Sunday, 1 December 2013

Eye Of Horus Mascara

Eye Of Horus has just landed in the UK, an Australian make up brand that's set to rival some of our premium beauty brands.

I really like what this brand are about, they never test on animals, or use any animal hair in their brushes, all the products are paraben free, and contain as many natural ingredients that they can pack in. 

The range of products are all made based on an ancient Egyptian formula, and ingredients , including the ever popular moringa oil, claimed by the gods for its natural beneficial beautifying properties. 

I've been reviewing the Eye Of Horus Mascara this week* and I have to say I really like it, I am always wary of straying away from my trusted brands. 

I will let you judge the results for yourself.....

Top picture shows my lashes natural, and lower picture shows them with 2 coats of EOH Mascara applied. 
Side view, really nice lifting effect to my very straight lashes! 
The mascara is safe for use on even the most sensitive eyes and is rich in natural oils and waxes, it wont sting, clump, or run. The brush is like a little lash comb and is really easy and nice to hold while applying the product.
It comes beautifully packaged in a gift nag, complete with gold wrapping paper inside, the gold logo and ribbon give it a really luxurious feel, great for a gift too.

The only niggle is that for me it's just not quite volumising enough, but I will be using this for my every day mascara its really nice and long lasting, as well as being clump free.

You can get your very own mascara right here at the Eye Of Horus Cosmetics online shop, for just £17.99, check out the other products they have too, some fab bits.


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