Thursday, 10 September 2015

Christian Louboutin Lips/More Than Just Make Up

The story started with a stroke of red nail polish over two decades ago, over the years Louboutin has realised his passion for elegance on women's feet, nails and lips.
Following on from the huge success of his first step into the beauty world last year Louboutin has just released his second product to the beauty range.

38 Lip Colours, in three different finishes: Velvet Matte at the far end of the scale, Silky Satin that’s super glossy and an in-between finish of Sheer Voile.

Of course the collection features the iconic red, to ensure your lips nails and soles match perfectly.The classic red's are encased in the iconic black cases and the other colour shades are housed in gold. 

In true Louboutin style even the lipstick casing is something of a piece of art, more spike that bullet shaped, and they are each of a different texture depending on the finish of the product. Adorn yourself too as you can wear them as necklaces.....

You’ll want to clear some room in your make up storage or on your dresser, and ensure you have some cash in your bank, at £60 each they are pricey but I cant help but be obsessed with them.

Shop the collection right now over at the Louboutin website and exclusively online at Selfridges, you'll also be able to shop the ranges at Louboutin Boutiques nationwide now! 


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