Sunday, 29 January 2012

Laurens Way Lashes

It's safe to say that Lauren isn't just brilliant at self tan products, for a fancy dress party last night I wore Laurens Way Lashes.

You can buy these gorgeous lashes direct from the Laurens Way website: http://www.laurensway.com/ priced at just £5.95 per pair.They come in a hard plastic case, which is great for storing them in after use,

The lashes have been designed by Lauren, and they are amazing, really volumising without weighing your eyes down, the cut and style is fantastic, and they are so comfortable to wear. The only downside is that they dont come with glue, so I used Eyelure Lash Fix on mine and they stayed on all night.

Here they are on my eyes:

And excuse the wig...I went out as Princess Barbie!
The lashes look lovely on!

What do you think of Lauren's Way Lashes?

CF xxx

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