Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ugg/Ellee Boots

I've always longed for a pair of proper Uggs, I've been guilty of buying really cheap versions in the past, and they just don't last or keep your feet warm. 

When I visited Chesire Oaks Designer Outlet recently I was drawn to the Ugg store, I think these were meant to be mine... I had my eye on these last year but at £175 they were rather pricey, seems having a bit of patience paid off as I picked these up in the outlet shop for just over £100! 

These are the womens Ellee Boots, and I was drawn to them because of the turn down tops, the exposed sheepskin, I hate the plain uggs and the ankle style height suits my legs shape much better, if like me your short then try a pair of ankle style they are much more flattering! 

You'll be lucky to find this exact style unless you come across them online in your size or if you are heading to the outlet, however Ugg have brought out this years version, I am in love with these but I do think they are probably more prone to look grubby and at almost £300 they are really pricey for winter boots. 

These are the Patten Boots
You can shop around for my Ellee Boots by clicking here and the Patten Boots can be bought by clicking here

Remember genuine Uggs only come in half sizes, there are so many fakes so make sure you buy from an authorised retailer. 

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