 and customs may catch you out which could add another £12 on to your final cost, but even so to own one of these It's safe to say a beauty crazed chick would give her right arm LOL.

Kylie has promised great things for her beauty line this year, I'll be sure to hunt down the products for review as soon as I can, shes just launched a gloss range but they don't appeal to me, glosses have been done by so many celebs, her matte lip kit's really have brought something that has real staying power to the beauty market.

She's just launched her eighth shade to her matte lipstick collection, save her website to your fave's your going to be hooked....Kylie Cosmetics

Which shades have you got your eye on?

Monday, 4 April 2016

Sugar Hut/What I Wore

Heading to Sugar Hut really meant turning up the glam on Friday night, guest list entry and an ITV launch party meant I had to ensure I got it right, no room for a fashion faux pax in Brentwood of all places! 

Oh Polly to the rescue, for dressing me in this gorgeous 'See It Through' jumpsuit, something totally different, yet super comfy and despite being mostly covered up I felt really glam and sexy in it, it was nice to wear something other than a dress out too. 

The material is lovely and thick yet it doesn't make you hot and sweaty, perfect for a night out, the lace panel detail to the front, back and arms is so flattering, and thankfully the zip is really good quality so you have no danger of any wardrobe malfunctions. The carefully designed jumpsuit has flattering panels which give a great illusion and it really does just make you feel a million dollars! 

A beautiful navy blue shade, which is a nicer change from black, and I teamed mine with my trusty silver heels and handbag from an outfit I featured just after Christmas...
This is a very figure hugging jumpsuit so if your at all conscious of your lumps and bumps then this wont be an outfit for you. 

Oh Polly have many other flattering styles whatever the occasion, I featured their 'Knot A Chance' dress back December, which is a real fave of mine.....
Huge thanks to Oh Polly for another beautiful outfit, head over to their website to shop now. 

Jumpsuit: Oh Polly 
Heels: New Look
Primark: See In Store


Basic In Brentwood/What I Wore

Huge thank you to all of you for your likes, comments and questions on my snapchat, insta, and facebook over the weekend, my trip to Brentwood was incredible! 

So many of you have asked me for outfit details.so I've popped a couple of posts together for you. 

Thursday night we headed into the town for dinner and drinks, we had a nosey round all of the TOWIE haunts and decided to pop into the Dairyman for dinner and a drink. As I'd never been to Essex before I wasn't sure on what to wear so I  played it a little safe on the first night. 

These jeans always get so many compliments and they are honestly the comfiest jeans I've ever owned, no sagging or baginess and they wash so well, they can be dressed up or down, and once you try them you'll need them in every colour available. They are a little stretchy and the torn detail really give them an edgy look, they are fab tucked into long boots or as I've worn them here with some strappy heels. 

These are the extra short length leg (28 inches to be precise, i definitely wasn't blessed with height)

Shop my look:
Jeans: River Island
Peplum Blazer(similar): Missguided
Basic Vest: River Island
Heels(similar) : Ebay 

Team with a little shoulder bag to finish the look!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hello Hair/Hydrating Mask

Hello Hair Hydrating Mask is my new hair must have, I'm lucky enough to have an amazing sister in law in Oz who has sent this across for me to try out. 

Bloggers have raved about this mask for ages, and I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. These retail for around $18 AUD which to us here in the UK is less than £10, and you'll get many treatments from the pack, especially if like me you only use it on the ends of your hair. 

The formula is similar to the Ojon mask that I've used before, a solid formula that you warm to an oil like consistency in your hands. I use around a ten pence piece amount in my hands and smooth it through the ends of my dry hair before washing it. Adding a towel willkeep the hair warm and add even more softening benefits to the treatment. 

Simply wash it out after 10-15 mins, leave it longer if your hair is in serious need of hydration and you'll reveal silky smooth hair. 

I'm seriosuly impressed with this stuff i'll definitley be purchasing more. 

Head over to the Hello Hair Website to shop the entire range of hydrating hair goodness: shop

Monday, 8 February 2016

What I Wore/Moda Minx White Crystal Dress

I've had so many of you contact me wanting to know the details of this weekends outfit. 

My dress was super comfortable and perfect with the sleeves with the cold weather! 
Made from a lovely thick almost scuba material embellished with silver crystal studs this beautiful dress is perfect for nights out and special occasions. The back is plain white but the material being thick means it covers really well. Moda Minx also offer this dress in black and red, beware of cheaper versions online you really do get what you pay for and this one is such a beautiful quality. Moda Minx is the place to shop for all your special occasion outfits, they even do beachwear! I know where I'll be heading for my Marbella outfits that's for sure! 

You can really keep accessories to a bare minimum as the dress really does the talking for you. 

You could go with white or silver bag and shoes, I went with silver I find it impossible to find white heels that don't look tacky! 

I opted for a really simple strappy heel and a matching faux crocodile skin clutch bag. 
Shop my look by clicking the links below: 

Dress: Moda Minx
Heels: New Look
Clutch Bag: Primark (see in store)


Jimmy Choo/ILLICIT

Introducing ILLICIT, the newest Jimmy Choo fragrance to be added to the portfolio. 

This modern, floral scent awakens the senses, calling out to every woman who dares to live life to the full. This is an entirely unique fragrance experience; punchy, provocative and feminine with its blend of addictive notes including ginger, rose, jasmine, and sandalwood. 

Created for the woman who likes to take centre stage and set pulses racing, this alluring aroma teases, tantalises and delights all the senses.

The bottle is beautiful, and layered with the body lotion the fragrance really lasts all day. 

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg