Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clarins/Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

I love a good primer, wouldn't dream of applying my foundation without one, and my eyes are no exception. I often wear eye primers on their own as I don't tend to wear eye shadow during the day, I've been reviewing this Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base from Clarins* It's a smooth creamy formula, which works to help disguise any imperfections on your delicate eyelid area and it provides a solid base for your eye make up, it doesn't crease or slip all day and if you just want a natural look it's great on it's own. 
This is from Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection. 

It only comes in one shade and I'm assuming it'll be suitable for everyone, and thanks to Clarins 3D Pigment particles it gives a real lightening effect to the eye lid area, and I just wear it on it's own day to day. 
You can see the little mole on the back of my hand which gives a great indication of the coverage this offers,  if you've got age spots, veins or any imperfections your concerned about then this is a must have for you. 
I've also tested it on my eyelids to show you the before and after too. I have no mascara or anything on here so do excuse the blank canvas but I wanted you to see the full effects of the base on it's own.....

The top picture shows no product and the bottom shows the base applied. 

You can grab this on the Clarins Website right now!, it retails at £22 and will last you ages as you need the tiniest amount per application. 

Do you use primer before applying shadow? 
*PR Sample

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