Monday, 13 August 2012

Champneys Spa Products

Champneys collection

You'll have no doubt seen Champneys products in store at your local Boots, unless of course you've been lucky enough to visit the spa itself! 

Champneys bring you the luxurious spa experience in your own bathroom & leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised & totally unwound. 

I was asked to sample a few products, not that I need any excuse for a soak :) 

The two products I tried are from the Spa Indulgence Range, there are 6 different scent varieties available, but I am trailing the Exotic Retreat Range.

As a lover of coconut these really were a pleasure to use.

Here are the products I reviewed....

 Exotic Retreat Shower Cream £8.00 & Exotic Retreat Body Cream £10.00

These products are both of amazing quality & have a really luxurious feel.
The body cream has the most yummy thick and creamy texture and simply melts into the skin, its delicious!

And the shower cream is a gorgeous gold, iridescent colour which makes it an absolute pleasure to use, it really lathers up and gives lots of yummy bubbles to wash your bod with, delicious! 

Have you been lucky enough to visit a Champneys Spa?
If not have you indulged your senses in any of the body products they have to offer? 
Check out the Champneys Website
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Happy pampering my lovelies!

CF xxx

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