Monday, 25 March 2013

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Products

Palmer's is a brand that has been around for many years, I always remember my Mum & Nan swearing by the stuff during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, it was a brand I saw a lot growing up and never gave it much thought....

Palmer's have a solution for every body hang up you may have, from gradual tan to lip balm, they have it.

I was delighted to receive some Palmers goodies to review and at this time of year when we are all a little dried out and dull from the freezing winter months, I think we should all be treatiing our bodies to a good pamper session.

I have been reviewing....
Palmers Body Scrub, Cocoa Butter, Intensive Hand Cream & Lip Balm.
The first thing I must comment on with these products, is the smell, so sweet, yet not sickly and literally good enough to eat, the hand cream is fragrance free.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub £4.99

The unique combination of pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural exfoliating ingredients that refine and polish to reveal brighter and smoother looking skin.

The ultra rich and creamy texture provided by pure cocoa and shea butters melt upon application, whilst the natural crushed cocoa beans gently slough off dry skin cells and polish your skin for a softer feel.

I am a fake tan addict and I really love using this pre tan for the ultimate smooth skin to apply your faux glow on to.

For me this is up there on my must have product list & one I will always buy.

Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter £3.77
Luxurious yet affordable, this iconic beauty classic has been a cult favourite world-wide for generations.
An everyday essential, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion bathes the skin in moisture.

I find this butter absorbs into the skin effortlessly and doesnt leave you greasy or sticky, and the smell reminds me of white chocolate, yum! A little goes a long way, and this stuff tones and evens skin tone so is a great all rounder for all skin types.

Palmers Intensive Hand Cream £2.25
Perfect for really dry, chapped hands, especially at this time of year.
My other half has really dry hands so he has been trialing this little gem for me and what a difference, he has gone from brillio pad to fab in just a couple of weeks, a huge improvement.

This hand cream is fragrance free which is a shame as I love the cocoa butter smell, but it gets the job done, this would be a real treat for working hands and i think a layer on the hands with cotton gloves overnight would leave your hands feeling like satin by the morning!

Plamers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Dark Chocolate & Peppermint £1.99
Packed full of vitamin E goodness, this stuff leaves even the dryest of lips, super smooth!
All you need to treat cracked, chapped lips, and all with the added bonus of a gorgeous dark chocolate & mint scent, which gives you a lovely minty breath.

Having previously overlooked Palmers, I am definitley glad to have had the chance to see what they have to offer, and some of these products will remain on my beauty buy list for the foreseeable future.

Are there any Palmers products you simply cant live without?

Check out the Palmers Website and see their full range of products, also add them on the


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