Saturday, 12 May 2012

My New Kandee

You may remember a while back I made my dream a reality and purchased my first pair of Kandee Heels, if you didn't see the first pair I bought then you can view the post here Here

With the launch of Kandee's latest LOUD collection in February I had been eyeing up my latest pair for a good few months, so when Mr Kandee kindly announced a flash sale I just couldn't resist, I am sure the heel lovers amongst you will see why as you scroll through the sweet pictures below, feast your eyes on my newest Kandee...  

 I could hardly contain my excitement when my sweet delivery arrived, Kandee really are worlds apart from other shoe companies, and you can really tell they are passionate about making heels you could only ever have dreamed about, Mr Kandee is not afraid to experiment with colours, materials and really making foot candy that makes your feet pop. I literally have people stopping me in the street asking me where I got my shoes from whenever I wear my Kandee. 

I opened the box to find these amazing goodies, a postcard from Mr Kandee, a pick and mix bag containing popping candy & a limited edition Caramel Kisses card holder, containing LOUD collection promo cards. 

Even before I had seen my heels in the flesh I was super excited about my goodies.

You know a good pair of heels comes complete with a dust bag!

Nothing could prepare me for how beautiful my new Pinki heels were going to be....

 Pure Kandee heaven....

Kandee heels are all 6.1 inches in height they don't make heels small, so they are definitley not for the faint hearted! Although this particular style have a heel strap making them super easy to strut in. 

The heels on my new Pinki are covered in crystals...It was hard to capture the reflections but you can still see the details, the soles are covered in black glitter too! 

My Pink heels RRP is £170 but there are loads of styles to choose from, so be sure to check out Kandee's E Boutique and get yourself a pair! 

Shop Online:
Kandee E-Boutique
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 Do you like my new heels? Do you already own a pair of Kandee? 

CF xxx

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