Saturday, 9 August 2014

Maybelline/Baby Lips Electro Collection

They're back!
They swept the beauty world by storm last year, the cutesey packaging and the bright colours certainly induce the inner magpie in me, you cant help but be drawn to them.

Meet the Baby Lips Electro Collection *unlike the previous range this one consists of just 4 balms, they promise to keep your lips moisturized for 8 hours whilst adding a neon kick of colour.

They smell absolutely delicious, just like their names in fact so it'll make it easy for you if you don't like a certain smell, personally I'm glad I had the chance to review all 4 because I am terrible when it comes to stuff like this, I just have to have them all.
The formula is creamy and gel like, they glide on like butter, some other bloggers have quoted them as being slimy on the lips but they suit me ok as I don't have very dry skin.
I would say that people with a lighter skin tone and really light lips will get the best results from these but as the colours are so highly pigmented you'll all get a pop of colour from them. 
So the colour pay off on these little babies is actually really impressive, the only thing I can see that's really missing is the fact that unlike the previous edition none of them offer any SPF so this wont be one for your beach bag, unless your using it in the evening of course. And as before these do not stay put for 8 hours, I'd say you'd need to reapply regularly and they don't hold up through eating and drinking, but to be fair I cant think of any other lip balm that can, these are perfect for your handbag, your car and your gym bag for on the go pop of coulour and a day to day balm. 

The colours swatched on my arm here are, in order from top to bottom: 
Strike A Rose, Pink Shock, Oh Orange, and Berry Bomb, I have swatched these all on my lips further on in this post. 

Oh Orange is a lovely pastel coral shade on the lips, it looks quite scary in the tube, really bright orange in colour, but as you can see it adds a gentle hue of coral goodness to the lips, there is no shimmer in this and I have only gone over my lips twice with the balm to achieve this colour depth so you could go over a few more times if you wanted them brighter. This one smells of orange funnily enough it's yummy. 
Strike A Rose is a baby pink shade, I think this one is really natural and will be best suited to those of you who prefer the more natural look, again this is swatched over twice and you could add more layers for an even stronger colour. Full of the scent of roses this is the ultimate in girliness. 
Pink Shock really gives a pop of pink to the lips, I love this one it smells like sweets, this one seems to be really highly pigmented and again after only going over my lips twice I think you could add a few more layers and wear this for a night out instead of a lippie. 
Berry Bomb looks really scary in the tube, the dark purple certainly isn't a shade I would run out and buy for fear of looking goth while wearing it, I couldn't have been more wrong, smells like a grape & berry explosion it adds a nice purple hue to the lips, it actually creates a really nice effect. 
As always here in the UK we only have 4 of the 6 shades available in this collection, there is no mention of the other 2 being released here yet but I'll keep you updated as soon as I hear otherwise. 

If you missed my post featuring the Baby Lips Original review then catch up now. 
If you cant wait to get your hand on these then you can shop them online at Boots.com right now, they're on offer for 3 for 2 so you'll be able to grab all 4 for under £10, bargain! 

Are you going to treat yourself to these? 
Let me know your thoughts on the new arrivals....
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