Wednesday, 25 January 2012

DIY Nail Foils!

If like me you must always have your toes looking lovely then you should definitely give nail foils a try.

A good friend kindly lent me her feet for the purposes of this blog post but i do mine regularly and it is so simple! You can pick up nail foils for £5-£7 on eBay and other websites. I'll add some links at the end of this post. 

Right you will need to start with a clean foot & ensure your nails are free from oil and any traces of nail varnish..

Then you'll need to select the correct size for each toe nail from the sheet....

Then stick the foil to one half of your nail like this...

Then using your hairdryer, on the hottest setting blast the foil until it gets hot, takes around 10 seconds.

Then smooth the foil across the nail.

Repeat the process, and use your hairdryer to heat the foils whilst they're on your nails to smooth out any creases or bumps.

You'll end up with beautiful looking tootsies....

 And both feet complete....

My fave place to get these wraps is: http://www.trendynailwraps.com/section.php/2/1/nail-wraps
they also sell pre cut tip size wraps for use on fingers if you don't want a full cover on your nail, they are £5 and you'll easily get 2 sets from each pack.

The brand used in this post are by Chix Nails priced at £4.95 per pack and again you'll get more than one set from a single pack, great value for money!

Foils last weeks on your toes, and take no more than 30 mins to apply, why pay salon prices when you can do them your self at home using scissors and a hairdryer!

Happy Foiling Beauties :)

CF xxx

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