Friday, 13 April 2012

Keratin Straightening Kit

I have always hated my naturally frizzy, thick and curly hair.

For years I have had expensive treatments to keep my curls at bay, so when I was asked to review this home straightening kit by Keratin Kits I was keen to see what it could do for my hair! 

This treatment is actually good for your hair, packed full of Keratin and no nasty chemicals its a real deep treat for even the most damaged locks.

Here is the kit, this retails at £27.99 and contains everything you need to do 2 applications of short-medium length hair and one treatment of long hair. You get sectioning clips, a comb, gloves, an application brush and the pot of treatment & the clarifying shampoo, my only tip would be to get yourself some different gloves as the ones included are a little to big if you have small lady like hands! 

Start by washing your hair twice with the clarifying shampoo it really cleans your hair leaving it free of any build up so it takes the keratin treatment well.

Next dry your hair, don't worry if you can't blow dry your hair dead straight just use a nozzle attachment if you have one, then section your hair

You may want to get a friend to help you with the application process, especially with the back.

Start by sectioning your hair, I put mine into 4 sections parting just above my ears and down my centre parting.

Pop the gloves on and carefully open the keratin treatment, taking small sections of your hair like so....

Dip the application brush into the treatment and apply close to the root, not touching your scalp, apply from root to tip, and comb through.

Repeat all over your head, until all your hair is covered.

Taking your hair dryer dry the Keratin treatment into your locks, this may take sometime, as the Keratin will make your damp/wet.

Once your hair is completely dry you now need to seal in the treatment using a good pair of straighteners, I'm using my trusty GHD's.

Again you need to take small section of your hair and smooth over each section SEVEN times to seal in the treatment.

Here are my before and after shots....

pre treatment

after 72 hours, not washed

I am sure you'll agree my locks are super shiney, and look sooooo  healthy I love the finished result!

The final stage is so important to ensure the straightness of your hair remains...you must not wash, tie back, clip back or put your hair behind your ears for 72 hours following the treatment, if you do get your hair wet or it becomes kinked from sleeping on it then simply blast over it with a hair dryer and straighten it.

Also I gave my hair one final straighten before washing it after the 72 hours...and here is my result after the 1st wash....

I would like to add that the treatment has cut my drying time down for 30/40 mins to just 10, and I only have to run over the ends of my hair with straighteners. It literally is now wash and go hair, amazing! I also love the fact that it's stayed so glossy.

In comparison to my usual bill of £100+ in the salon, I am going to buy this in future at just £30 and enough for 2 treatments it's so worth the money. 

Each treatment will last up to 3 months with the right aftercare, and thats simply to use hair products without sulpate (salt) in them! 

Keratin Kits are expanding their range very soon, including a range of aftercare products, salt free shampoo, conditioner & serum which will help keep your newly straightened hair in perfect condition!

You can buy your very own kit from the website direct at:
or via Amazon at: HERE

 Have you ever tried home straightening? What do you think of my result?

I'd like to thank Laura at Keratin Kits for my sample, I love your product! x

CF xxx

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