Friday, 10 June 2016

Glitter Lips/The 'Ultimate' Lip Kits

I first saw Glitter Lips at the Clothes Show a couple of years ago, from the moment I set eyes on the little pots of glittery goodness I have been hooked ever since. 

This really is the ULTIMATE lip kit, giving an effect you could never get from a gloss or lipstick, the best part? They stay put for up to 8 hours! 

Not just for special occasion, but holidays, Christmas, parties and night out Glitter Lips will make sure you stand out from the crowd. EVERYONE will be asking what your wearing. 

The gorgeous Danielle from Glitter Lips kindly sent across some beautiful colours for me to try*, and I cant stop wearing them. 

My new go to summer shades, Hula Tallulah & Coral Reef.
Coral Reef is a softer shade which you could wear during the day time, despite its softer tones you'll still create a maximum impact. 
Hula Tallulah is a stunning vibrant pink & coral shade, is absolutely stunning and perfect for summer parties, and those glam girly holidays. This is my go to evening shade. 

Each kit is priced at £12.50, and contains everything you need to create amazing lips like you've never experienced before. 

The attention to detail and the pacakging is fantastic (you all know I adore cute packaging) even the glitter glue tube has been adorned 'I'm All Yours' adorable! 
The result you get from the lip kits really does give the impression it takes effort and a lot of time to acheive, but honestly they are fool proof and can be applied in minutes. 

I do one lip at a time, apply the glue neatly and following my lip line, (Make sure you dont touch your other lip at this stage) allow it go clear and then taking the little sponge end of the brush i pop a couple of drops of water on which allows for maximum glitter pick up for application. Simply pat the glitter onto your lip until its totally covered. Repeat for the other lip and prepare to be amazed! 
I use the soft little brush to tidy up any loose glitter, and thats it, it really is that simple.

The glitter doesn't feel bitty, it doesn't flake off, it's kiss proof, smudge proof, and as long as your not eating anything too oily it'll even hold on while you eat and drink, I can guarantee you'll never have experienced a lip product like it.  

Removal is really easy too, simply pop some oil based make up remover on a cotton pad and swipe, voila! 

We've been blessed with a good few days of sunshine recently, you may think these look great in natural light, but they literally come to life in the sunshine, you need to try this for yourself! 

Glitter Lips have truly revolutionised any other product you may have worn before. 
You need to head over to the Glitter Lips website by clicking this Link with 17 shades to choose from you'll be sure to fall in love with something, I've noticed the newest arrivals Glitter Eyes, now that I have to try! 

Head over to my Instagram this weekend for an application tutorial and to see these glitters in action. 

Which shades do you have your eye on girls? 

*Huge thank you to Danielle @ Glitter Lips for the samples.

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