Monday, 30 April 2012

Fish For Girls Hair Products

Fish For Girls, is a UK based brand specialising in hair care for both men and women, with a product range from £2.99-£4.99 you really can acheive salon results with a high street price tag.

I was kindly sent these products to test and I am in love! 

Fish For Girls Hair Products, are wrapped in the most attractively coloured bottles and cans, you'll definitely want to display these on your dressing table. A real mix of salon chic & designer cool.

As you'll know I recently had my extensions put in and serum to keep the ends in tip top condition is a must, so I was excited to test this...

SleekFish High Gloss Serum £4.99

If you’re prone to dry, damaged hair or split ends, don’t despair – become a shining example to others with SleekFish High Gloss Serum. It nourishes dry hair to give you gorgeously smooth, glossy locks.



Normally serum can leave hair looking lank & greasy but this stuff melts into the hair with ease and smells like a tropical cocktail, its delicious!

It really sealed moisture into my hair and left it looking really glossy and healthy, the bottle will last you ages too as a little goes a long way. What an amazing product!

The other product I received was the

FreshFish Revitalising Dry Shampoo £3.49

Should have washed your hair but short on time? Don’t worry, no-one’s perfect, but your hair can be. FreshFish Dry Shampoo quickly adds bounce, shine and life to hair that was previously a bit of a damp squid.


The thing I love most about this dry shampoo is the smell, I have used most of the other dry shampoos on the market and none of them leave your hair smelling as fresh as this one does for so long, I love it. Again has a really tropical scent, and as a huge fan of coconut it's perfect for me :)

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Huge thank you to Olivia for my products xx

Have you ever used Fish Hair Products?

CF xxx

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