Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My CelebBoutique Prize!

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago you'll hopefully remember the blog post I did featuring the amazing CelebBoutique, if you missed my post (where have you been?!) catch up on it by clicking right here

Anyway much to my surprise, being Friday the 13th & all that, I was checking my emails....what's this I see an email from the lovely Kim at CB, I open it...It only stated that I had won!

Not believing my luck I shrieked in excitement, it went on to state that I could pick ANY dress I like as my prize, I mean wow!!

In such a happy mood I then dedicated my entire Friday evening to the most important decision I'd made in a long time....which dress do I choose?!

As you'll see in my original blog post I had my eye on this Lucy Dress from the day I knew who CelebBoutique were!

Well I can honestly say from the moment I opened my package I was so impressed with my CB prize.

Opening the lid to my little black box, I could hardly contain my excitement, but I manged to just while I captured a quick snap....

The luxurious feel opening my dress was amazing, I can honestly say I have never been so impressed with an item of clothing.

And here it is...my Lucy Dress! 


 These bandage dresses are like instant lipo, I'm a regular sized girl and I was worried that I couldn't wear anything from CB, but I couldn't be more wrong.

Seriously these dresses make you feel like a million dollars!

The Lucy Dress retails at just £119 and it's worth every penny! 

What do you think of my dress?

I can't rate the lovely people at CB highly enough, excellent customer service & amazing giveaways on their website
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If you purchase a dress please go through the banner on my blog page! 

Lots Of Love
CF xxx

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