Monday, 8 February 2016

What I Wore/Moda Minx White Crystal Dress

I've had so many of you contact me wanting to know the details of this weekends outfit. 

My dress was super comfortable and perfect with the sleeves with the cold weather! 
Made from a lovely thick almost scuba material embellished with silver crystal studs this beautiful dress is perfect for nights out and special occasions. The back is plain white but the material being thick means it covers really well. Moda Minx also offer this dress in black and red, beware of cheaper versions online you really do get what you pay for and this one is such a beautiful quality. Moda Minx is the place to shop for all your special occasion outfits, they even do beachwear! I know where I'll be heading for my Marbella outfits that's for sure! 

You can really keep accessories to a bare minimum as the dress really does the talking for you. 

You could go with white or silver bag and shoes, I went with silver I find it impossible to find white heels that don't look tacky! 

I opted for a really simple strappy heel and a matching faux crocodile skin clutch bag. 
Shop my look by clicking the links below: 

Dress: Moda Minx
Heels: New Look
Clutch Bag: Primark (see in store)


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