Monday, 21 May 2012

Make Believe Self Tan

You'll have no doubt seen Make Believe Tan on the shelves, but maybe you've never taken the plunge and tried it, Well I have been very kindly sent a couple of products from Make Believe to put to the test...and I was not disappointed!

What really sets Make Believe apart from all the other tanning brands is the fact that they make things easy and I really love the simplicity of the self tanning products.

They have made choosing the perfect colour simple for even beginners.

They have split the colour levels of each tan down into a simple and easy to understand Zone system, ranging from 1-5 which best describes the end results:

     ZONE 1 - A day in the sun              
ZONE 2 - A weekend away        
        ZONE 3 - 2 week summer holiday     
        ZONE 4 - Summer in Europe            
     ZONE 5 - Apply 2 layers of Zone 4

I love the simplicity of the Zone's they have used to grade the colour of their tan, and it takes all the guess work out of choosing a tan, meaning no more wasting our money on self tans that simply don't suit our skin tone, or simply don't give enough colour.

With Make Believe you simply decide on your end result, so for example if you wanted to look like you had been away for 2 weeks then a Zone 3 product is the right one for you.

Make Believe have launched a stunning new packaging design this year too, although still ensuring their products are very feminine notice the little butterflies and swirls around the logo, super cute!

The first product I tested is the...

Make Believe Self Tan Lotion With Bronzer £24.50 for 200ml

This is a Zone 4 (Summer In Europe Colour) and the box comes complete with all you'll need to transform yourself from pale & pasty to bronzed and beautiful in around 15-20 mins for a full body application, using just one coat.

The bottle is a huge 200ml.
And as the end colour results are based on just one coat I would say you would get at least 8-10 full body applications from just one tube, it's amazing value for money.

Prior to tanning I did my usual prep, for those of you who are new to tanning prep is vital to ensure a long lasting, even tan, you simply need to exfoliate the night before tanning, paying particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees, feet & hands, then moisturise all over again paying particular attention to the dry areas as your tan can cling to them and be a real giveaway that your tan is not natural.

Make Believe do their own exfoliating scrub, check it out Here

To get started simply pop on the gloves that come in the box and squeeze out a palm sized amount, this was enough to cover a whole leg in one go, so I squeezed out slightly less for tanning my arms & tummy.

Don't be alarmed by the colour of the lotion....

I usually go for mist or mousse formulation tanning products as I have always found that lotions streak, however that was not the case with this Make Believe Lotion, it melted into my skin beautifully, not a streak in sight. It felt so moisturising on my skin too leaving me feeling super soft and not at all tacky. I was able to apply the lotion wait a few minutes and get dressed.

The smell is gorgeous, like a fresh and fruity tropical cocktail, it was delicious.

Usually tans can have a very biscuit type smell when they are developing, but literally this stuff had no tell tale sign of the fake tan smell until just before I showered it off, and that was a good 8 hours after application, making this stuff perfect to apply on a work morning and wear all day, especially if you have a spur of the moment night out later that evening.
This tan also contains Lipo-Care Complex, which is designed to help keep cellulite at bay by reducing it's appearance, keeping you looking toned and tanned.

It's also packed with anti oxidants and fruit acids to help fight the signs of ageing, so not only does this make you look great but it targets problem areas too.

Here is my tan line immediately post application, the lotion has a guide colour in it so you can see exactly where you have applied it, making this stuff fool proof.
Tan Line immediately after application (one coat)

Tan Line after 2 hours

Tan Line after 4 hours, just before I washed it off.
I am sure you'll agree the colour is stunning!

Very natural, it has a slight peachy undertone to it, which prevents it making you look orange, which again is just another reason to love Make Believe Self Tan.

The second product I reviewed is the Make Believe Facial Self Tan With Bronzer

So many of you ask about facial tanning, and I have finally found the perfect solution for you.

Just like the other products in the Make Believe range this facial tanning lotion contains Lipo- Care Complex to keep the delicate skin toned, and CoQ10 complex which helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

This product has been specifically designed for the delicate facial area, and will not clog your pores which I know is the major concern for so many of you who, want to tan your face when tanning the rest of your body without having the worry of a breakout from using products that are too harsh on your face.

Included in the box is a pair of gloves, which is all you need to get bronzed!

The bottle contains 75ml of the lotion and I used just one pump and that was plenty to cover my face & blend down onto my neck line, to give a more natural finish.

The lotion does look quite dark but honestly once its rubbed in it's such a natural and gorgeous colour, and just like the body lotion it smells divine.

Thanks to the added bronzer in this lotion you get an instant glow, whilst the colour develops and you can wash it off after just 4 hours, again I applied the facial tanner in the morning and left it on all day, it covers a multitude of flaws too meaning you can get away with the bare minimum when it comes to make up.

Priced at just £25.00 this will last you for ages!

Here I am post application, I hope you agree that I look naturally tanned.....

Check out the full range of Make Believe on their website Here
Join them on Facebook Makebelieve-Beauty
Tweet them: @makebelieve_tan

What do you think of Make Believe Tan? Will you be trying it?

CF xxx

**HUGE thank you to the lovely Alison for my samples**

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  1. It looks so natural, you really do look like you have been on holiday! x

  2. Thank you hunni, a few people have asked me where I have been today, so it must look natural.

    If you havent tried it give it a go, its brilliant tan :) xx