Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Skin Doctors™

I was very kindly sent a couple of products to try out as a lot of you have been getting in contact regarding hair removal and skin care with summer fast approaching!

For those of you who haven't heard of Skin Doctors before they are a high quality company who bridge the gap between cosmetic procedures and surgical cosmetic procedures, at an affordable price.

The first product I reviewed was the Ingrow Go

I have a wax done every month regular as clockwork, and especially at this time of year I suffer with red bumps on the skin and ingrowing hairs.

I have been trialling this over the last few weeks and applying it several days before my wax, to ensure any little hairs under the skins surface are lifted and removed when my wax is done.

Ive been applying it to my bikini area simply by popping a small amount onto a cotton pad and wiping over the skin for the last few weeks & it has made such a difference to my skin, having a huge reduction on the amount of ingrowing hairs & also keeping the area looking smooth and clear.

The Ingrow Stop can be used on underarms, legs, bikini area, anywhere you remove hair from, to prevent ingrowing hairs, which we all know are unsightly especially at this time of year when we are bearing more and more skin.

The Ingrow Stop solution is priced at just £12.20 for a 120ml bottle, and for the amount you use each time it will last you for months and months!

The second product I reviewed was the Hair No More

The Hair No More System is an amazing 2 step hair removal system, which is a pain free hair removal system that simply melts away unwanted body hair in just minutes, and really moisturises the skin in the process.

The kit consists of 2 tubes of hair removal cream, an inhibitor spray which prevents hair growth & a blade less razor for easy pain free removal.
I took pictures at the different stages of application to show you how easy it is to use...

So I simply used the curved edge of the blade less razor to apply an even, thick, layer of cream covering all the hair that needed to be removed...

After leaving the cream on for 4 minutes I used the blade less razor to remove the cream using gentle upward strokes...

After I removed all the cream I was left with baby smooth legs, which 2 weeks on and combined with use of the Inhibitor spray the hairs are growing back so much softer & sparser than before.

I have used hair removal creams in the past and there is no getting away from the usual smell, however the Skin Doctors cream has a very clean and fresh smell to it which made it a real pleasure to use.

The amazing Hair No More System is available for just £17.30 & is superb value for money as you will get so many uses from it.

Overall I am so impressed with the quality and value for money that the Skin Doctors products offer in comparison to those available on the high street, and the fact that they offer a higher strength products at an affordable price really sets them apart from other brands.

Check out the Skin Doctors Website
or Tweet them: @SkinDoctorsUK

Have you ever used Skin Doctors products before? If so let me know what your views.

Happy hair removing!

CF xxx

***Huge thank you to Kat for my samples***

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