Monday, 17 March 2014

MAC/Royal Sunset Blusher

You'll be hard pushed to get your hands on this now but I had to let you all know about it so you know it's a must have if you happen to come across it. 
I picked this up in the Cosmetics Company Store in the Swindon Mac Aurther Glen Outlet Village for just £9! 

MAC Royal Sunset is a satin finish powder blush, and the colour is a gorgeous almost neon, nude, pinky, peachy colour, looks great on paler skin tones, but looks luminescent on tanned complexions. 
It has a real matte finish but doesn't dull the cheeks on application at all, it has a very strong yellow undertone, but will highlight and brighten even the dullest of complexions. 

It was launched as part of MAC's All About Orange Collection last year and was one of the best sellers, if you get a chance to try it or own it then you'll see why!  
This is my current go to blush if I am having an indecisive cheek colour day, colour and highlighter in one, brilliant.  I would say the wear time is around 6/7 hours on my combinations kin, but if your oily and you prep with a primer it should hold up just as long on you. 

Are you one of the lucky gals who own this? 

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