Saturday, 14 January 2012

Violent Lip Application & Result

My Violent Lip tattoos arrived today, and couldn't wait to try them out!

You get 3 per pack so for the RRP of £12 it's really good value for money as they will last anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.

To apply them i needed: Scissors, Water & Cotton Wool, oh and of course a mirror!

When you want to apply your tattoo simply pop the pre cut shape out of the sheet (I personally started with the top lip) line up your cupids bow whilst holding your mouth in an 'ahhh' shape, trim each end to best suit your lip length, then trim to match up as close as possible to your water line.

Then when your ready to apply simply peel off the plastic backing and stick to your lip. Now you ll need to grab your ball of cotton wool or cotton bud, soak it in cold water and soak your backing paper on the tattoo. Then simply peel off the paper to reveal your design.......

I can safely say I am already an addict and now I cant wait to get my hands on some more designs, simply amazing.

They feel so smooth on the lips, they will definitely stop us girlie's from having to apply our lippy constantly all night and your boyfriend will be pleased he wont get glossy lips when kissing you. They will stay on while you eat and drink, although i wouldn't recommend eating anything to oily when wearing them, and drinking through a straw will prolong their life.

I've even had compliments from men whilst wearing them, so they must be good for them to have noticed I'd done something different :)

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post you can currently buy Violent Lips here in the UK from the following retailers: Boots & HQ Hair.

Have you used lip tattoos? If so how did you find applying them, and what designs did you wear? Get in touch via my blog, twitter page or facbook, Id love to hear your views......

Happy tattooing

CF xxx

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