Saturday, 21 January 2012

Power Plate 3 Week Trial Results!

As you know I've been testing the latest craze of celebrity fitness at my local Shape Studio, using just power plates to exercise.

So I've been using the power plates as they recommend: 3-4 sessions a week, for 3 weeks.

I knew my fitness has improved overall, but I was not expecting results like this...

Weight Loss over the 3 week period: 7lb
Inch Loss over the 3 week period: 6 Inches!

I wanted to break down my inch loss for you all:

Bust: 2 Inches
Hips: 1 Inch
Waist: 1 Inch
Thighs: 2 Inches

Needless to say I've already purchased my next 15 sessions, this truly is amazing. So pleased, and I can definitely confirm that you can wobble your self into shape!

CF xxx

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