Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dr George's Dental White

I was kindly sent this kits by a UK based company called Smile 4 You, Dr George's Dental White has had some really great reviews and is said to be the best home whitening kit on the market.

Dr George's Dental White Kit £26.99
 Smile 4 You is the ONLY UK seller of this Dental White Kit, so please don't buy it from anywhere else, they get it to you really quick and their customer service is fab! You can order direct from their website here: http://www.smile4you.co.uk/

The kit comes with a huge tube of whitening gel, four times more than any other home whitening kit, 2 warm and form trays, a syringe and full instructions, this is the £26.99 kit, although there are more expensive options on their website.
Warm & Form Tray In Hot Water

The warm and form trays are really easy to shape, simply pop into a cup of warm water and press around your teeth to form a nice fitting tray, the great thing is is that if you mess it up you can simply re warm and shape them again. Once the trays are shaped simply fill the syringe with a small amount of gel and then pop into your mouth, they do recommend doing either your top or bottom set as it would be hard to have both the trays in at once, it will also give you a very accurate guide as to just how white your teeth are getting!

Embarrassingly here are my yellow and stained teeth before the first treatment: 

This kit contains 16% Carbamide Peroxide which is the same strength you would pay hundreds for at a dentist, its cosmetic strength, hence the great results! I haven't felt any pain whilst using this kit, you will experience a slight tingling if you get the gel on your gums, although this is avoidable by using the correct dosage of gel.

 Following the instructions I used the kit for 60 minutes in total, 2x30 min treatments and here are my teeth after 1 use: 

After 2x30 min treatments
The kit states that it can lighten your teeth by 11 shades in 14 days, i really think this depends on how stained and yellow your teeth are to start with as i wouldn't say mine are really dark, I would definitely say that my teeth are at least 5/7 shades lighter.

Here they are 2 weeks on:

2 Weeks Use

I am loving my results! And it's amazing how much better you feel, and having whiter teeth makes you want to smile more! Personally I don't think I will ever stop using this stuff, once you reach your desired level of white you can mix the gel in with your toothpaste to keep stains at bay.

Dr George's is the number 1 selling home teeth whitening kit in America, and it has been fully approved by the FDA and they offer a 14 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to loose by giving it a go. This kit has been heavily featured in the media, both on television such as Operah, The Diet Doctors & 10 Years Younger, as well as being voted the UK's fave by the Daily Mail newspaper.

Just for comparison my before & after:

I want to say a huge thank you to Smile 4 You for sending me this kit to review, I am hooked! I know some of you have bought the kit since reading my posts about it, would love to know how your getting on.

CF xxx

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  1. I Purchased it the other week, so far there has been a slight improvement but nothing like yours, hoping with a few more treatments they'll be looking more white. Purely bought it due to your blog post knowing that it actually works. Thanks x

  2. It would help if all your pics were in the same light....seems strange that the 2 before pics are in dull lighting. You can tell by the colour of your yellow tinged skin.
    But the amazing after pics of your sparkly whites are showing your natural pink skin..hmmm
    Someone getting paid to tell porkies??