Friday, 5 June 2015

St Tropez/Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion

I’ve been putting St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion*to the test this last couple of weeks, it’s a world first in the world of tanning and is the only tanning product ever to actually incorporate water into the faux glow process. 

This stuff is pretty reasonably priced at just £14.50 a tube and you don’t need much for a full body application. 

St Tropez claim to end the biscuit smell, stained sheets, having to wait to get dressed and the dreaded tanner’s palms in one easy step, just 3 minutes in the shower is all it takes. I have to say the results vary depending on the users skin, I’ve used this 4 times on myself and I’m just now starting to get a healthy glow, yet my other half saw results after one, although he is very fair skinned. 

So how does it work?
Well quite simply you just have a shower and wash your body as normal, using your  regular shower gel, shut your shower off and apply the In Shower Tan in circular motions, to wet skin.

Lather it on like a moisturiser. I always rub mine over the back of my hands and have a baby wipe or a sponge to hand to wipe across my palms once I’ve finished. Then you have to wait for 3 minutes, I find this can be quite hard to guess so keep the time to hand somewhere if you can as results may vary if you don’t leave it on for long enough. 

I do find a very distinctive tanning smell is present whilst you’re waiting but it’s a light almost citrus smell, you’ll be familiar with it of you use St Tropez, it’s the same smell.  Once the three minutes are up your good to wash off, just hose yourself down with the shower and ensure you wash all the lotion off your skin, I know some people have reported streaks if they haven’t washed it off properly.

Pat yourself dry once you’ve finished in the shower and then over the next few hours the tan gets to work, don’t worry if you don’t see any change after the first use, this stuff is very gradual and like me it may take a few applications to get your results. I love the fact that you get no streaks, no smell and its very natural, much more realistic results. 
I think this stuff is great for those of you who long for a year round healthy glow, but for the hard core tanners out there it may not be a big enough contrast between your usual skin tone and the look you like to achieve with your regular self-tanner. 

This is perfect for people with busy lifestyles, new mums, those of you who may be new to tanning or those who are fed up with all the fuss associated with regular self tanning. 
I hope St Tropez develop a medium/dark version of this, I think that would be a huge hit.  
It's out of stock currently on the St Tropez Wesbite so if you see it in Boots stores where it's exclusively sold then grab it while you can! 

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