Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Violent Lips, the BEST lip tattoo's on the market!

Bored of the same old lip gloss or lipstick, need a new look for a big night out?

Wanted to share these little beauties with you....I am crazy about funky lip designs and these bring a whole new meaning to the cosmetic world!

From the USA company Violent Lips, these are the best lip tattoos on the market, inspired by celebs like Jessie J & Lady Gaga

So easy to apply, last for hours & will definitely get you noticed!
Leopard Lip Tattoo
Avaliable in packs of 3 at Boots £7.99 each: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Brands-A-to-Z/Violent-Lips/?cm_re=c9001_link6-_-new-_-violent_lips&cm_sp=homepage-_-c9001-_-c9001_link6
Although they only have a very limited selection at the moment:

Or pick up a pack of 3 from HQ Hair for just £12: http://www.hqhair.com/health-beauty/brands/violent-lips.list
They have a very wide selection and some mixed packs.

Reverse of the lip tattoo

Application is easy, the lip transfers have cut out lines on the reverse so they are really easy to cut to shape & size.....

There is a slightly different way of applying the glitter tattoos to the normal tattoos, the only difference being the shape of your mouth, then you just use a cotton bud and water to seal the designs.

I must say the Violent Lips site gives a fantastic tutorial on the application of their lip tattoo's:

And some of the striking designs available.....

Have you ever used lip tattoos? If so what did you think?

For those of you who've never used them I know you'll now be all dying to see them in action in just waiting on mine to arrive and I'll blog about them on here.

CF xxx

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  1. Violent lips tattoo is really the best one on the market, this is why so many ladies are wearing them.