Sunday, 20 May 2012

Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara

Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara

"I love my instant false lashes in a bottle - it's your secret weapon for a flirty flutter!" 
-Dannii Minogue

So may of you have been asking me to review this mascara, it has been available for a while now, but I know so many of you were curious as to weather its worth the money as it is quite pricey. 

Well wonder no more, I have tried and tested the Model Co Mascara and I can confirm I am converted after just one use, I am sure you'll agree once you see the pictures too! 

Its a 2 step mascara, but takes minutes to apply, and I got my amazing results without the use of my heated lash curler.

 The quality of the set is amazing, really expensive feel to it, and the mirror tubes are so pretty, you wont want to keep them hidden away in your make up bag! 

Endorsed by Danni Minogue, I guess we all want peepers as striking as hers, and the box features a cute little quote from her on the box...

 So how does it work...?

It's  just 3 easy steps, its so simple! 

The set consists of 2 products a tube of Lash Fibres, I have tried to capture them as best as I can on my camera here for you..

 You simply apply one coat of the Extension Mascara (the bigger tube) onto your own lashes ensuring that they are all coated well. 

Then apply a coat of the Lash Fibre's (smaller tube) the mascara you applied previously helps them adhere to your lashes, they will then look something like this...

Then to finish coat all the fibres on your lashes with the Extension Mascara, and enjoy your long, luscious lashes...

What I love about this stuff is the fact that it looks so natural, it really is like lash extensions in a bottle! 

I am sure you'll agree these lashes have some serious flutter...

So as the saying goes you pay for what you get, and I just know you will love this mascara as much as I did if you are looking for a lengthening, thickening mascara. 

This is only one coat of the fibres, it states on the box that you can layer up for an even more dramatic effect, so you really can choose how thick and long you want to go! 

You can buy your very own Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara from Boots, priced at £35 (but worth every penny) 

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What are you waiting for? Its like a set of strip lashes in a bottle!

CF xxx

**Huge thank you to the gorgeous Olivia for my sample**

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  1. Hi there,

    In order to the old saying runs you actually spend on the things you find, u just know you might like that tapujo approximately I have if you are looking for a lengthening, thickening tapujo.

    This is just one cover with the fibres, the item expresses for the pack that one could stratum up for a far more stunning outcome, so that you can actually pick out the way dense in addition to longer you intend to head out!