Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bye Bye Dermaroller....Hello Mycrolator!

You'll have no doubt heard about derma rolling, and most of you will associate it with celebrities thus meaning its expensive.

Well with this fab little kit from Black Et Blanc* you can now bring the derma roller into the comfort of your own home, for under £100!

The packaging is classy and simple, I really like it when products keep the packaging subtle, almost letting the product speak for itself.

The MYCROLATOR® Skin Prep method uses a small device, containing 16 tiny 0.2mm medical grade stainless steel microneedles. It comes packed in a sterile wrapper. 

When this is gently applied to the face it causes mild disruption of the dead cells on the skin leading to the creation of 'micro-pockets' or 'micro-reservoirs' of oil after the oil is applied to the skin.
This leads to significantly increased absorption of the oil serums into the skin, thus enhancing the natural beneficial effects of the oil serums.

The MYCROLATOR® Skin Prep contains certified Class 1 Medical Device medical grade stainless steel micro-projection strips. The first of its kind, it is made in the UK specifically for facial use by both men and women, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, small scarring and blemishes.

You can see from these pictures that the super fine needles pressed into the plastic handle are so easy and comfortable to use, I hate needles and was worried this treatment may feel uncomfortable or hurt, but it tingles, in a good way!

The system offers 5 different types of refined facial oil, depending on what your skin concern is, you can choose from the following oils, which are all in 3ml doses to ensure the best level of treatment and results for your skin....

Oil 1 - Mature Skin: To enhance, glow and hydrate.
Oil 2 - Dry Skin: To maintain high moisture levels.
Oil 3 - Blemished Skin: Reduces small scars and acne marks.
Oil 4 - Sensitive Skin: Soothes easily irritated skin.
Oil 5 - Antioxidant Care: General use to keep skin healthy.

I have been using the blemished skin oil, as pores, oil and the occasional spot are the things that trouble me the most.

I have been trialing this nifty bit of kit for a good month now and the results I have experienced so far I have to say I am really impressed with. I was so concerned that the refined oils included in the kit were going to clog my pores and make me feel over oily, in fact I couldn't be more wrong. The kit comes with a really clear and simple booklet on how to use your system and I can honestly it's foolproof!

They absorb beautifully into the skin, and my face feels a lot smoother and tighter, and my pores have definitely started to shrink.

You can browse the online store and purchase your very own kit by clicking right here
For all the science behind the Mycrolator then have a browse through the Mycrolator Brochure

Will you be treating your skin to this luxury skincare treat?


*this kit is £39 direct from the Black Et Blanc Website PR Sample. 

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