Saturday, 1 March 2014

Real Techniques/Duo Fiber Collection

All the brushes in the range usually have colour coded handles defining which area of the face they can be used on, despite the handles being white on this range the writing on them is still colour coded to correspond with the area it's intended for, you'll see all the detail in the pictures. 
These brushes don't come with a carry case or a brush roll like some of the others in the range but the quality and performance of them more than makes up for that. 

Say hello to my newest additions, 
The Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush Set. 

When I first took these out the package I was a little taken aback by the less thick and fluffy appeared of them in comparison to my other RT brushes. 

Having said that they are super soft cruelty free brushes, and the white handles set them apart from the other brushes in the collection. 

These are a limited edition set priced at £23.99 from most retailers, Boots, Cocktail Cosmetics etc. 

The set consists of three brushes, if your the kind of gal who likes the more natural look with your make up then these brushes have your name on them! 

Starting with the largest of the three brushes, the Face Brush is thick and flat and is your new best friend when it comes to bringing your face and cheek make up together in a seamless fashion, prevents over application of powder and would be my go to brush for day to day wear. 

The middle sized brush is the Contour Brush this one is also thicker with a flat edge making blush & bronzes application foolproof, if you struggle with applying colour to your cheeks then this would be a really useful tool for you. Personally I've been enjoying this one with my liquid foundation and I have to say it really ensures it glides on flawlessly. 

The final brush in the collection is the Eye Brush, this one won't give you much colour pay off for application of your fave shadows, I've actually found it works really well applying setting powder over a concealer as it doesn't drag the skin and is really gentle on the eye area. Having said that if you like your shadows barely there then this is the brush, or use it to smoke out your fave combo once you've applied it. 

Will you be investing in these brushes? 

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