Thursday, 8 November 2012

Kiss Haute Couture Eyelashes

Regular readers will know I LOVE falsies, I actually feel naked on a night ot without them. 

When I was asked to review these new lashes by Kiss* I was so excited, brand new to hit Boots stores everywhere are these amazing Haute Coture Lashes, there are 3 styles in the range, Kiss, Lust & Wink. 

I have reviewed Lust, and I was not disapointed... 

Perosnally these lashes, in my opinion are to heavy for daytime wear, they are thick and full and give a very dramatic effect to your eyes. Kiss lashes are always really black, eliminating the need for mascara, except on your bottom lashes of course. 

If you are inexperienced in applying falsies these even come complete with a handy applicator, which will long outlive the lashes so keep it handy as I am sure you'll find it very useful! 

The packaging is really eye catching & very appealing to the beauty savvy girlies out there. 

 One thing I realy like about these lashes is the glue that comes with them, its really hard to capture it on camera but the glue itself is a pearlescent type of fluid, and this glue is fantastic! It dries really quickly and holds so well. I hate the glue that comes with some lashes and its really wet and takes ages to go tacky, again if you have found lashes hard to apply in the past you should invest in a pair of these as the glue makes it really easy. 

Despite the fact that they are dramatic lashes they give a very natural look, I have shot the lashes at different angles so you can see the effects. 

These lashes are on sale in Boots now & currently they are on buy one get one half price, at £5.49 per pair. 

What do you think of these Kiss lashes? Will you be investing in a pair? 

CF xxx

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