Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pretty Pastels/Ted Baker Jeneyy Dress

I finally took the plunge, I treated my wardrobe self to the BEAUTIFUL Ted Baker Jeneyy Dress I've been eyeing up for sometime now. 
It's part of TB's current season of perfectly pastel and neon prints, and I was surprised to find it reduced as part of a spring promotion, meaning it had over £40 off (my boyfriend is still gob smacked at the fact it cost £97, but you cannot put a price on the happiness you get from a new dress right girls?!) 

So here she is I am so proud of her, Jenneyy is the newest addition to my wardrobe, and my very first TB garment, I own several bags and purses but this is my first (and definitely not my last) dress.
The tucked pleats round the waist really nip you in and with the super smooth stretch fabric gives you a gorgeous silhouette.
I'll be teaming mine with a statement necklace, my TB clutch and a gorgeous bracelet. 

Are you a fan of Ted Baker? Do you own any bags or items clothing? 
You can still buy this dress on the (clickable links) Ted Baker Website it retails at £139. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Clarins/Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Love fake tan? Hate the breakouts it causes when you apply it to your face? 
Clarins may just have the answer to your problems..... 

 Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster 
'Made To Measure Self Tan'

An amazing product designed to put you in control whilst working with your existing skin care regime to give you a healthy natural looking glow.
This product really is a revelation in my eyes, sun kissed in just one drop, Stylist Magazine have dubbed it one of  2014's cult beauty products. 

I've been lucky enough to review this little beauty over the past week and I have to say I am impressed,  the effect is very natural, it's so clever in the way it reacts with the amino acids in your skin to give you your very own made to measure tan, without the stickiness or feeling heavy on your face, I tend to apply my faux glow on a Thursday night so last week I added 3 drops to my night serum (yes it even mixes with serum) and waking up to a healthy glow. It has a very slight apricot scent, but it's not overpowering at all.

Left shows my skin without Clarins, and the right hand side is after 3 days use of x3 drops. 
I am always wary of tanning products looking orange on my skin, especially on the face, my desired dosage is 3 drops, however if your really fair one will probably give you a glow that oozes good health when you wake from a good nights beauty sleep.

The formula is a 99.8% natural formula, containing aloe vera extract means it soothes and moisturises whilst working on giving you a tailor made glow.

This goes on sale on the 30th of March at Clarins counters & on their website, it retails at £18 per bottle, sun kissed or sun drenched, the only question it's left me asking is why didn't anyone come up with this idea sooner?! 
*PR Sample

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Jewel Shack/Rainbow Dash

Say hello to "Rainbow Dash"
I'm pretty sure you'll be wowed by the beautiful colours in this necklace, I love a statement piece and this is just stunning!

The Jewel Shack is unique jewellery company with pieces sourced from all over the world by the beautiful and very talented Laura @ The Jewel Shack

You'll see her creations adorning the d├ęcolletages of celebs, such as Sam Faiers, Jessica Wright, Gemma Collins, Louisa Lyton, Ferene McCann & Billie Faiers, and they sure are eye catching, I've been wearing my Rainbow Dash over the last few days and the amount of people asking about it is unreal!

I usually find statement necklaces really hard to find because I HATE gold jewellery, it doesn't suit me at all and most statement pieces are always of a gold nature, well not these, I've finally found my match here and I cant wait to add more to my collection.

The bright yet girly designs are a perfect mix of pretty yet bold, a real statement, and the same goes for the other pieces on offer.

The Jewel Shack has something to suit everyone's budget, yet they oooze quality and style, so there's no sacrifice on the style or quality regardless of the price.

Pieces start from as Little as £10 and go up to a maximum of £38, I'm sure you'll agree these are high street prices for real quality neck candy, here's a little taster of what else is on offer.....

Do you own any of these pieces, or will you be treating yourself to any of them?
Keep an eye out for more of these stunning candy treats coming up on the blog.

Get your own sweet fix (all links are clickable) by tweeting @TheJewelShack make sure you add them on Facebook by clicking here: The Jewel Shack and follow on Instagram @thejewelshack

Monday, 17 March 2014

MAC/Royal Sunset Blusher

You'll be hard pushed to get your hands on this now but I had to let you all know about it so you know it's a must have if you happen to come across it. 
I picked this up in the Cosmetics Company Store in the Swindon Mac Aurther Glen Outlet Village for just £9! 

MAC Royal Sunset is a satin finish powder blush, and the colour is a gorgeous almost neon, nude, pinky, peachy colour, looks great on paler skin tones, but looks luminescent on tanned complexions. 
It has a real matte finish but doesn't dull the cheeks on application at all, it has a very strong yellow undertone, but will highlight and brighten even the dullest of complexions. 

It was launched as part of MAC's All About Orange Collection last year and was one of the best sellers, if you get a chance to try it or own it then you'll see why!  
This is my current go to blush if I am having an indecisive cheek colour day, colour and highlighter in one, brilliant.  I would say the wear time is around 6/7 hours on my combinations kin, but if your oily and you prep with a primer it should hold up just as long on you. 

Are you one of the lucky gals who own this? 

Clarins/Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

Clarin's Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm is your secret weapon against dry, chapped lips, or if you just like to treat your pout to some extra moisture then this ones for you. 

The Moisture Replenishing balm by Clarins is pricey at £19 for a 15ml tube, but as the old saying goes you pay for what you get it makes it worth the money, it's an investment, although I'm pretty sure if you are a dry skin sufferer it may not stretch to far being used on a daily basis. 

The formula consists of rosewax and soothing shea butter, it has a slight scent to it, but it's not over powering or artificial at all, and it leaves the lips with a lovely natural pink hue, the angled applicator tip means application on the go is simple. 
It melts into the lips and is non sticky, it doesn't feel greasy or like its not being absorbed, with a few days use I'm sure you'll see some improvement, I'm very fortunate not to suffer with dry or cracked lips but the difference on mine just from using the balm is amazing, my lips feel silky smooth and my lipstick glides on effortlessly. 

I know lots of celebs swear by this stuff, and really the only negative I can see is the price. 

Have you tried this lovely balm?
Pick yours up at Clarins Online Store or at your local Clarins Beauty Counter.

MAC/Elegant Accent Mineralise Rich Lipstick

I'm a sucker for MAC and this is my most recent purchase, a beautiful deep pinky rose hue. It's a blue under toned pink so will suit most skin types, and I would have to say I think the Mineralize lippies by MAC are the ones that stay put for longest on me, with a wear time of a good couple of hours. And they feel really nice on the lips too. 

The Mineralize range of lipsticks are different to the regular MAC's because of the 77 Mineral Moist formula, which is non drying, and the larger design bullet allows for perfect application straight from the stick. The magnetic lids also mean the top won't come off in your handbag! 

I had never purchased one of these until last year when I bought the gorgeous 'Lady At Play' and it's been a while since adding another, plus I'm visiting the MAC Brighton boutique again soon so I might have to treat myself, I mean my Muji to some more yummy shades! 

These retail at £20 each and are available on MAC.com right now!


Aussie/*New* 3 Minute Miracle Light

I do loved Aussie Hair products, although I don't tend to use the shampoo due to the silicone in it. 

I was really curious when I heard Aussie were launching two new mousse products to the range, I originally thought these would be dry hair products, you know one you'd apply after washing and drying hair, however you actually apply this after shampooing and then rinse it out after 3 minutes. 

It's a light formula and the smell is most sweet, like candy, a perfect in shower formula. This is great product if the normal 3 Minute Miracle is heavy on your hair. 

I always rinse mine out with cold water as it helps the cuticle to lay flat and gives you much shiner smoother hair. This will definitely be a staple in my hair routine. 

They retail for around £5 each and come in a two formula's 'Awesome Volume'- perfect for finer limper hair, and the 'Mega Deep Treatment Mousse' is perfect for daily use and doesn't weight hair down. 

Have you tried these hair mousses? 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Real Techniques/Duo Fiber Collection

All the brushes in the range usually have colour coded handles defining which area of the face they can be used on, despite the handles being white on this range the writing on them is still colour coded to correspond with the area it's intended for, you'll see all the detail in the pictures. 
These brushes don't come with a carry case or a brush roll like some of the others in the range but the quality and performance of them more than makes up for that. 

Say hello to my newest additions, 
The Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush Set. 

When I first took these out the package I was a little taken aback by the less thick and fluffy appeared of them in comparison to my other RT brushes. 

Having said that they are super soft cruelty free brushes, and the white handles set them apart from the other brushes in the collection. 

These are a limited edition set priced at £23.99 from most retailers, Boots, Cocktail Cosmetics etc. 

The set consists of three brushes, if your the kind of gal who likes the more natural look with your make up then these brushes have your name on them! 

Starting with the largest of the three brushes, the Face Brush is thick and flat and is your new best friend when it comes to bringing your face and cheek make up together in a seamless fashion, prevents over application of powder and would be my go to brush for day to day wear. 

The middle sized brush is the Contour Brush this one is also thicker with a flat edge making blush & bronzes application foolproof, if you struggle with applying colour to your cheeks then this would be a really useful tool for you. Personally I've been enjoying this one with my liquid foundation and I have to say it really ensures it glides on flawlessly. 

The final brush in the collection is the Eye Brush, this one won't give you much colour pay off for application of your fave shadows, I've actually found it works really well applying setting powder over a concealer as it doesn't drag the skin and is really gentle on the eye area. Having said that if you like your shadows barely there then this is the brush, or use it to smoke out your fave combo once you've applied it. 

Will you be investing in these brushes? 

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