Saturday, 14 January 2012

Soap & Glory Cosmetics

Avid Soap & Glory fans will know their products never disappoint, but if your new to Soap & Glory i would highly recommend you try out these little beauties!

I've been dying to get my hands on these particular items for some time now, the waiting however was definitely worth it!

Boots kindly fixed me up with:

Show Good Face Foundation & Primer RRP £11.00

Love At First Blush RRP £11.00

Kick Ass Concealer RRP £10.00

Thick & Fast Mascara RRP £11.00

I love all things S&G so i knew their cosmetics line was not going to disappoint, and I was right, even down to the cute packaging. These products even made it into VOGUE magazine! So i figure if they're good enough for fashionistas they are good enough for us gals next door.

A lot of people have complimented me on my skin when wearing the SHOW GOOD FACE foundation & primer, its a stunning product, glides on the skin and gives you a real dewy glow, just perfect for this time of year. The foundations come in 6 different shades, some with yellow undertones, some pink, but i promise you there will be something to suit everyone. Give the tube a good shake to activate the primer before you use it. Personally i hate applying foundation with fingers, i always use a brush as i think it gives a nicer finish, so I'd recommend you use a brush if you can. The foundation itself has a slightly fruity smell to it, its not too strong and smells really fresh, i also found the foundation gave me a slight cooling sensation when i applied it.

Love At First Blush, what a genius little pallet of shimmery goodness this is! Personally i use all the colours together, however you can use one colour at a time on eyes, lips etc. Again this gives a lovely dewy glow to the skin and makes you look really healthy and glowing but not over blushed, the compact has a mirror in it too.

Kick Ass Concealer in Medium Shade
Kick Ass Concealer, this was the one item i was most looking forward too, and i have finally found my fave concealer. It's a 3 step concealer, step one gives you a lovely creamy primer which you apply to dark circles, spots, anything you don't want to show off & then move on to step 2 the concealer, i always use my ring finger on my eye area as it stops you from applying to much pressure to the delicate under eye skin. Them open up the top of the compact and using the little powder puff provided apply the setting powder in a dabbing motion to set in your concealer. Amazing...all that action in one little compact! 

Left eye NO mascara, Right eye with ONE coat
Thick & Fast mascara, super sized brush, and so easy to apply. You can sweep on one layer for a day to day look, or do lots of layers (it doesn't go flaky) for a more dramatic look. I didn't use any lash curlers or anything when i applied it, it really gives a nice lift to the lashes. Retailing at just £10 it is worth the money & I'd definitely purchase it again.

I loved the look of my make up using all these products together.....
Kick Ass Concealer, Love At First Blush & Mascara

Dewy face

Show Good Face & Mascara on top

All the products together, plus S&G Lip Gloss

I'm sure this year will see S&G expand their range, and after these products i simply cannot wait.

CF xxxx

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